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Marijuana is a social substance, so cannabis social clubs are appealing to many people. Unfortunately, a lack of clarity in state laws as well as Denver’s current opposition to such clubs has resulted in only a handful of places in operation. Hopefully in the future we’ll see more clubs open, which will help resolve the issue of “where can I smoke marijuana in Colorado?”.

A directory of marijuana social lounges and dab bars in Colorado and around the Denver area. Find places to legally smoke marijuana in Colorado.

420 in Denver: 5 things to know about smoking weed in Colorado

Sure, a lot of people will blaze in public, but it’s not legal

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The 420 festivities are expected to draw thousands of people to downtown Denver Saturday to celebrate all things marijuana. Before you pass that joint, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. It is illegal to smoke marijuana in public. This includes Civic Center where T.I. will headline the big 420 festival. While you’ll see almost everyone smoking at the festival, the Denver Police Department does arrest people for violations. You can have weed in your car but it needs to be in sealed containers. And it is illegal to drive while stoned.

2. The penalty for being cited or arrested for a marijuana law violation varies. It could be a fine or it could mean jail time. It just depends on the severity of the accusation and whether you might have broken a city or state law.

3. If you’re visiting from out of town, find out your hotel or Airbnb rules. Some hotels may have smoking rooms where it is allowed. It not allowed on balconies or in common areas.

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4. Denver has issued licenses two social-use venues where people who are 21 and older can go to smoke. They are Vape & Play, 1753 South Broadway, and The Coffee Joint, 1130 Yuma Court.

5. Finally, if you don’t use all the flower, wax or edibles you bought, leave it in town with a friend. You’re not allowed to take it across state lines.

A lot of people will be smoking marijuana at this weekend's 420 events, but these are the things to consider before lighting up.