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The Difference Between Male and Female Weed Plants

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Male and Female weed plants

Cannabis plants have evolved enormously over the past couple of decades, mainly thanks to human kind. We’ve spent years combining different species from all over the planet. Every strain has its own specific characteristics, such as structure, type of buds, flavor and effects. When you combine male and female weed plants that are different strains, the new creation takes on characteristics from both, allowing us to create totally new plants.

One of the biggest evolutions has been the appearance of feminized plants; after years and years of work, cannabis plants can be created to have a 99% chance to be female. You need to know how to tell male from female plants when growing regular seeds, as you’ll only get actual psychoactive weed from the female flowers. Male plants pollinate female plants, which fills their flowers up with seeds so if you’re looking to make the most of your plants you’ll want to keep them away from each other. Hopefully we can help you to tell the difference between male and female weed plants by the end of this article; it’s not that hard, but if it’s not explained correctly it can be a bit confusing.

What’s the difference between male and female weed plants?

Male Cannabis

Female Cannabis

Female plants are basically what everyone is after when growing cannabis, as these are the ones that make buds, which is the part of the plant that contains the most THC. With just one male plant and a miniscule amount of pollen, your plants might end up filling their flowers with seeds. If you have male and female plants in the same growing area, the buds grown there will only produce seeds so you won’t be able to smoke any of it. You can tell females apart due to the fact that their flowers don’t fully close, they’re actually quite open and they produce little hairs called pistils. They’re incredibly easy to recognize, as the first thing they produce are their pistils, which male plants do not have at all.

Hermaphrodite Cannabis

Hermaphrodites are a type of plant that contains both male and female flowers, so they will produce buds but they will also pollinate those buds and the rest of your plants. Plants may naturally become hermaphrodites or be turned into one due to stress. Both female and male plants can turn. Thai strains are more genetically inclined to become hermaphrodites, although any strain can turn when stressed enough. There are many factors that can stress out your plants and end up turning them, such as extra light when they’re supposed to be in the night cycle, too much or not enough water, certain insects or pathogens, watering with cold water, or even a badly done transplant. Hermaphrodites aren’t the best type of plants to keep around, as they can produce buds but it’s definitely a risk because they might pollinate the rest of your plants. We recommend getting rid of them; it’s not worth it just for a little bit more weed.

It may seem confusing, but it really isn’t hard to tell male and female weed plants apart; they are quite different. Planting regular seeds has its benefits, as well as feminized has its inconveniences; you can get much larger yields with feminized plants as you’re guaranteed no male plants. Although, keep in mind that feminized seeds haven’t been through a 100% natural process to become female, which may affect the quality of your weed. This is why many cannabis connoisseurs haven’t made the leap from regular to feminized yet; they prefer to harvest slightly less yield that’s more potent and delicious.

Find out the difference between male and female weed plants; now you can grow regular seeds and easily find the male plants in your crop to maximize yield.

How Do You Separate Male Plants From Female Plants?

So you have decided to grow Marijuana Strains for medicinal uses. There are so many things to learn, and you probably feel overwhelmed. Relax; growing marijuana can be just as easy as growing any other houseplant, once you have the hang of it.

Cannabis, like any other plant, starts out as a seed. Now, you are probably wondering which seeds or Marijuana Strains you want to grow. There are actually many different strains of marijuana, and the typical person might not know all about them. To decide which plant to use, one must first have a basic knowledge of the types available on the market. Here are the different varieties:

  1. Sativas
    This is one of the most popular strains available. The average plant can reach astonishing heights of 15-20 feet. Some report this to have a fruit flavor. It is a good high and is often used outdoors.
  2. Indicas
    These popular plants are short and plump. They have beautiful flowering tops, which make them distinctive from the Sativas. This variety is great for making hash and has been nicknamed skunk weed because of its potent smell.
  3. Cross Breeds
    These are commonly grown and sold for street value. They are often called 50/50 plants or Hybrids because they are made up of Sativas and Indicas.
  4. Feminized
    This comes in a female-only flower form. This plant can be difficult to obtain seeds from.
  5. Ruderalis
    Not a widely known form of cannabis, it is mainly used for its fibers. This line creates a lower THC content, which produces less of a euphoric feeling. It is used mostly in Asia and outlying countries. However, these Marijuana Strains are very hardy, and pests, including bugs and disease, are repelled from it.
  6. New Auto Flower
    This breed is mostly used for outside growing by a Cannabis Breeder. It is called auto because, unlike the other Marijuana Strains, it does not need a great deal of care. It has the ability to produce three crops in one year alone.

Now that we understand the different Marijuana Strains and what is commonly used, how do we grow them and separate male plants from female plants? First, if you are in fact growing Marijuana Strains indoors, the Indicas do the best inside. They will thrive better in indoor conditions than other strains. Learning whether a plant is male or female can be very difficult. In general, one does not need male plants in the growing space at all; they will cause problems. You do not want the female flower to become full of seeds. When a female becomes full of cannabis seeds, it is less potent when smoked. The male plant, when anywhere near a female, will pollinate her and cause seed growth. Remove any male plants as soon as they are discovered.

So how exactly do you tell male from female: ‘Early female marijuana flowers look like little furry hairs, usually white, but they can be other colors. Early male flowers look a bit like small bunches of mini green bananas, just look where the leaf joins the plant, and see them emerging above the branch. Did you know that a female pot flower can turn into a male flower or a hermaphrodite under great stress? This is strange, but making sure the growing climate is right for your plants is imperative. As soon as the flower anatomy can be determined, it is important to remove all male plants; otherwise, your hard work will yield you a crop full of nothing but seeds.

Advanced Cannabis Breeder, will utilize a process called Cloning Marijuana. This process will allow them to select a female as a model by which to mold other plants. This is usually a great plant which has produced several others little plants and is therefore called the mother plant. The mother plant will have pieces taken off of it. You basically prune away sections of the mother plant to clone into other plants. Simply soak the pruned section in water until new roots form; then the plant can be easily planted. Once you have found a good plant that is pest resistant, produces a high THC and has been resilient, it is a candidate to be a mother plant. However, be advised that once you have used the mother plant several times, it will begin to lose potency over time.

While it may seem completely overwhelming to learn how to grow Marijuana Strains at home, it is not as hard as you would think. Once you get the hang of it, you can find that it is just as easy as growing any other household plant. The benefits of using pot can far outweigh the risks, especially if you are suffering from a debilitating disorder to which there is no cure. The euphoric feeling produced by cannabis is why so many people take the risk to grow it themselves. If it means enjoying even a few hours of the day without any pain, then it seems to be worth it.

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