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Guide to growing and usage facts of Gorilla Glue Strain #4

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Guide to growing and usage facts of Gorilla Glue Strain #4

The ever-growing number of cannabis users know. It’s no longer a secret that Gorilla Glue Strain #4 is the way to go when you need a strain that gives you the best highs without the lows that follow. People are now increasingly seeking out ways of growing this magical herb. They wish to enjoy the benefits of its natural cures without the excessive costs of buying from swindlers. And now, we are going to get into the nitty-gritty of going about doing just that. But first, we need to introduce GG #4 Strain also known as GORILLA GLUE WEED or GG4 for short. So, what is it? Where it is grown and what is are some of its capabilities for smoking and vaping? Possible health benefits or hazards of the use of GORILLA GLUE WEED? We will leave no angle uncovered.

What is Gorilla Glue Strain #4 and where to buy nearby?

GG4 Strain is a new Sativa dominant strain of cannabis with a genetic makeup of about 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. This magical herb came to use by way of an accidental discovery as have many of the most genius inventions of mankind. A gift from the heavens perhaps and a true genetic marvel. This happens to be a crossbreed of first a Dubble plant and a hermaphrodite Chem’s plant which proved to be futile but when seeds leftover from that ordeal were crossed with Chocolate Diesel, kaboom! A new award-winning strain of ganja was born.

The hybrid is highly potent with 18-30% THC levels, and sometimes even higher making it a valuable medicinal herb to provide quick relief. Its CBN levels are considerably lower at about 1%.

Gorilla Glue Strain #4 aroma and taste

As you would expect, the aroma of this Sativa dominant hybrid would be skunky and pungent. A pinch of this stuff will have your room exuding hints of a cannabis farm. With hundreds of notes, the odor itself is enough to discern that this herb is powerful and full of nutritional value. It has chocolate and coffee tastes which makes it one of the tastiest flavors for smoking and vaping enthusiasts.

Ease of growing

There are many twisted theories about where GG4 came from but who really cares? You can grow and utilize the powerful healing herb without necessarily going into the historical details. The unique background only adds to its glamour having been on popularity streak ever since it first entered the market.

It flowers sooner at eight weeks and can grow well both indoors and outdoors. A sunny warm climate is ideal as for most other strains of cannabis and water is not an option especially when growing outdoors. Outdoor crops and indoor ones have the same THC level content provided indoor light cycles are kept on for long enough.


Where to start with growing?

The first step to making sure you produce healthy buds is ensuring that you have quality seeds from a distributor you can trust. Often marijuana enthusiasts get swindled with fake seeds that give rise to plants of no medicinal and economic value. Don’t be a victim, vet your seeds like you would with group selfies and only buy certified GG4 strain seeds or you might just end up growing low-grade marijuana for 8 weeks. Because of its popularity, this marijuana strain Gorilla Glue Strain #4 is one of the most commonly faked seeds on the market. The best place to fetch quality seeds is at a cannabis farm where they grow the plant already.

Buying GORILLA GLUE 4 seeds online

If you decide to purchase GG4 strain seeds online you should be wary of the many scams that sell cheap marijuana seeds. When buying from abroad, ensure that you are not getting yourself in legal strife and that you can get a refund for your money if the deal falls through. Also, when it comes to seeds, just a handful is enough unless you are starting a farm or something.

Steer clear of pollen sacs

The hybrid GG4 strain is derived from a hermaphrodite plant and thus produces both male and female plants. During the flowering stages, caring for the plant to eliminate all external stresses will ensure that the plant does not produce pollen sacks. If you discover the pollen already you can wash it down the stalk with plenty of water.

Female GG4 plants are less susceptible to the pollen issue but they can still catch it. Isolating affect plants for the rest of the flowering stage will help keep your unaffected crops healthy. Leaving pollen sacs unchecked will completely ruin your entire crop.

Growing techniques you should adopt

Because of its fast-paced growth, GG4 is best for SCROG (Screen of Green) technique of growing cannabis and other herbs in your garden. When your plant grows through the screen, you just tuck them right back in causing a weaving pattern which also allows each bud to receive enough light. These plants love their insolation.

Soil vs hydroponics

If you can’t or don’t want to use soil, then hydroponics is yet another good way to grow your GG4 like a pro. This means that the quality of your plants will not depend on hard to control factors like soil quality and pH. Pests are also a great disadvantage of using soil. Combining SCROG and hydroponics gives the most bountiful harvest.

Best temperatures and humidity for luxuriant GG4 growth

Ideally, the GORILLA GLUE 4 strain of cannabis does well between 68 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The night temperature should not fall beyond 10 degrees from the daytime average. As for the humidity, an early 60% for seedlings and then reducing it to 40% as the vegetative stage draws to a close will do the trick

Harvesting your Gorilla Glue Strain #4

Understanding flowering time and predictive yield is key to growing some quality buds. If you are doing it right, you can get up to 18 ounces of good stuff for every square meter of space you are growing. Of course with hydroponics, you can stack your plants making the most of your indoor floor space.

Harvesting your GORILLA GLUE 4 will run through a couple of scissors because of the amount of resin on this plant. That said, the plant is also one of the easiest to grow and certainly a worthy investment for the high it supplies.


You can generally expect a lot of o’ high from your crop. But in place of the uplifting effects of Sativa, this strain will surprise you with calmness and relaxation. It is good for an evening chill pill after work and before bed. It will help you lie down peacefully like a baby.

The strain is most popular because of its delicate balance between internal happiness and contentment without the sudden outbursts and mad giggles.

Possible side effects of GORILLA GLUE #4

You might be wondering what the negative side effects of GG4 might include. Side effects of this strain include dry mouth and dry eyes. Sometimes users may also experience dizziness when people use the product without having something to eat first. Remember you cannot live a full life on an empty stomach. The dry mouth problem is easier to solve with water or other hydrating drink.

Some other times anxiety and paranoia might result depending on the state of mind of the person at the time of taking GG4. This phase only lasts a short while and peace and calm will soon get restored. If this effect persists, then perhaps the magic herb GG4 is not for you and you can simply use it sparingly or not at all.

Final thoughts on strain gorilla glue #4

Having read our article, you can now decide if its strongly pungent and revitalizing power is yours to own. If you wish to go with the homegrown option you will obviously have the luxury of a surplus produce. Not every person who wishes to use cannabis has space or means to grow their own produce. But, you can always buy nearby or get it from a friend who loves to experiment with cannabis strains.

Just the same, we categorically state that cannabis use is the sole responsibility of you as the user. The choice is always yours. It is prudent to try only a few puffs of this stuff before deciding to go the full flight experience. You can get on board with a mixture of the product and your favorite strains to experience a smoother transition. Also, as with every other strain of cannabis, getting used to the same product build resistance to its effects. So an occasional shift is always a good thing.

There’s a number of reasons for wanting to grow, smoke or vape. Go right ahead and try it out, it will be worth your while. Do you have any personal experiences with GORILLA GLUE WEED preparation and consumption? We sure would love to hear them. Use the comments section below.

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