what is weed in spanish

what does this mean? “mi quires mota ghuey”

mi quires mota ghuey

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Mota means marijuana where I’m from.

This will sound terribly biased, but as a father with a daughter, I’d advise you to keep her away from him, just in case. The spelling is beyond appalling, so bad that not even some sounds match the letters, but it may say something like “Do you love much, stupid?” Again, it is a random guess, because none of the words are correctly spelled, there is no punctuation, and I am not even sure about the 3rd one.

La mota : pot, marijuana

The spelling and grammar is still lousy. I think he was trying to say:

Do you want pot, dude?

Among the poorly educated young people, using street slang, the phrase without a doubt contains an offfering of marijuana ( mota in México ) to somebody (guey= dude, pal, friend).

“Guey” with two dots over the “u” that I am not able to type in this computer, also written “wey”, is used also as an adjective to denote stupidity, lazyness, idiocy.

“Mota” which is marijuana, in street slang in México, is also know by these names: Churro, chuby, yerba, pasta, toque, alfalfa.

I think the note was trying to say “I want weed, dude”.

The spelling and grammar is still lousy, and the guy’s still a creep. How wise of you, mom, for taking the time to get to the bottom of it.

Feel free to come here for help anytime.

the note is asking “do you want weed dude?” keep your daughter away from that guy. selling weed does not a good person make.

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