what does synthetic marijuana smell like

What is Synthetic Cannabis?

You’ve probably never heard of it, but Synthetic Cannabis has made its entry into the market since 2002. It’s sold as an alternative to cannabis. Also known as fake weed, fake marijuana, K2 and Spice, some people get confused between real and synthetic marijuana. If you want to know more and have wondered as to what is synthetic cannabis, read on as we unravel the mystery.

Like everything else in life, there’s a difference between something fake and something original. Although the name “Synthetic marijuana” suggests it’s an alternative to cannabis, there’s a world of difference between the two.

There was a time when cannabis was illegal in many locations. Later when it was made legal, miscreants spread rumors that even synthetic cannabis is legal. As a result, more people used it and had to bear severe consequences. Unlike cannabis that has been responsible for 0 casualties, synthetic marijuana has killed a few people.

Simply put, synthetic cannabis is a hard-core designer drug – nothing more, nothing less. Just before it’s called marijuana, do not assume that it works like the plant. It’s anything but natural and is usually created in labs – just like other drugs like cocaine and meth. Originally, it was made to help scientists study the depths of the cannabinoid system. However, it was misused, and the result is that it’s available on the streets now.

How to differentiate between synthetic and natural cannabis?

If you’ve ever used real cannabis, this one shouldn’t be that difficult. You already know how the original looks, feels and smells like, so you can differentiate between the two. Here are a few pointers:


Traditional cannabis buds look like little nuggets of resin. You’ve definitely used them, haven’t you? They look like little sugar-coated leaves and flowers compressed together. No matter where you purchase real cannabis, they will be sold as whole buds. All buds may not look exactly alike (even if they are of the same strain) but they are certainly from one plant and that’s cannabis.

On the other hand, synthetic cannabis is ground up already. They appear like leaves and bits of many plants just thrown together. Sometimes, it looks like grass, but at other times it looks like a potpourri of different plants.


Real cannabis is dank and moist. The buds will not be too moist, but they won’t be dry to the touch either. The texture is somewhere in between. You’ll also feel the stickiness when you touch the buds – something every user loves. The stickiness is due to the resin or the terpenes found in the buds. Terpenes are the essential oils of the cannabis plant and aren’t unique to cannabis alone. This is one reason why cannabis offers so many medicinal benefits.

Synthetic cannabis doesn’t produce any sort of resin. It isn’t sticky or dank. On the contrary, it’s dry and shapeless.


Pure cannabis smells differently depending on the strains. For instance, Green Crack smells like mangoes while Zkittlez emits a distinct fragrance of fruits. Some may even smell like unwashed socks or rotten cheese! It all depends on the terpenes. Moreover, anybody that has ever used real marijuana will agree that the fragrance plays a key role in identifying high-quality cannabis.

You’ve probably never heard of it, but Synthetic Cannabis has made its entry into the market since 2002. It’s sold as an alternative to cannabis. Al ]]>