weird weed names

Weird Cannabis Names

As part of a keyword research project, I stumbled upon some weird new Cannabis names which seem to becoming really popular.

The Cannabis industry is taking off fast in the US. The number of Motley Fool ads I see in my Facebook feed urging me to not miss the Cannabis boom, triggered me to do some more research.

As a native Dutchman, I grew up with coffeeshops all around us. Not a big deal in Amsterdam. The weed business was decriminalized which is better for everybody.

Now that the USA states one by one are taking the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Colorado, and raise some serious tax on the Marijuana sales, the number of new strains are exploding.

Naming the Strains

What makes a strain popular. It’s not only the level of THC, if it’s an Indica or a Sativa or a Hybrid; or its effect on you when you consume the cannabis. The name is a powerful brand to drum up popularity.

Just imagine, there is even a movie called Pineapple Express; which is all about this monster powerful bud of weed that gets these two guys in all sorts of trouble running from the bad guys. Here you can see what a bad ass bud the Pineapple Express strain really is.

Pineapple Express strain linage, by

With more strains being crossed, new names make their entry. Here is a list of names I found funny, and you can learn the linage of every strain.

There seems to be a common theme here. Either the strain is named after some sort of desert. A cookie, like the Thin Mint strain, or just plane Ice cream like the Gelato strain.

Weird Cannabis Names As part of a keyword research project, I stumbled upon some weird new Cannabis names which seem to becoming really popular. The Cannabis industry is taking off fast in the

15 Funniest Marijuana Strain Names of All Time

There are plenty of guides to tell you which marijuana strains are best for what you’re looking for. Some help more with anxiety, some help with sleep and others are just for a chill time. But let’s face it, a lot of us are going to purchase our strains based on how funny the name is.

If that describes you, here are the 15 funniest strain names you’ll find:

15. Purple Monkey Balls

This is the strain you pull out for your friends and then when they ask what it’s called, you tell them and everyone giggles for five straight minutes.

14. Green Crack

Less addictive, less dangerous and way more fun than normal crack.

13. Cannasutra

This is both easier and requires less flexibility than the Kama Sutra.

12. Poochie Love

Is it named after the famous Simpsons episode where Homer becomes the voice of “Poochie” on the Itchy and Scratchy Show? Maybe not, but we’ll pretend it is.

A+ pun name right here.

10. Purple Urkle

While it’s unlikely that Steve Urkle would ever smoke a joint, his name is perfect for naming a marijuana strain.

The best part about this name is you’ll be able to talk about purchasing it in front of your parents without worry. In fact, they’ll probably applaud you for purchasing a large amount of Girl Scout Cookies.

8. Bob Saget OG

America’s Funniest Home Videos is both a show that stoners enjoy as well as a show that showcases a lot of stoners. So of course the show’s greatest host has a marijuana strain named after him!

7. Zombie Killer OG

Smoking this strain will probably not improve your ability to kill the undead in real-life, but it will probably help a lot in any video games where that’s a requirement.

6. Barck O Bubba

Considering Obama’s tepid endorsement of medical marijuana late in his presidency, it might seem weird to name a strain after him. But at least it will help you escape the reality of world after he’s left office.

5. Charlie Sheen

This is the perfect strain for people who want to live the Charlie Sheen lifestyle without indulging in some of his nastier habits.

4. Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien

Would you rather face a hidden dragon or a hidden alien? These are the types of questions you’ll be able to answer with this strain.

3. Laughing Grass

Warning, can not be used as a substitute before major dental surgery.

2. White Girl OG

The perfect strain for the “basic” white girl who needs a marijuana story that she can tell at parties for the next 20 years.

1. Alaskan Thunderf***

I mean, this is just a great name. How could you not buy it?

When it comes to cannabis, sometimes clever names sell themselves. From Purple Monkey Balls to Bob Saget OG, discover 15 of the funniest names for marijuana strains.