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Plants With Weeping Flowers That Are Good for Hanging Pots

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Hanging baskets create an attraction that helps bring the eye upward from the ground. They can help draw attention to certain aspects of your home or simply serve as an extra burst of color in a high “dead space.” While many types of flowers can go in hanging baskets, weeping — commonly known as trailing or cascading — varieties become showstoppers with their hanging blooms.

Dainty Blooms

Trailing annuals with numerous tiny blooms can create a large impact in your hanging basket. Many of these annuals are commonly sold in nurseries, as well, making them realistic choices. Bacopa (Sutera cordata), hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 11, features aromatic evergreen foliage and dainty, five-petaled flowers varying in shades of white, red, pink and blue, depending on cultivar. Trails can reach over 1 foot long. Calibrachoa species and cultivars, most of which are hardy in USDA zones 9 through 11, are another example of a common trailing plant, characterized by numerous dainty, petunia-like blooms. Sometimes called “Million Bells,” this genus is closely related to the Petunia.

Bigger Blooms

If you’re looking for bigger flowers to weep over the edge of your hanging basket, consider common petunias (Petunia spp.). Petunias have deep, funnel-shaped flowers and the trailing varieties provide cascades of deep-hued blooms that dangle well below the bottom of the basket. Peter’s Gold Carpet (Bidens ferulifolia), which grows in USDA zones 9 through 11, has large, five-petaled flowers in a deep yellow hue. This sunny addition can trail up to 4 feet.

Interesting Blooms

If you’re after a trailing, weeping flower to stand out among the other hanging baskets in your neighborhood, a plant with interesting blooms may be the way to go. Flashbulb parrot’s beak (Lotus berthelotii), which grows in USDA zones 9 through 11, offers bright orange and red blooms reminiscent of flames. These blooms — paired with textured, silvery-green foliage — create an eye-catching arrangement. Fuchsia varieties (Fuchsia spp.), hardy in USDA zones 6 through 11 depending on species, grow tubular, pendant-like flowers that hang from the branches. Flowers are often pink, purple, red or white, and double-colored blooms are most common.

Weeping Foliage

While flowers may be on your mind, other considerations for cascading components in your hanging baskets include foliage-only plants. They’re not as boring as they may sound; some of these plants are prized by designers for their functionality in containers. Silver falls (Dichondra argentea “Silver Falls”), which grows as a perennial in USDA zones 10 and 11, is one such example. This specimen plant has long, trailing vines of dainty, silvery-green leaves that create a waterfall-like look. Sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas), cold hardy in USDA zone 11, comes in several different colors and features large, somewhat-heart-shaped foliage.

Plants With Weeping Flowers That Are Good for Hanging Pots. Hanging baskets create an attraction that helps bring the eye upward from the ground. They can help draw attention to certain aspects of your home or simply serve as an extra burst of color in a high "dead space." While many types of flowers can go in …

Top 10 Hanging Basket Plants

Choosing which plants to grow in your hanging baskets needed be a tricky task, there are plenty of traditional and modern varieties to give you a display to be proud of!

Top 10 Hanging Basket Plants

Choosing which plants to grow in your hanging baskets needed be a tricky task, there are plenty of traditional and modern varieties to give you a display to be proud of!

Top 10 hanging basket plants

There’s nothing quite as captivating in a garden as seeing as a full, cascading hanging basket, overflowing with colour with the flowers catching the sun. Planting up a hanging basket is not as daunting as you may think, we have handy video guides and now we even have our fantastic BloomAround Hanging Basket which actually makes it very easy to create a stunning display!.

Choosing which pre-planted hanging basket plants to display is really down to personal choice of colour, variety and trailing habit, do you want long trailing stems full of blooms that can grow down 60cm or more, or would you prefer a ball of colour hanging outside your front door?

If you’re not sure, here are our top ten basket plants for you to choose from this season:

1. Begonia x tuberhybrida

Instantly recognisable with their large blowsy blooms that hang pendulously from the thick stems, begonia tuberhybrida are one of our most popular basket and bedding plants. They are incredibly easy to grow and will give you a full season of colour. Varieties such as Begonia ‘Apricot Shades Improved’ will trail down over 45cm and will keep on flowering no matter what the weather so that you will always have sunshine shades of apricot and lemon even on the cloudiest of days! Other brightly coloured varieties include Begonia ‘Non-stop Mocca’ with its colourful flowers contrasting beautifully against the dark foliage, or the impressive Begonia ‘Majestic Mixed’ with huge double blooms reaching up to 20cm across!

2. Fuchsias

Exotic looking flowers drip down through the summer from these amazing plants; fuchsias are very tough hanging basket plants that are also semi hardy, so that they can be kept in a frost free place over winter and grow again the following year! Fuchsias are a well known and very popular plant that has been developed from a hardy shrub in beds and borders to wonderful trailing varieties such as Fuchsia ‘Purple Rain’ or Fuchsia ‘White King’ that will fill a basket easily and be smothered in fantastic blooms! If you’re unsure of which particular variety to choose then there’s always our pre-selected mixes, especially the Fuchsia ‘Giant Flowered Collection’ for some really impressive floral displays!

3. Petunias

Petunias have developed hugely in recent years, still available in simple, single colours that look amazing when planted in a single basket and hang down in huge drifts of colour, there are also some fantastic new varieties that really add a huge ‘wow’ factor to your summer displays. Petunia ‘Night Sky’ has become a firm customer favourite, an amazing variety that sports random white “stars” set against a deep purple background, no two flowers are ever the same and planted en masse they create their own galaxy! Two tone petunias are also becoming very popular too, the Petunia ‘Amore’ varieties where two adjoining petals form lovely heart shapes in different colours make a wonderful display, as do the customer favourite, Petunia ‘Frills and Spills Mixed’ with a riot of frilled, picotee and two tone blooms that fill a basket with cascading colour, even in our British summers!

4. Bacopa

Often used as a “filler plant” in mixed displays, Bacopa is a valuable plant in hanging baskets, it is easy to grow and will comfortably trail down well over 45cm, smothered in small blue or white flowers. These dainty looking yet incredibly tough plants are perfect for adding to colour themed baskets Bacopa ‘Snowtopia’ with its pure white blooms or Bacopa ‘Blutopia’ for a blue coloured or mixed display.

5. Lobelia

A full season of amazing colours come from annual lobelia, it cascades over the edge of hanging baskets and patio containers as if it was made for the task! The small flowers appear in such vast numbers on each plant that it can look like a single block of colour from a distance. Single coloured varieties, such as Lobelia ‘Regatta Midnight Blue’ create a dazzling cascade of violet-blue flowers, each with a tiny gleaming white eye while one of the newer varieties, Lobelia ‘Hot Pretty Heaven’ has been bred to keep flowering all through the summer and produces beautiful bi-coloured blooms of pale blue and white even in the hottest of weather!

6. Calibrachoa

A miniature version of the petunia often referred to as ‘minitunia’, these prolific flowering basket plants are becoming more and more popular every year. The long lasting and free flowering plants are just as vigorous as their larger cousins but are absolutely covered in much smaller, dainty flowers. Calibrachoa are tolerant to summer showers and will grow really well in both sun and shade, making them ideal for growing in a duller area of the garden that needs cheering up! Varieties such as ‘Mini Rosebud Romantic Peachy’ will delight you with its delicate flowers of peach and pink, each with contrasting veining and as a bonus, they don’t even need dead-heading, they literally look after themselves! For a true kaleidoscope of colour, try Minitunia ‘Kabloom Mixed’, which as its name suggests, explodes with colour during the summer months!

7. Geraniums (Pelargoniums)

A traditional summer bedding plant that is known by all gardeners, old and new, geraniums are drought tolerant, tough plants that grow well in hanging baskets where sometimes watering is ‘overlooked’. Often seen in their bright red form in varieties such as Geranium ‘Best Red’ F1 Hybrid , these easy to grow plants are now available in a variety of colours and have also been bred to trail well over the side of a hanging basket. Geranium ‘GeRainbow Mixed’ has cascades of colour and larger blooms and look incredible as they fill a hanging basket with bright blooms. The Geranium ‘Rosebud Collection’ will also trail down at least 45cm and are so named because the blooms never fully open and so always seem to look like rosebuds waiting to flower, a wonderful sight indeed!

8. Osteospermum

Osteospermum are naturally drought tolerant which makes them ideal for baskets and pots. Normal African Daisies can also be planted in hanging baskets as their spreading habit will make them spill over the edge of the basket and form more of a ball shape, planting up a basket with the Osteospermum 3D Collection will definitely give you a display of unusual and extremely attractive flowers!

9. Nasturtiums

For a plant that’s incredibly easy to grow from seed and can grow up to 100cm long, then why not try nasturtiums in your baskets? The colour variety is phenomenal from creamy white to deep maroon and loads in between, including some that actually change colour! Whilst some Nasturtiums, such as ‘Dwarf Compact Mixed’ will stay relatively small (although still enough to fill a basket!), others, such as Nasturtium ‘Troika Spotty Dotty’ will hang down over a metre and constantly produce golden yellow blooms with striking red flashes inside. For the truly unusual, try Nasturtium ‘Chameleon’ , whose orchid like blooms change from pale yellow to a pinky-red colour over a few days, it needs to be seen to be believed!

10. Verbena

Colourful displays are guaranteed with Verbena in your hanging baskets. These totally carefree, easy to grow plants, come highly recommended and can provide a stunning mix of shades in both pots and baskets. They tend to have a more compact growing habit and so will form masses of flowers that gently spill over the edge of their container. Verbena ‘Quartz Mixed’ look absolutely fabulous planted up in hanging baskets or for a more patriotic display try our Union Jack Mixed too!

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