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Check Out Some Your Favorite Celebs On ‘Weeds’

Ten years ago the incredible Showtime series Weeds began its first season. It may have dropped in quality in the last few years of the broadcast, but man, was it pretty fantastic overall. For those of you who have never seen the show, or perhaps people who unfortunately didn’t have access to cable channels when the show was on the air, Weeds follows Nancy Botwin, a woman with two kids whose husband dies and is left to provide for her family. And how exactly does she support her kids? Through selling weed of course!

The series featured some incredible cast members including Mary Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin, Elizabeth Perkins as Celia, Nancy’s neighbor and friend (at first), as well as Hunter Parrish, Justin Kirk, Kevin Nealon and more. But what’s really impressive about Weeds is not just the plot or the acting, but the amount of guest stars the show was able to book. In fact, some of the best celebrity cameo appearances on Weeds were made by people who are ridiculously popular and well-known today.

Weeds Creator Jenji Kohan knows how to pick the right people for her projects, just take a look at the amazing cast of Orange Is The New Black (series regulars, recurring characters and special guest stars). So in honor of the Weeds 10th anniversary, let’s look back at the many quick guest appearances by some beloved celebrities.

1. Ike Barinholtz

The Mindy Project‘s Morgan makes a quick appearance as Daryl the coroner in the Season 6 episode “Fran Tarkenton.”

2. Jane Lynch

Because most shows really aren’t complete until Jane Lynch makes an appearance, the actress showed up on the Weeds Season 1 episode “Fashion of the Christ” as The Candyman, a woman who sells pot-filled baked goods and is overly passionate about exercise, especially after eating said baked goods.

3. Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Zack Morris shows up in the Season 6 episode “Gentle Puppies” as Jack, a bartender who has an. interesting reaction to Nancy’s relentless smoking at his bar.

4. Mae Whitman

Before she was making us cry with her tears as Amber on Parenthood, Mae Whitman was Ann on Arrested Development, everyone knows that. But what you may not know is that the actress also appeared on Weeds in between Parenthood seasons as Tula, Tim’s girlfriend, in the Season 8 episode “See Blue And Smell Cheese And Die.”

5. Bob Odenkirk

From Weeds to Breaking Bad, Odenkirk’s got quite the drug TV show resume. The Better Call Saul star pops up in the Season 4 episode “Head Cheese” as Barry, a friend of Celia’s who is quite the druggy himself.

6. Carrie Fisher

The Star Wars legend plays Celia’s Attorney in the Season 3 episode “The Brick Dance.”

7. Natasha Lyonne

Jenji Kohan saved her future Orange is the New Black star for the series finale of Weeds where she played a character named Tiffani that canoodles with Nancy’s son Shane.

8. Allison Janney

The star of Mom and The West Wing makes an uncredited appearance on Weeds as an attorney named Ms. Greenstein in the Season 1 episode “Lude Awakening” who talks to Nancy and Andy about criminal punishment regarding weed. As per usual, she steals every second she’s onscreen.

9. Snoop Dogg

Because it would make absolutely no sense for Snoop Dogg not to be on Weeds, the rapper made a cameo appearance as himself on the show in Season 2 and calls Nancy a MILF.

Ten years ago the incredible Showtime series Weeds began its first season. It may have dropped in quality in the last few years of the broadcast, but man, was it pretty fantastic overall. For those of you who have never seen the show, or perhaps…

Weeds snoop

Have you ever seen Snoop rap about weed… on Weeds, man?!

For those of you who smoked some of your memories away, the Doggfather himself made a guest appearance on the hit TV show Weeds during its second season. Playing himself, Snoop stepped up to the studio mic and spit, “It’s the MILF Weed / It’s the good mommy smoke / It’s the MILF Weed / Take a toke ‘til ya broke…”

In the show, genius weed breeder Conrad Shepherd (played by Romany Malco) teams up with widowed-housewife Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) and her son Silas (Hunter Parrish) to sell the dankest, stankiest endo ever to hit the sleepy suburban streets of Agrestic. The herb, dubbed “MILF Weed” by the D-O double-G, would accompany the Botwins throughout the series as they tangled with petty street gangs, monolithic drug cartels, and corrupt DEA agents.

But, in the real world, “MILF Weed” is an actual thing, too.

Spelled MILF Weed, or simply just MILF, Seedfinder describes the strain as a cross between White Widow (appropriate for Nancy) and Train Wreck (also appropriate). Its buds purportedly produce an uplifting head-high for most tokers. But what came first, the real-world MILF strain or Nancy Botwin’s MILF Weed?

A look at Google Trends suggests that people were googling the term “MILF weed” as far back as April 2004, over a year before the series premiere of Weeds, and over two years before Snoop’s guest appearance on the show.

Unfortunately, Google Trends doesn’t provide data before 2004, so whether anyone was looking up “MILF weed” prior to that year is anyone’s guess. Additionally, MERRY JANE was unable to contact the company that bred and sells MILF seeds, Mother Chucker’s Medicinal Cannabis Seed Company, through Twitter or its website (which was inactive at the time of this writing).

Chances are, there really was a MILF strain being smoked around California prior to Weeds’ debut. In the show, the MILF acronym stood for its more commonly known decryption: Mother I’d Like to Fuck. But Mother Chucker’s says its MILF stands for “Marijuana I’d Like to Flower.” Same difference, though, right? Regardless of where the MILF strain truly got its start, it’s probably safe to assume that Weeds popularized the flower variety.

Oh, and a new sequel series of Weeds is coming to your giant flatscreen TV sometime in the near future. We look forward to that day, when smokers the world over can once again follow the trials and tribulations of Weeds’ MILF (the marijuana, not Nancy) while simultaneously blazing on a bowl of real MILF Weed in the comfort of their own homes.

MILF: It’s not just a category on Pornhub, but also a dank strain of weed.