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Silicone containers

Check out our collection of non-stick silicone containers for weed storage to protect wax concentrates from heat, light and moisture to keep your dab fresh when using a dab rig.

Best Silicone Containers for concentrates

No more wasting your dab! Concentrates are valuable and often come in very small quantities. This means it is important to have proper storage so your valuable investment does not break down or lose its flavor or smell over time. The biggest enemies in the storage battle are light, heat, and moisture . Experts recommend choosing a storage container that is as close to the size of your concentrate as possible, so there is very little air left in the container. Weed storage containers are also a great way to keep your dab hidden , as they are small enough to slide into your pocket and conceal odors . Check out our wax container that doubles as a contact case, so if dear old granny asks, she’ll be more than convinced.

Buy Silicone Dab Containers for Wax

At, we have a wide variety of wax silicone storage containers in different sizes, colors, and shapes and for $4.20, you can get containers that are the perfect size for what you have. If you want to carry your concentrates with you on-the-go, check out our key-chain container . We have a great mini dabbing kit with two container spaces and a dab tool in a tin case. We also have unique options like this plastic Pokeball silicone wax container, so you can catch them all!

Cheap Dab Rigs for Sale Online

In recent years, dabbing has become increasingly popular because of wax’s capability for concentration and efficiency. Check out this guide on the art of dabbing, so you can learn the basics to choose the perfect dab rig for you. We also have cheap dab rigs for sale under $50, if you’re on a budget or looking to try it out for the first time.

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We’ve got a variety of fun and unique stash containers including herb storage containers, silicone containers and wooden dugouts that extend the shelf life of your finest flowers.


There are a few key culprits to weed aging: heat, light and moisture. It’s all about maintaining a delicate balance. Exposure to too much of any of these, changes the molecular structure, degrades weed and reduces the intoxicating effects of THC over time. You should keep your weed containers in a cool dark place if you want to maximize the shelf life of your cannabis. Arid environments dry your herbs out faster than you can find a good movie to watch stoned. When this happens, the flavor and potency of your flowers will dramatically change and your loose leaf cannabis will become more brittle, but have no fear! You can still get the most out of your cannabis experience with our Everythingfor420 stash containers!


Silicone dab containers are essential to preserve the freshness, flavor and intoxicating effects that make dabs, dabs. The Poke Ball wax container, one of our best silicone containers, slips easily into your pocket for when you play Pokémon Go by the pier and find yourself face to face with a Dratini. We’ve also got tiny dab containers that fit on your keychain, so you’ll never have to worry if you’ve accidentally left the house without it. If you’re looking for a discreet, travel-sized dabbing set that you can take with you everywhere you go, be sure to check out our tin dabbing kit, which includes a silicone wax container and dabbing tool in a sturdy metal case. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that at Everythingfor420, all of our silicone containers and accessories are 100% food-grade, non-stick and heat-safe.


It’s time to throw out that Ziplock bag you’ve been carrying around! Storing cannabis in reusable plastic that contains BPA could pose a risk to your health as toxic chemicals may leach into your flowers. We’ve got much safer alternatives for your herb like this Pink Wooden Dugout or Raw Metal Tin, so that once you’ve lit one up you can store the rest safely in an airtight, smell proof container that you can pocket.


At, you can snag all the accessories you need to make sure you’re getting the most out of your herb or concentrates. Check out this lighter holder on a leash, so you’ll never have to scrounge around for your lighter again. We’ve also got cases for your pipe or vape pen and Boveda humidity packs to make sure your flowers aren’t too wet or dry. No matter what your smoking preference is, we’ve got you covered, so you can maximize the experience.


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