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The Big Hit: Vaping Into a Spiritual Awakening

Over 52% of the population has used cannabis for some type of recreational or medical purpose. Yet, this powerful plant also has the ability to unlock a more enlightened sense of self.

Vaping marijuana can improve one’s mental clarity and healing. It can also set you on a rewarding path of spiritual growth.

Read on to learn more about how you can use marijuana to achieve spiritual awakening.

Experiencing a True Spiritual Awakening

Many people wonder what a spiritual awakening is. As it can be hard to know whether you have ever had such an experience before. The process is different for everyone, with a few consistent spiritual awakening symptoms.

Those who undergo a spiritual awakening often feel they now have a sense of pure mental clarity. It can be described as discovering the purpose of life and your role within it. Others feel as though their soul is evolving and they are becoming more connected to the universe.

After a spiritual awakening, everything seems to click into place. You’ll notice a change in perspective and greater enjoyment and fulfillment in life. You’ll no longer need to question your life, relationships, career, or social standing.

It will be easier to make important decisions based on your newfound enlightenment. You’ll also notice that happiness is achieved in a non-materialistic way.

Many things can trigger a spiritual awakening, yet it’s often a big life transition. This could be moving to a new city or taking a new career path. Awakening also happens through finding religion or going through a traumatic experience.

Certain substances can also open the mind to a new level of spirituality. This is common when enjoying cannabis, mushrooms, or peyote.

THC’s Power on the Mind

THC properties affect us by interacting with cannabinoids already present in the brain. The psychoactive properties of THC influence your consciousness and alter your perceptions. This is how consuming cannabis can awaken your spiritual self.

THC even has the power to promote protein enzymes in the brain. These work to improve our attention, memory, judgment, and personality. Vaping can provoke spiritual awakening experiences for many people this way.

Marijuana is also known for enhancing creativity in one’s artistic or musical side. It can make you more attuned with your inner thoughts and emotions. It’s also easier to let things go when under the influence of marijuana.

Cannabis also helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety in some people. Yet, lower doses are recommended for this, especially with a weaker tolerance. This is why vaping is ideal when compared to edibles or bongs.

Vaping cannabis releases dopamine as well. This results in increased pleasure and an improved mood.

Reaching a New Level of Spiritual Growth

On the path to spirituality, it’s common to question everything. You may feel scared of change and the unknown. The spiritual awakening process is often met with shifting perceptions as well.

Many experience loneliness as they work to figure themselves out. Yet, this is all temporary and working to guide you toward a greater self.

Start by setting intentions for your spirituality. Then each time you vape try focusing on these intentions. A good goal is to work on breaking the cycle of negative thoughts and habits.

Once enlightenment is achieved you’ll likely feel more intuitive and independent. You’ll be less sensitive to what society as a whole believes in. You’ll care less about others judging you.

An awakened spirit has more compassion for others as well. You’ll feel more connected to the things and people in your life.

You’ll find yourself letting go of toxic relationships. When awakened, it’s easy to find new friends that support your new life vision.

Many friends who vape marijuana together also have deep and meaningful conversations. You can discuss your understanding of life and new ways of thinking.

It’s common for enlightened people to turn to a THC-only lifestyle. This means cutting out alcohol and other unnatural drugs. This offers a more relaxing experience without any hangover symptoms.

The Sexual Side of Spirituality

Enhanced sex life is another of the signs of spiritual awakening. As there is a strong link between spirituality and sexuality. Those who are spiritually awakened tend to have better sex lives.

Vaping THC can result in more frequent sex and increased arousal. Cannabis lets you become more intuned with your body. Your inhibitions will be lowered and you’ll experience sensations differently.

When the mind and body are one you’ll have more powerful orgasms. You’ll also feel greater intimacy and be more connected to your partner.

THC works to reduce pain and inflammation as well. It has a calming effect which makes you less nervous about performing.

You may find you’re more experimental in the bedroom and open-minded to trying new things. Certain cannabis strains can further enhance sexuality as well.

Enhancing the Vape Experience

To reach a spiritual awakening, it’s best to start at low doses. Always pay attention to your tolerance levels when vaping. Choosing the right strains will help achieve a better spiritual experience as well.

For greater spirituality, connect the mind and body further through certain activities. You can try a yoga session after vaping. This helps your breathing technique and reduces tension in the muscles.

Meditation also provides better focus and relaxation. Vaping during this allows you to let go of the negative. You can also clear your mind for greater self-awareness.

A less is more approach is best when practicing yoga and meditation while vaping. Start with only taking one or two hits at first.

Listening to certain types of music can also enhance your spiritual vaping experience. Other spiritual awakening signs even include a better appreciation for music or art.

Reading spirituality and self-improvement books can also provoke a better spiritual awakening. This article offers more on how taking a life course can enhance your enlightenment as well.

Following Your Path to Englightenment…

The benefits of enlightenment are a more meaningful and content way of living. Everything in life starts to make sense and feel complete. You’ll also have a greater understanding of what matters in life.

It’s possible to achieve a greater spiritual awakening through vaping. THC helps you to connect your body and mind. It can also help you to unlock the answers to life’s many questions.

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The Big Hit: Vaping Into a Spiritual Awakening Over 52% of the population has used cannabis for some type of recreational or medical purpose. Yet, this powerful plant also has the ability to

How 12 Mystics Blend Cannabis + Spirituality

Photo by Unsplash

Weed witches share how to mix mysticism, cannabis, and spirituality.

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Modern witches and spiritual practitioners all over the world are using cannabis in myriad ways, and have created a whole new breed of mystical cannabis spirituality. They use weed to connect to spirit guides, or employ it as a tool for spellwork. And each one is unique—some use cannabis spirituality in all their rituals, while others prefer to keep weed separate for certain practices. And it’s used by both solitary witches and as a collective tool in a coven.

But using cannabis as a spiritual tool has a long history, transcending various groups across many different cultures. Whether it was used as a healing aid, an aphrodisiac, or assisted the work of ancient prophets, cannabis was always an important component in magick rituals and other sacred practices.

Whether it was used as a healing aid, an aphrodisiac, or assisted the work of ancient prophets, cannabis was always an important component in magick rituals and other sacred practices.

Some researchers believe that cannabis played a part in the divinations that occurred at a particularly famous ancient Greek temple. The Oracle of Delphi, who was the priestess of the Greek god Apollo, would sit above a hole in the ground through which vapors would emanate, allowing them to foretell the future in its cloudy haze. One theory suggests the oracle was accompanied by a priest who would burn hemp, among other plants, to create the psychic-inducing fumes.

In 1904, two Nordic women were found buried in a Viking ship from 850 BCE, one of which was believed to be a priestess of the Norse goddess Freya. A talismanic pouch found with them contained evidence of cannabis seed that may have been used in ritual. And in Liber 420: Cannabis, Magickal Herbs and the Occult , author Chris Bennett references ancient grimoires from the 16th century that depicted cannabis recipes used for mirror scrying.

Here, we talk to 12 mystics of varying paths to see how they use cannabis spirituality in their mystical work.

Bri Luna, Founder of The Hoodwitch

How does cannabis relate to your spirituality?

I feel like I’m very sensitive energetically, I feel like it really heightens my senses. So I really use it in times when I’m going to do a personal reading, or before meditation practice. I don’t use it generally with other people. I find that it’s just a very, like a deeply personal experience for me. It helps me to get into a deeper state of meditation and really allows me to just let my intuition come through more clearly. If I don’t want any psychoactive effects, I work with CBD oils, tinctures, candies. I love edibles as well.

How do you incorporate cannabis into your practices?

I use it with meditation, and definitely when reading my tarot, or if I want to connect deeper. It really does depend on what the intention of the ritual is, and I find that when I’m in natural settings, like the beach, or if I’m going on a hike, if I’m in the forest, and if I know my ritual is going to be in an outdoor space, I really make it a point to work with cannabis, or CBD, prior.

Where should spiritually-curious cannabis users start?

There’s one brand that I particularly love, Flower Food . I use a CBD-infused suppository during my period, which is a time for me when my senses are really heightened, and I feel like they’re one of the best products. I also love their CBD-infused honey.

Cannabis spirituality: We spoke to witches to see how they use weed as a spiritual tool for meditation, creative journalling, and more. ]]>