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How To Make Delicious Cannabis Smoothies

Smoking cannabis can be pleasurable and eating baked goods with all kinds of “special ingredients” is always a considerable option when aiming for an incredible high. Try smoothies this time!

If you are tired of smoking for some reason or just want to try something new, you might be interested in a recipe to make highly potent cannabis smoothies. Regular self-made smoothies are already pretty awesome without THC and CBD in it but why be satisfied with a product that can potentially be so much better when looking at it from a stoner perspective?

It’s relatively fast and easy to make cannabis infused smoothies. This blog will give you a detailed recipe as well as some ideas of how to customize it in order to get satisfying results.


Let’s start off with obligatory ingredients you need as a basis to create the smoothie itself. You can always fallow your own recipe if you want to. The part that really matters is the process of getting THC and CBD from your buds into a carrier material that will later spice up your drink.

Here is a short list of basic ingredients to follow this particular recipe for two servings:

  • 500ml of milk (customize: almond milk, organic, lactose-free or whatever you like)
  • 150ml whipping cream (liquid)
  • 3-4 table spoons of honey (can be substituted by cane sugar for example)
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla (fresh vanilla is always nice but not necessary)
  • Your favourite fruit: Bananas and Strawberries, Mangos and Kiwis, Blueberries etc.
  • Be creative when buying your fruit, pick either just one type of fruit or try to find a nice match like Banana-Strawberry for example. Organically grown are usually the best!


Exactly! Now it’s time to see if there is anything left from last harvest or to find out what the supply situation in terms of weed is at the moment. You don’t need a whole lot to achieve a decent potency. It’s more important to find a good way to get the THC and CBD from your buds into your smoothie, without having to chew on calyxes and leaves all the time. You need a carrier material. The most obvious is butter. You can follow the link to a recipe for producing very potent cannabutter below this blog. The other option is to just follow the following method with milk and cream.

  1. You take about 1-4g of dank bud and grind it all up.
  2. You mix the milk with the cream and heat this mixture to a temperature of 60-70°C. The cream is important because the stuff we desire likes to bond with fat. Milk alone only has a few percentages of it. Keeping temperatures down is an absolute must because the milk should never reach the state of boiling. It’s more a low simmering we aim for.
  3. Now happily sprinkle these wonderful herbs in your milk-cream mix and carefully heat it up to a low temperature. You need to get a feeling for the right temperature. Keep in mind that high temperatures can potentially lead to a product that is less potent due to the destruction of THC and CBD molecules. Seeing tiny bubbles at the surface, not meaning the ones from boiling is always a good sign. Let it simmer for at least 60 minutes. To be honest, it’s always best to invest a little more time when infusing carrier materials with THC. Rather do this with a relaxed attitude of a Celtic druid instead of a rushing through this important step. If you want HIGH quality, you will get HIGH quality.
  4. The colour of your mixture will change over time and you will most likely recognize the point when you think the heating process was long enough. Anything between 60 minutes and 8 hours of low simmering will ensure that THC and CBD will enter your milk. You don’t need the remaining parts of the bud anymore and therefore need to filter your milk-cream-cannabis mix to separate the liquid material from the solid. Let it cool down. The weed infusing process in now completed.


The important step of getting THC into the milk was successfully completed and now it’s time to be a little more creative again. It’s actually pretty easy: Put all of your desired ingredients into a blender, add some ice, and then get stoned! Have fun sippin’ on some of the finest drinks of the modern world: Fruit-Canna-Smoothies. Don’t drink and drive!

Read more about the latest hype in cannabis infused foods: Fruit-Canna-Smoothies. Delicious, relatively healthy, and a good way to consume some dank bud!

How to make a Cannabis Fruit Smoothie

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In this delicious post we’re going to show you how to make a delicious cannabis fruit smoothie. Summer’s here and this weather is great for a delicious, cold and refreshing drink that can help you get through the hot temps.

One of the most consumed drinks during the summer are fruit smoothies, which can be used to cool down and also have a whole lot of health benefits and including hydration which is necessary when it’s so incredibly warm.

How to make a cannabis fruit smoothie

This time we’re going to show you how to make quite a special smoothie; a cannabis fruit smoothie. You’ll be able to cool down during the hottest summer days as well as enjoy its delicious psychoactive effect that’s perfect for chilling with friends and enjoying a cool summer afternoon. Whenever you use cannabis in a recipe you’ll need to take special care when it comes to the quantity used and consumed.

Let’s have a look at the first steps to making your own refreshing and psychoactive cannabis fruit smoothie. Let’s start with the ingredients.

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 4 bananas
  • 8 strawberries
  • 1 natural yoghurt
  • 400ml whole milk
  • 2g cured or decarboxylated cannabis
  • 10g ground almond
  • Cinnamon
  • Brown sugar (optional)
  • 8-10 ice cubes
  • 4 decorative cannabis leaves

You need:

  • Medium saucepan
  • Glass bottle for the milk
  • Blender
  • Grinder
  • Sieve
  • Wooden spoon
  • 4 pretty glasses

Cannabis Fruit Smoothie | Cannabis Milk Prep

Before you start making your cannabis fruit smoothie, you’ll need to make cannabis milk first. Cannabis milk is made first so that you have something capable of absorbing cannabinoids easily. If you simply add your weed along with the rest of the ingredients and mix them, the results will be quite different in as far as flavor, texture and effect.

The ingredients needed for cannabis milk are already in the above list, so you don’t need anything else.


  • 400ml whole milk
  • 2g cured or decarboxylated cannabis

You need:

  • A medium saucepan
  • Glass bottle for the milk
  • A sieve
  • A Grinder
  • 1 wooden spoon

We recommend cleaning the cannabis by placing it in a pot with bottled water and heating it to less than 100°C so that it doesn’t boil. Keep it there for about 5-10 minutes – make sure it doesn’t boil!

This is done to get rid of any leftover dirt on your cannabis leaves and buds, as well as getting rid of most of the chlorophyll which gives it that green flavor.

How to make cannabis milk

  • Grind up your weed, make sure it’s clean.
  • Place the saucepan on your range and add your milk.
  • Next, add in the cannabis.
  • Set the heat to medium and mix every now and then – keep it on heat for 40 minutes without letting it boil.
  • Remove from the range and sieve out the cannabis.
  • Let it cool down at room temperature, add the ground almond and then pour the milk into your bottle and place it in the fridge.
  • Your cannabis milk is ready!

The resulting make should be a sort of green color, depending on how much you washed the buds beforehand. This doesn’t really matter much; it may alter the flavor slightly. This flavor is due to the chlorophyll in the buds, which has many beneficial properties, even if it doesn’t taste the best. That’s why washing your weed first is optional.

How to make a cannabis fruit smoothie

This is the most simple part of the entire recipe. All you have to do is chuck all of the ingredients into the blender and mix them all up! We’ll still give a step by step, just in case.

  • Make sure to clean and peal the bananas and strawberries
  • Add the clean fruit, yoghurt, ice and cannabis milk to the blender.
  • Blend the mixture until the ice has been fully smooshed, and then turn it up all the way until the mixture is fully smooth.
  • Serve the resulting smoothie in a nice-looking glass for the best presentation and sprinkle some cinnamon over the top.
  • Place a cannabis leaf in every glass as decoration.
  • Must be consumed after preparing, drink slowly.


Once you’ve gone through all the steps and you’ve made your deliciously refreshing cannabis smoothie you can share it with your friends. If you’re lactose intolerant, you can also try making your very own cannabis juice that has all of the health benefits of chlorophyll without the milk. You can also prepare this recipe by making cannabis flour beforehand.

We haven’t included sugar in the actual instructions, as it’s an optional ingredient. Fruit already has plenty of sugar, although you may want to add more. Make sure to drink slowly and with moderation; these smoothies will indeed get you stoned, and it will take much longer to feel the effects than when smoked.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this refreshing recipe; make it with care and love so that you can properly enjoy it!

Learn how to make a delicious cannabis fruit smoothie for those hot summer days when all you want to do is kick back and relax.