weed smells like ammonia

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Best case scenario: You smoke it and achieve the desired affect.
Neutral case scenario: You smoke it. No effect.
Worst case scenario: You smoke it and die, thus immortalized as the first person in history to be killed by marijuana.

I say go for it.
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get a new bag, if it was shitty to begin with, well, it just got worse!

I don’t smoke weed makes me paranoid
posted by cvoixjames at 7:01 PM on October 6, 2011

Did you see this? A person on that board says, “ammonia smells means they packaged it up while it was still too wet and it’s still ‘curing’ but it’s not getting enough air sealed up so it ferments, releasing ammonia. just dry it out and the smell will go.”

So try airing it out for a few days. Sun-dry it, maybe.

If you’re going to attempt to keep bud for long periods of time, you might consider putting into something airtight, like a Ziploc with all the air squeezed out, and then into something dark, like a film canister, and then into the fridge. (Apparently the fridge is better than the freezer.)
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What brina said. it’s rotting.

It will dry. THC isn’t water soluble so it won’t get any lower quality than it is. It might taste like ass, but it ain’t gonna hurt you and won’t get you any less stoned.
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Aieee, don’t put it in with bread.

Bake it into fatty foods or hit it with isopropyl. Google it.
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Oven at 150 degrees, spread on a sheet pan.

That said, please don’t smoke mold!
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Back in highschool I went to great lengths to enhance crappy weed that I learned from a 1960’s weed handbook. I created a dark and dank environment in a tin to turn the crappy weed into what was called “black web-like fungus”

I had never gotten that high ever again. I’m still alive.

Next time store it in a pill bottle
posted by Bun Surnt at 11:49 PM on October 6, 2011

Great ideas in the thread already.
First off, sorry your bud wasn’t cured and/or dried correctly. I can’t stand providers that will do 90% of the work, only to blotch up the last 10%.

You could attempt to dry it out some more. I wouldnt microwave it, nor use an oven. What I would get is some damp rid, which absorbs water from a container. If you purchase the little tub from your hardware store, you can see the little tub hanging over the dessicant (spelling is wrong). Use a coffee filter if the buds are smaller. Keep the container closed and let the buds sit for a few days periodically checking. This is one option.

Personally, I wouldn’t smoke it. Its difficult to figure out what type of fungus is growing on it. Your health is more important than any high from ganja. What I would do is freeze the buds overnight. Get a glass jar, think mason, and improvise if you don’t. And put the frozen ganja in the jar. Next, cover the cannabis with 91% rubbing alcohol. For the next thirty to sixty seconds shake the jar vigorously. The last piece you will need for this project is a glass baking pan (everyone seems to have one, borrow one if you don’t), making sure it isn’t round but square. It will be easier.

Using a coffee filter, pour out the rubbing alcohol into the glass pan. Discard the plant material. What you have done at this point is removed the good stuff, the trichomes and left the questionable plant material. Let the rubbing alcohol evaporate in a well ventilated area. Do not apply direct heat, a fan is great for this. Using the fan spaced away from the glass pan, just so that you can visibly see the liquid gently moving. This will spear up evaporation.

What you will have left is some good “earwax hash”, also known as “honey hash” or just what I call iso-hash. Using a razor blade gently scrape it up. The yellow stuff in the pan left over is the good stuff. Get it all, while avoiding it from getting on your hands, its very sticky and a pita to get off.

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Ask MetaFilter Best case scenario: You smoke it and achieve the desired affect. Neutral case scenario: You smoke it. No effect. Worst case scenario: You smoke it and die, thus