weed sims 4

Weed sims 4

Does your sim fancy whipping up some weed pancakes or waking-and-baking a tray of space cookies? The Basemental Drugs mod will help you to do just that.

If you’ve never played The Sims 4 (TS4) using mods before, I don’t think you should be too intimidated. I just started using them a few weeks ago, and they’re very simple to install and use.

‘Mods’ is a term used in gaming, to refer to “modifications” or additional program files that add cheats or other features to your game.

Once you have installed the Basemental Drugs mod into your [Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods] folder, then your sims should be able to buy weed, MDMA, shrooms, Xanax, Codeine and cocaine from a local drug dealer.

You may need to go into Create-A-Sim (CAS) and give at least one sim in your town the ‘Drug Dealer’ trait, in order for other sims to be able to buy from them. In my personal experience, you may want to create a few drug dealers around town, just so that you have options. It can become a bit of a drag to track down the only drug dealer in town every time your sim needs a fix.

This is Uncle Jack’s indoor greenhouse, filled with Purple Haze, OG Kush, Sour Diesel, AK-47 and even a few hybrid plants. A high Gardening skill (Level 7 – 10) is recommended to successfully grow and harvest your plants.

Making Cannabis Edibles

Obviously, in order to make cannabis edibles in The Sims 4, your sim will need to have a few buds of weed in their inventory. I have an Uncle Jack who bought a few buds of every strand from the local drug dealer, and came home and planted his own greenhouse at home. Now he has (almost) an endless supply of uncured weed at his disposal.

Instead of making him a dealer, I decided I would turn him into the local edibles go-to-guy. So Uncle Jack had to learn the Cooking skill as well, which now allows him to make all sorts of cannabis edibles.

1. With a few buds of weed in your sims inventory, click on the stove:
2. On the pie menu, you will see an option to “Make Cannabis Edibles…”. Clicking on that option will allow you to choose to either “Have Edibles” (to make one serving) or “Serve Edibles” (to make a group serving).

The column on the far right of the cannabis edibles menu will tell you how many buds and which strands you will need to make your desired choice of munchies.

Learn how to make weed pizzas, pancakes and even weed sushi in The Sims 4 (TS4), using the Basemental Drugs mod.

The Sims Forums

Are y’all able to because my Sim’s basil plant needs to be weeded but the weed option is not shown. The plant is planted using the vertical garden.


I had trouble with Evolve too, it kept cancelling out. So I noticed that it would only cancel out if I had other things in my interaction queue at the same time. If I make Evolve my only interaction, it will work.

I also noticed that they changed how Evolve works in general. It used to be that I could press Evolve and the plant would just Evolve. Now my Sim has to physically walk over to the plant when I press Evolve and do some kind of action. Maybe that’s what’s causing the problem. I also noticed that if my Sim is at work, I can choose Evolve on a plant and it will do what it used to do which is just evolve without needing my Sim to walk over to the plant.

I have a mod that makes them evolve all plants available when you tell them to evolve, so that may be effecting my save. All of my vertical planters are fully upgraded. I have bees that I tell to pollinate frequently. I don’t think they ever got weeds and all the plants are perfect quality somehow. So either my sims were able to evolve them when evolving other plants, or they evolve by themselves. I don’t know.

@sheepherder Some plants don’t fit in the vertical planters. Most flowers seem to and the common fruits do.

It’s very glitchy & I don’t like that you can’t place any produce in them but the vertical planter seeds or whatever. I also had trouble with evolving them but that was because I guess it needed harvesting before my sim could evolve it.

I don’t think I’ve had to weed them yet so idk about that.

And the evolve animation is like the pre-Seasons patch version where the sim has to physically interact with each plant to evolve it.

I only use MCCC and UI Extension cheats. I have no other mods or cc in my game. I have seasons so all my plants are in a greenhouse or under cover so I can test gardening.

When the Eco pack first came out I had no problems with the vertical planters. The evolve action was not automatic. My Sim had to walk over to the plant to do it. They could weed plants with no problem. Window boxes placed on second story windows w/ vertical planters on the ground had routing issues. But the vertical worked for me.

Then the game was patched twice. I don’t know what happened.

Now I can’t place the vertical planters next to each other or the evolve/weeding action gets canceled. At this time I was still playing around with them. I discovered that herbs were reverting back to just sprouted after harvest no matter where they are planted.

THEN. Yesterday, half my Sims garden reverted back to just planted. I was not understanding why so I started a new save and started testing. After playing about 2 Sim weeks (needs cheated and fast forwarding a lot) I’ve come to realize that gardening in general is broken in my game. Plants planted in the ground or in vertical planters are evolving to perfect with only one interaction and then revert back to just planted. They never grow again. I am not testing other planter boxes because I know they are already broken.

Before Eco same planters were bugged but there was a work around. But now with plants reverting back to just planted has me stumped. They don’t revert right away. Only after the plants are about a week old.

There is also a problem with the fertilizer that comes from the bug house. I do believe it is causing the reverting.
I got out a bunch of fertilizer from debug and used it on all the plants then evolved a bunch of plants and did one harvest and all the plants reverted back to just planted.

This is also when I discovered they fixed the bug where my Sim would have to fertilize each plant one at a time and not stack the interactions. That’s been fixed but everything else seems to be broken. I am finished messing around and will wait to see if it gets fixed and all the weirdness with gardening goes away.

By the way, watch NPCS when they come over. Your Sim may not be able to evolve and weed vertical planters but Knox and his Mother Mary can. The Greenburgs do weird stuff. They also harvest all the plants and leave. Just watch them. They show up when stuff needs to be done. At first I thought they were causing the plants to revert but I was wrong. So does Jess but she she fixes stuff. I can’t test the gardening if other Sims just show up unannounced and do gardening actions. The stop trespassers on the door did not stop them. That’s why I am finished testing.

Are y’all able to because my Sim’s basil plant needs to be weeded but the weed option is not shown. The plant is planted using the vertical garden.