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As cannabis rises in popularity and legalities so does the age-old question of how to get rid of the smell. Love it or hate it, the smell of marijuana should not get in the way of its diverse and numerous benefits. It can provide relief for cancer patients, people with arthritis, insomnia, PTSD, or muscle spasms. An increasing number of states are legalizing cannabis, and more people than ever are carrying medical marijuana cards. Despite its growing acceptance, many still hold a negative view towards the plant itself and those who use it. Even in places where marijuana is legal, there are various complications to carrying the smell in public. An unpleasant scent in your home might provoke unwanted questions, and a lingering odor in an assisted living center or clinic might bother patients.

Regardless of the situation, Kushley will eliminate the smell caused by marijuana smoke. We offer various personal care products such as lotion, mist spray, and candles that eliminate odors rather than temporarily masking them. We benefit anybody looking to remove an unwanted odor, from healthcare professionals to medical marijuana users. We neutralize any malodor caused by smoke from cigarettes, cigars, cooking, or cannabis. Our products are natural and handmade —created for you and your environment.

Kushley products are all natural, unique, and our formula is proprietary. Our ingredients are water-based and biodegradable. Our candles, lotions, and sprays are designed to clean and clear the air, giving you a fresh smell in your home, car, or clinic. They eliminate 99.6% of airborne or body-embedded odors, restoring your environment to the natural state of tidiness. None of our products contain hazardous chemicals such as latex, formaldehyde, phosphates, enzymes, or alcohol. You can use medical marijuana without worrying about the smell.

What Are You Smelling?

Marijuana produces a strong, distinct scent. This is a result of the terpenes found in the flower. Terpenes are odoriferous chemicals that are designed to attract pollinators and ward off predators, Weather, fertilization, soil conditions, and maturation can influence a plant’s production of terpenes. A good rule of thumb to remember is that stronger smell means higher potency. For regular medical marijuana users, the smell can get caught in your couch, curtains, and carpet. Our spray eliminates the smell caused by terpenes, and it can restore your furniture back to its neutral scent.

There are over one hundred strains of different terpenes in the cannabis plant, and each strain produces a different smell and effect. Some strains of cannabis smell like cheese, while others emit a blueberry scent. While their odors may be subtle, their effects are continuously being studied by researchers interested in using cannabis as a remedy for illness. Further development of terpenes will expand the possibilities of science and medical research around marijuana.

Simple Ways to Eliminate Odors

Whether you use cannabis recreationally or for medical purposes, there are several ways you can use Kushley to eliminate odors. Some remedies are more effective than others. We design products at Kushley to handle all organic odor situations, cleaning the air around our homes, at work, in our autos or even our own personal space, safely, responsibly and effectively.

Marijuana Candles

Our soy candles naturally clear out scents left by smoke from cigarettes, cigars, burning food, or cannabis. The candles don’t cover up odor with more odor—they remove it. The cherry wood wicks burn slowly, and will leave a room smelling clean for hours. After using your medication, ignite the candle on a flat surface, and our proprietary formula will keep an average size room smelling smoke-free. Kushley will eliminate any organic odor until another odor is reintroduced.

Kushley Mist Spray

Eliminate tough odors left in your clothes by smoke with our organic spray made with pet-friendly ingredients. Our bottles come in four sizes: gallon, large 32oz, medium 4oz, and pocket-sized. The large 32oz bottle comes with a trigger and is useful for when large areas or several laundry items need deodorizing. The medium bottle has a fine-spray nozzle and can easily fit in a purse or backpack. The pocket-sized bottle is the perfect and discreet travel companion and is TSA-approved packaging at less than 3oz. And finally the gallon is not only the best value but perfect for refills or sharing with a friend! Find the bottle that best suits your needs for getting rid of smoky smells.

Fragrance Free Lotion

The Benefits of Being Discreet

Our mission is to help medical marijuana card carriers live without the anxiety, questions, and issues that arise from smelling like cannabis. Our store carries products for medical professionals, assisted-living residents, and medical marijuana users who wish to eliminate unwanted odors. Visit our website or call us at (860) 710-8607 to find the right product for you.

Medical marijuana users deserve privacy and confidence in their environment. Eliminate unwanted odors with Kushley. Our products are used in homes, hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes throughout the US, safely, effectively and responsibly.