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Beautiful, healthy lawns for homes, businesses and public spaces throughout the UK

Skilful, regular maintenance is essential to a healthy lawn – and that means Weed Man – a network of locally-based, locally-owned lawn care providers, supported by 40 years experience. We won our reputation for professionalism, courtesy and punctuality in Canada and North America – where service with a smile is compulsory. This is the ethos that now is winning the trust of customers in the UK.

We start with a Free Lawn Care Analysis – and if you agree with our findings, we work with you to achieve perfection. We keep our promises and we charge far less than you might expect.

No weeds. No brown patches. No bald patches. No worries.

A wonderful lawn adds value to your property.

We provide lawn treatment services such as fertilisation, weed and moss control, aeration and other lawn related services for residential lawns. Call Weed Man today for more information on 0800 862 0050

A Beautiful Spring Lawn
Starts in the Fall

Help your turf recover from the heat and drought stress sustained over the summer months. Weed Man Lawn Care can help!

Request a Free Lawn Care Quote

Request a Free Lawn Care Quote

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Weed Man Lawn Care’s slow-release granular fertilizer is exclusively blended for your turf, offering golf course-quality results. Request a free quote today!

Weed Control

Protect your investment with a customized Weed Control program that will help eliminate unsightly broadleaf weeds.

Surface Insect Control

Protect your lawn from damaging insects through a properly supervised Weed Man program designed to reduce infestations. Learn more about our Insect Control service here.

Customer Testimonials

I’m very pleased with what this company has provided me. The quality of the work is well above other lawn care services around my area. I would highly recommend this company to others. They always kept me up to date with what was going on with my lawn and would also offer me some pointers along the way on how to make it healthier and maintain. I will continue to do business with Weed Man in the future. Keep up the good work!

Weed Man does a great job of getting rid of my weeds. I have had them for several years and I have always been happy with their service. They also provide written advice on any problem lawn areas they come across while spraying for weeds or fertilizing. Zack from Weed Man came back and sprayed a second time for free when he discovered a problem area of the lawn. Keep up the great work Weed Man.

Weed Man’s full range of lawn care services will keep your grass lush, green, and healthy. Golf course quality fertilizer and weed control. Get your free quote today! ]]>