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How to Make an Alcoholic Cannabis Drink with Decarbed Weed

This Cold-Busting Weed Elixir, with honey and vodka, will set you straight in no time.

To make a functioning edible you need decarboxylated cannabis, which is a very un-sexy way to say cannabis that’s been pre-heated to activate all the psychoactive properties. The THC in your stuff won’t do shit for you in a brownie or butter unless you decarb it. But once it’s decarbed—go wild.

Or, instead of going wild, calm down with a cannabis drink. This one comes courtesy of L.A. journalist Michelle Lhooq, whose new book Weed: Everything You Want to Know But Are Always Too Stoned to Ask covers everything from blunts, bongs, and dabs to high dining and DIY cannabis cultivation. (Yes, it comes out on 4/20.) Lhooq’s drink recipe is for a Cold-Busting Weed Elixir with vodka and cannabis.

As Lhooq says, dispensaries don’t mix alcohol with cannabis to avoid cross-fading (and a lot of government regulations), but it’s not unheard of to make weed drinks. “In recent years, their popularity has started to take off, thanks to the collective realization that drinking cannabis gets you stoned faster than eating it does,” she writes. And with this recipe, plus instructions on how to decarb your weed, you can experiment at home. So cure what ails you—be it allergies, bad weather, or Game of Thrones anxiety—with a hot, honeyed tonic with just enough weed and vodka to set you right. But, you know, exercise caution.

With this recipe for a Cold-Busting Weed Elixir, with decarbed cannabis, vodka, and honey, lets you experiment with weed drinks at home.