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The most dank 420 friendly and stoner hoodies with unique style, originality and great marijuana designs. Herb-N-Tees has you covered with the best weed hoodies online. Our hooded pullover sweatshirt weed designs are the best online. They’re made of 50/50 poly/cotton, for easy wash and wear, reinforced ribbed waistband and cuffs to keep the draft out and a double napped pouch for extra warmth and comfort when you need to tuck your hands. With so many designs and hoodie colors to choose from, there’s bound to be one to fit your personality. Scroll down to see the entire selection and click on your favorite design to see the available shirt colors.

Always Faded Hoodie

With the Always Faded Stoner Hoodie, you’ll definitely express a unique 420 friendly sense of s..

Berry Kush Hoodie

The Berry Kush hoodie will certainly turn a few heads. It has the look of real strawberry textu..

Blunted Lion Hoodie – Schmatter

The Blunted Lion stoner hoodie is super cool, especially if you are a Leo or anyone who just lo..

Brilliant Stoner Hoodie

The Brilliant Stoner weed hoodie will be an instant hit at your next 420 friendly function..

Bull Shirt Hoodie

The Bull Shirt stoner hoodie is deserving of a few second looks and you are sure to get them wh..

Cali Grown Goodness Hoodie

The Cali Grown Goodness kush hoodie is a stoner favorite in the 420 friendly state of Californi..

Delicious Edible Products Hoodie

The Delicious Edible Products hoodie is great for the stoner with a sweet tooth and it’s sure t..

Emergency Stash Hoodie

With the Emergency Stash stoner hoodie, you will always be ready to save the day. The realistic..

Eternally Blazed Hoodie

The Eternally Blazed stoner hoodie is straight fire! It is sure to get all the 420 friendly att..

Forever Stoned Hoodie

The Forever Stoned stoner hoodie speaks loudly and puts your 420 friendly status on blast. The ..

Fresh Baked Hoodie

The Fresh Baked stoner hoodie will cause a lot of 420 friendly heads to turn. It has a bright p..

Herb Garden Hoodie

This Herb Garden stoner wear hoodie is a real show stopper. It has a green marijuana leaf with ..

I’ts About Time – California Legalized 420 Hoodie

The It’s about time California Legalized 420 stoner hoodie is a mobile billboard. Show your app..

It’s About Time 420 Legalized Nevada Hoodie

The It’s about time 420 Legalized Nevada stoner hoodie will have you on trend wi..

Kandy Kush Hoodie

With this fresh Kandy Kush hoodie, you will block the chill and gain a little 420 friendly attention..

Looking for the most dank 420 friendly stoner hoodies with a unique style, originality and great marijuana design? Herb-N-Tees has you covered with the best weed hoodies online. Our designs are featured on 50/50 cotton/poly with reinforced ribbed cuffs. L