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Say Hello to Ganjar!
Storage Solution to Keep Your Herbs Fresh

What is a Ganjar

Ganjar is a 1 Oz smell-proof cannabis storage container with dual-layered airtight smell-proof compartments designed to keep your weed as fresh as humanly possible.

The inner compartment helps to insulate and protect your cannabis from sunlight. The outer compartment is designed to store a humidity pack (without allowing it to contact the herb).

Plus, the airtight smell-proof lid features a magnifying lens, so you can inspect your herb without exposing it to air.

This would be perfect for managing your curing process or if you have a sample of a certain strain you want to display to fellow connoisseurs, without letting it dry out in the process.

Combined with the hermetic seal, this helps you keep your bud fresher, longer.

Plus, it has plenty of room to store up to an ounce.

Benefits of Ganjar

  • Keep It Mega Fresh
  • Plenty of Room
  • UV Protection
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Choose From Three Colors
  • Stackable Design

Our Story


For a long time, we struggle to find any suitable cannabis storage containers we love. Every cannabis storage container we bought has a few useful features but, at the same time, missing out on other essential elements to keep our cannabis in perfect condition.

So, we have decided to embark on designing our version of the cannabis storage container. Our team spent a year conducting market research with experts in the cannabis industry and cannabis connoisseurs like you to understand what people want in a perfect cannabis storage container.


Surprisingly, people want more than just a stash jar to keep cannabis fresh and potent. They want the storage container to be user-friendly, aesthetically appealing with a viewing window to inspect the curing process, a separate compartment for humidity pack, a stackable design to hold multiple cannabis strains, and available in various colors.


Our main challenge was to design a product that includes all the cool features while ensuring the container will keep the cannabis fresh and potent. Our design team at The Green Jars spent endless hours engineering the storage container. We’ve made over a dozen prototypes tweaking, and fine-tuning ensuring the product will exceed our customers’ expectations.

After two years of product development, we are excited to introduce the best cannabis storage container – Ganjar.

Looking for an airtight smell-proof stash jar to keep your weed fresh and potent. Ganjar is the ultimate storage container for your weed.