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Used fire extinguisher powder as weed killer

Hi, My fire extinguisher has just had it’s annual service and the powder was changed. I now have a bucket of the powder and was told I could use it as weed killer. I’ve googled for info but can’t find anything. Does anyone know about this .. do I just sprinkle it on my mauvais herbes! Any advice much appreciated .. thanks


My first thought when I read your post was that dry powder extinguishers contain nothing more scary than sodium bicarbonate-then I read this vast article on Wikipedia:-

Best of luck(with the weeds and the article!)

Hi, As one of my past lives involved servicing fire extinguishers for a living I can confirm that the only substance I came across for powder extinguishers was sodium bicarbonate better known I believe as baking soda. The propellant is compressed air. The powder probably doesn’t need changing but the air cartridge should be weighed to check it is still charged. (Yearly) Don’t forget if the powder can poison plants what would it do to you if you breathed in the powder when using it for real? The only extinguishers that I can remember being a little bit iffy were the very old triangular shaped ones (water) which contained an acid capsule, but if untouched would still have worked after about 50 years. It’s quite a while ago but we would have test fired an extinguisher probably every 5 years or so, but then again I only worked on commercial premises and it should be possible to make sure that the powder is still dry and not compressed by shaking the fire extinguisher.

I have a contract with the extinguisher, got roped into buying it when we became a registered business here (would now feel uneasy not having it). It’s five years old so hence the change of powder, plus another excuse to line the companies pockets! lol

It’s an ABC and from searching think it contains monoammonium phosphate, but then searching for that it says it’s also used in agricultural fertilizer! So if I use it, I’ll probably have the best weeds in town!!

So Jandave .. if I don’t want to spread it around the place, what’s the best/safe way to dispose of it.

In hindsight I should have got them to take it away with them, but then again I did have to supply the bucket for it to be put in!!

Used fire extinguisher powder as weed killer in Home & Garden – discussions forum on Brittany, Angloinfo

Automatic Fire Extinguishers for Cannabis Grows

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In this article we’re going to talk about automatic fire extinguishers for cannabis grows – these devices can save you a lot of sleepless nights and in some extreme cases they might save your grow and even your entire house. Even if your house weren’t to burn down due to a fire in your crop, you’d had police officers and firemen at your door and you’d soon be discovered – you can avoid all of this with these automatic fire extinguishers.

Grow tents are quite flammable due to being made out of fabric, so with excess heat coming from a malfunctioning cable, for example, they can easily catch fire. Automatic fire extinguishers for grows are simply normal extinguishers that automatically open when they detect flames.

There are various sizes available, depending on where you need to place it and how big your grow is. For small grows like small grow tents or small rooms with one or two lights in them you can use a 1kg extinguisher – if you have a large room or tent with more lights then you’ll need to be sure the extinguisher has enough in it for strong flames as there will be more electrical devices in the room and the fire will be bigger; for these rooms you can get 3kg extinguishers.

You can place them near the most dangerous or potentially flammable areas of your grow such as ballasts if they’re near other objects or even at the door. If you have a grow tent you can place it near the window so that the flames don’t end up getting out and extending to the rest of your house – apart from causing you to be caught, there could be possible fatalities if a fire gets out of control.

Safety should always come first when growing cannabis and these extinguishers are relatively cheap for what they’re used for. You can use various in the one grow to be extra sure that no matter where a possible fire could break out, your grow won’t be lost and you won’t be caught red handed, as it were. They’re simple to place; all you have to do is hang a hoop from the ceiling from where you can hang the extinguisher upside down. As soon as it detects strong heat like flames, it will instantly open and spray its contents all over the fire, putting it out as soon as possible.

So, if you’ve ever worried about a fire in your grow and you want to get some decent sleep at night without worrying about it, these extinguishers can rid you of those worries for a small price and some holes in the roof. If you have any questions, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Author: Javier Chinesta
Translation: Ciara Murphy

Automatic Fire Extinguishers for cannabis grows – save yourself worrying about your grow and any possible fires that might cause the police to get involved.