weed cake pops


  • September 2, 2019
  • / cake pop

Cake pops are a hugely popular sweet treat. These grab and go cake morsels are a perfect party favor. Bake these pops for weddings, baby showers, and beyond. This fantastic treat is even better when infused with cannabis. Canna-Cake Pops are a trending weed edible that is perfect for every occasion.

How do we infuse cake pops with weed?

Our recipe calls for the trusty cannabis edible base, cannabutter. Cannabis butter is easy to make and complements cake perfectly. Its smooth texture and buttery taste works phenomenally well. Follow this simple recipe to create your own cannabis butter. Use your cannabis and butter to make this simple infusion. Your cannabutter is a weed edible staple.You’ll be sure to get a lot out of this simple infusion. Its popularity in cannabis cooking ensures that it is worth your time.

Canna-Cake Pops are easy to customize for the perfect gift!

Excitingly, this delicious cannabis dessert is a great gift for the cannabis lover. Explore your creativity through cute packaging and decorating ideas.

There are many ways to decorate your canna-cake pops. Roll your tiny cannabis cake in sprinkles, coconut, or cannabis sugar. Cover your weed infused cake treats in caramel or chocolate sauce. Dip your weed edibles in nut pieces of nuts.

It is easy to ready these pops to be the perfect gift. Individually wrap your pops in plastic. Twist the plastic where the pop meets the stick and tie with ribbon. Curl this ribbon for a special touch. Organize your pops into a canna-cake pop bouquet!

Cake pops with a cannabis twist! Canna-cake pops will become a much requested birthday favorite. This cannabis edible is easy to make and a crowd pleaser!