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Smoking Weed on a Budget

by RachelB | 7 months ago

If smoking weed is part of your daily routine, but you’re finding it’s draining your paycheck, don’t worry! There are ways to get high without breaking the bank.


Edibles for example, are a great way to prolong your high. Although the initial recipe will require a significant amount of weed, a small amount of the baked good will keep you high for a lot longer than smoking. There’s also great options available on our leafythings such as gummies, cookies, brownies and more. Edibles can keep you high for over four hours depending on strength! Eat a brownie and ride out the evening.

If edibles aren’t for you and you prefer smoking out of a bowl or pipe, you should try lighting up with a hemp stick rather than a lighter. It burns at a lower temperature than a lighter, meaning your weed burns slower and therefore lasts longer.

Corner your Bowls

We also recommend cornering your bowls. Rather than lighting up the entire bowl, simply ignite a corner! This will allow you to get multiple hits from one bowl, and combined with the hemp stick, you’ll have more control over the flame. Not to mention the flavour and over all hit will be amazing.

Portion Control

Controlling your portions is also going to be key. Just because you have tons of weed, doesn’t mean you should smoke it all at once! Easier said then done, but beneficial to your bank account. Try separating your weed in different containers or baggies for each day of the week. That way you’ll have the same amount everyday and your tolerance may even drop!


Why not get a 3 three-tier grinder while you’re at it? Two chamber grinders often let kief go to waste, as crystals fall of the dried herb and stick to the inside of the grinder. A three-tier on the other hand makes sure your potent kief is collected and secured! Add it to joints, bowls for an amazing hit that will last longer than your typical bowl.

Leafythings | Is your daily habit draining your paycheck? No problem. There's ways to prolong your weed and save you money.

On A Budget? Here’s How To Make Your Weed Go Further

While unlimited money and weed may be a common fantasy, the reality is that most of us encounter times where we need to do a little penny-pinching. Maybe you’re skipping the latte shop this week and bringing your own coffee to work, or taking the bus to save on gas.

Whatever it is, if you’re in a tight spot with money but don’t want to sacrifice cannabis, you’re not out of luck. Even if you’re not on a budget, making the most of your stash and not wasting it is always a good idea.


I know you’re on a budget, so it may make more sense to stop by a dispensary and pick up a small amount rather than stocking up. But does this small purchase mean you’ll be back again in two days? Does it really add up to saving you any money?

If you can afford to get larger amounts and ration them out across a period of time, you’ll be saving more money in the long run. If you have a pill organizer or similar contraption, you could easily set aside daily amounts and make yourself stick to it.


If you tend to roll up your weed into joints or other rolled items, you’d be doing yourself a favor by cutting this out while you’re trying to conserve. Not only do joints continuously burn, allowing the flower to burn away even when you aren’t smoking, but they also tend to be filled with more weed than other options.

You don’t have to say goodbye to joints forever, but try to cut back on the amount you consume if you’re trying to save money and bud, or temporarily switch to a different method of consumption.


Picking apart your stash with your fingers is not an efficient way to “grind” your weed and almost guarantees some of the most potent parts will end up all over your fingers instead of in your bowl.

Using a quality grinder will not only eliminate this problem but catch some kief for you as well. When you’re running low on weed, you can scoop some of the kief you’ve collected over time and cut back on the amount of fresh bud you add.


It may not be ideal, but if you’re running low on weed and you’re on a budget, a logical response would be to consume less. You don’t have to stop entirely, but if you have a tendency to wake and bake, or if you’re go-to when you get off work is to light up, it’s an excellent time to practice breaking the cycle.

If you usually start consuming around 4 pm, try to push it back just a couple of hours. You might surprise yourself.


First, let me say you should not just add whatever you find to your weed to make it go further. Smoking random things can be extremely dangerous. However, marijuana is not the only smokeable substance!

For example, lavender and mint are two plants that can be sprinkled in with your cannabis to fill up the bowl more while providing unique flavors and possibly adding an extra element of relaxation.


Whether you want to consume less for personal reasons or you’re just trying to get through the week on a budget, making a stash last longer can always be beneficial.

Of course, there’s no magic way to make your weed last longer. The idea here is that you consume less without feeling like you’re depriving yourself.

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Even if you’re not on a budget, making the most of your stash and not wasting it is always a good idea. Here are 5 tips to keep you going when low on cash! ]]>