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The Nation’s Capital’s First Cannabis Seed Bank

World class genetics for the cannabis connoisseur

Our Story

Capitol City Seeds was founded to provide connoisseur quality genetics for the home grower. Our seeds contain the DNA of some of the highest quality cannabis found anywhere in the world. Capitol City Seeds founders have expert knowledge in the field of indoor/home cannabis cultivation and will be able to provide the appropriate products to fit your needs.

Organic Home Growing

Learning how to grow weed can be easy if you understand the basics of the plants needs and life cycle. When growing marijuana, it is important to know what stages the plant goes through as it requires different nutrients for those stages. Growing marijuana indoors can be as easy or as complex as you make it. The decision to grow cannabis sativa for personal use is not just an investment in money, it’s an investment of your time as well. Learn to grow your weed in soil. Can Help You Grow

It is legal to grow marijuana in the District of Columbia for personal recreational use. can provide your growth needs from seed or clone to perfect fruit for your consumption. Learn how to grow cannabis the easy way. Step by step guide to learning the basics of growing marijuana indoors.

The Law in DC

As of 12:01 am on Thursday, February 26, 2015, the possession of small amounts of marijuana is legal in the District of Columbia – in some circumstances – for adults 21 years of age and older. As a result, it is legal for a person who is at least 21 years old to Possess two ounces or less of marijuana. click the flag to learn more

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World class genetics for the cannabis connoisseur. Go green! Grow organic and responsibly.

Capitol City Seeds The Nation’s Capital’s First Cannabis Seed Bank World class genetics for the cannabis connoisseur Our Story Capitol City Seeds was founded to provide connoisseur

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DC Marijuana News & Events

How Many States Have Legalized Medical Marijuana?

As the decriminalization of cannabis continues across the country, chances are high that you live in one of the states where weed is legal, or at least one of the 35 states with medical marijuana (plus Washington, D.C.) as an option for patient use. .

2020 Election Results: Marijuana Legalization Wins Big

The 2020 Election was nothing like we’ve ever seen before, politics-wise. While we still sit and wait for election officials to finalize the “big decision”, many smaller statewide ballot measures have officially passed. Who are we calling th.

Legal Cannabis Delivery: Everything You Should Know

Sometimes, getting up off the couch and making your way to the nearest dispensary is just a little too much work. And with the Coronavirus pandemic still raging across the country, staying at home is more popular – and integral – than ever before. Fo.

Marijuana cultivators find ways to shorten curing process

When it comes to growing cannabis on a premium scale there exists the belief that a proper quality curing process, after it’s done growing and is cut and trimmed, takes about 30-60 days to get the desired aroma and flavor profiles. But as the dem.

DC Seed Bank Reviews

This place is the best! Drive is super nice everytime. Prices match the quality and the cartidges are amazing! Definitely my new go to spot. The black mamba and the White gold were fire. Black lime cart was delicous. Nerds rope got me gassed as well.

These guys may be on the bottom of the list but it’s straight pressure. Recommended the white zkittles off the menu(txt for newer strains) ⛽️ Professional, honest people and driver showed up before me. Give em a try you will get high.

HYFE is definitely my new favorite shop, and I’ve tried maybe 10 since quarantine started. The selection of concentrates is insane, especially the premium stuff, and the edibles are cheap af compared to other places. Have only dabbled with the flower but the quality was high across the board. Service is also 👍👍 , good communication and great drivers. Never had to wait more than 5 minutes at a pickup spot. The one negative thing I experienced was not being able to talk to someone on the phone when I had questions about the menu, but they were super helpful over text. Sometimes it’s just easier to discuss by phone. I also wish they would label their strains [indica/sativa/hybrid] so I wouldn’t have questions in the first place lol

The driver stole my change. He didn’t have it, he was supposed to go get change, he never came back and the dispensary didn’t answer my text or calls. Never again.

High quality flowers, really efficient delivery process. Oh and they got these cute bags that I ain’t ever seen before lol

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