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The Top 5 Fastest Growing Autoflower Strains

One of the largest reasons growers choose autoflowers is how fast they can mature from seed to chop. Autoflower seeds like Fast Buds’ are ready in 8-10 weeks, meaning you can harvest twice or even three times in the time it would take you to grow a photoperiodic plant.

Below, we break down the fastest growing autoflower strains from Fast Buds. If speed is what you’re after, you’ll find it here. Don’t forget to check out our guide detailing when is the best time to harvest autoflowering cannabis.

Mexican Airlines

The only sativa on our list, Mexican Airlines kicks like a mule and is perfect for an active day out in the sun. It’s a sizeable yielder as well, being one of the parent strains of Six Shooter, our highest yielding strain. Mexican Airlines usually hits full maturity around week eight or nine, offering up a citrus bouquet of buds coated in resin.

CBD Crack

Fast Buds only CBD strain descends from our monster grower, Green Crack. With THC and CBD levels both reaching 7%, this one-of-a-kind strain offers an experience like no other. The 1:1 TCH: CBD ratio provides a giddy euphoria, and unreal relaxation without the foggy headed effects for which Marijuana is (perhaps unfairly) known. This strain’s short growing time pairs well with its squat stature, making it perfect for indoor growers. This unique variety matures around week eight or nine and is perfect for when you’re looking for something different.


The crown jewel of the Fast Buds library, LSD-25’s purple flowers have to be seen to be believed. This dense indica expresses a royal violet color that blows us away every time. Its diesel odor comes from a complex variety of terpenes that give this Indica the trippy effects for which it’s named. LSD-25 reaches full maturity in eight to nine weeks, and will blow away your smoking buddies not just with its effects, but its beautiful color as well.


Simply called Blackberry, Fast Buds Autoflower Blackberry Kush, grows large purple buds so dark they almost appear black. Its hybrid effects offer a brief window of focus, followed by mellow relaxation. Blackberry typically reaches full maturity in eight weeks and is one of our most regular strains regarding grow times.


We mentioned that our strains typically mature in 8 to 10 weeks, but Fastberry is anything but typical. It’s quite rare to encounter a plant from this seed that takes more than eight, and we’ve even seen a few talented growers chop this strain down in the seventh week. Fastberry is perefect for beginners who want to learn quickly, and experienced growers who want to push a strain to its limit. It’s short height also makes it ideal for stealth or indoor cultivators.

Fastberry is Fast Buds autoflower take on the classic Cali medical strain, Blueberry. In addition to its ultra-fast grow time, Fastberry feels, tastes, and smells like its photoperiodic parent. If you want a classic, time-tested strain to put you to sleep at night, you won’t want to pass up growing Fastberry.

One of the largest reasons growers choose autoflowers is how fast they can mature from seed to chop. Autoflower seeds like Fast Buds’ are ready in 8-10 weeks, m