unbreakable weed pipes

Word’s Toughest Pipes Reviewed

Camping, traveling or just being clumsy are all excuses to invest in a silicone protected piece that won’t break on you at the first sign of trouble!

by Yuki November 30, 2019, 8:09 pm 686 Views

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So often in life we are forced to make compromises. It seems everywhere you go there is a compromise to be made, from choosing your next car, to elections, to even who you end up dating!

Well, when it comes to quality smoking accessories it’s no different. If you want a pristine experience there is nothing better than a glass piece.

There are however plenty of downfalls that come with glass pipes and bongs.

First, they do not travel well, as their large, bulky, rigid structures don’t fit in bags or small spaces.

Second, and even more important, is well, glass is FRAGILE! Even the densest, most solid constructed bong (like a Roor or Illadelph for example) is no match for a tile kitchen floor or asphalt parking lot.

So if you want to travel then you have to kiss your sweet glassware goodbye and embrace synthetic materials like silicone or metal.

Silicone really only works on bongs because you still need a glass bowl to resist the flame of a lighter, as silicone itself would just melt.

Metal works good for pipes but not so much for bongs.

So, is there a compromise that can solve the problem of durability while still providing that premium glass smoking experience?

Well yes, yes there is. They are glass pipes wrapped in protective silicone or other polymer coatings to help protect them so you can get the best of both worlds (glass smoothness and silicone durability)

Best Unbreakable Hand Pipes & Bowls

When you think about unbreakable 8 times out of 10 you are thinking about a hand pipe or bowl because that is the kind of thing that is designed to be portable because of it’s small form factor.

The problem with pure glass pipes is that they can easily fall out of your hoodie pocket, or get dropped while being passed around the circle and then you are all out of luck.

Below are some of the toughest, most portable, travel-friendly hand pipes on the market.

Prometheus Pocket Pipe

The Terminator’s Pipe of Choise

If you’re old-school and don’t like synthetic materials like plastic or silicone then the Prometheus Pocket by Pyptek is for you.

With a solid borosilicate glass bowl and tube, encased in a smooth anodized aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum exo-skeleton this pipe looks the look but also walks the walk.

Simply unscrew the rod from the extra large bowl and you can clean the glass components just like you would any ordinary pipe.

Factor the massive bowl capacity, solid hybrid-design, light-weight aluminum and 5 color-way options and this is easily one of the best “all-arounder” pipes currently for sale.

Eyce Silicone Spoon Pipe

If Bear Grylls was a stoner, this would be his go-to

Pipe and bong specialist Eyce has made a name for themselves by pushing innovation within the smoking accessories space with crazy silicon-glass hybrid pipes and bongs.

If you’ve seen a beastly robust neon-marbled bong or pipe before there is a good chance it was an Eyce product as they have been the pioneers of that particular aesthetic.

Besides looking totally rad the combination of glass bowl with a stem and mouthpiece wrapped snuggly in a thick silicone blanket means Eyce pipes are some of the most travel-friendly, durable options out there.

The stem is actually flexible and the only glass component is the bowl, because it has to resist flame. This means the Eyce spoon pipe can even be dropped and still be up for the task of getting you lit.

The glass bowl can be popped out for easy cleaning and there is also a cool little hidden stash compartment in the bottom of the pipe to stash your, uh, product in.

The storage feature, the durability, the rad design and the fair price point make the Eye silicone hand pipe the ULTIMATE travel buddy.

PieceMaker Konjurer Long Hand Pipe

Going a EDM Festival With Gandalf & The Hobbits

Like Eyce, PieceMaker has a long and storied history in the smoking accessories space and have become widely known as one of the top silicone bong brands in the industry.

From their bongs offerings like the Kermit, Kolt and Klutch PieceMaker, who despite not having a single “K” in their name, name everything with a “K”, have a wizard vibe going on with their long-stemmed silicone pipe aptly named “The Konjurer”.

The Konjurer is a classic long-stem with a neon swirl modern twist, and is comprised of modern materials like silicone and stainless steel, making it THE perfect pipe to take camping.

Simply toss it in a backback without worrying about it breaking and whip out this 12 inch bad boy at fire time and everyone will think YOU are a wizard.

Eyce Silicone vs. PieceMaker Silicone

Also, when it comes to “Eyce vs. PieceMaker” people can STFU already, it’s like comparing Ford and Chevy of silicone pieces.. they’re both rugged, durable and affordable so you can’t go wrong with either brand..

Journey3 Pipe

James Bond Standard Issue from Q Division

For real, if Bond toked up, and who’s to say he never did when on one of those post-adventure sex-fueled beach “recovery” sessions that seemed to conclude many of the older movies, then THIS is the pipe he’d have in his shirt pocket.

The Journey3 is a 3-piece magnetic pipe constructed of a very lightweight solid zinc-alloy metal, is shatter-proof, is held together via magnetic force, and is screen-less.

Essentially, this is one of the most well-engineered pocket pieces currently on the market. Understated, functional, durable. What more could you ask for in a pipe you look to take out on the road during your adventures?

The Journey3 comes in stealth black, rose gold, and matte zinc alloy finishes.

If you want to get REALLY tactical with your piece then you might want to check out the Journey4, which features a stainless steel core and tough silicone outer for maximum protection, maximum grip and maximum badassness.

Genius Pipe

Surprised Elon Musk didn’t use this when “ripped” on Joe Rogan’s podcast..

So much thought went into designing this pipe it could only have been named simply “genius pipe”.

Seriously, this wasn’t a lazy marketing stunt, the pipe’s defining features are that it looks and functions like no other pipe on the market, meaning it actually earns the “genius” title.

Made of light-weight anodized aluminum the Genius Pipe features “waterless filtration with ripple technology” for a go-anywhere smooth smoke.

What is “waterless filtration with ripple technology”? Well, it’s a long row of dimples, like those found on a golf ball, along the whole inner plank of one piece of the pipes metal half.

As smoke is drawn over the dimples they allow for better cooling and better filtration. Genius Piple claim their tech filters out 95% of all tar and resin, which is pretty impressive given its compact size and that no water is used for filtration.

This little 6 inch Stephen Hawking of pipes is metal and compact and thus great for the traveller. It’s innovative design and quality build is sure to impress all who toke upon it. Tell them it’s made in the USA and they’ll be even more impressed.

But wait, there’s more! Outside of the technology and the “locally made” selling points, Genius are currently printing some absolutely insane designs on their pipes.

From national flags to very appealing classical artwork, you can let your personality shine through with this hand pipe (or not, they have plain metal finishes as well)

Journey Pipes vs. Genius Pipes

A lot of people ask the “Journey Pipe vs. Genius Pipe” when the conversation turns to the best magnetic pipe for the money.

In our minds this is a felonious competition. Both pipes are great and unique in their own regard. Both are durable and desirable travel companions.

We say if you are into a more traditional pipe shape and aren’t super-pressed for space, then the Journey Pipes are a great option.

But if you need the most “out-there” design and are an engineering buff who is also very tight on travel space, then the Genius Pipe may be better suited for you.

Smoker’s Summary

There are a lot of great options out there when it comes to pipes that both wow and are fun to use but are also durable and can stand up to the daily rigors of frequent travel or long camping trips.

From metal alloys to silicone to hybridized materials there are a plethora of unbreakable or nearly-unbreakable solutions to choose from, and the greatest thing is they are usually also very affordably priced, so choosing doesn’t have to be a battle.

So, instead of babying your glass bowl next festival or camping trip, pick up a durable travel pipe and leave your worries behind you as you depart on your next adventure.

Word’s Toughest Pipes Reviewed Camping, traveling or just being clumsy are all excuses to invest in a silicone protected piece that won’t break on you at the first sign of trouble! by Yuki

Unbreakable weed pipes

The Pyptek Titan is a heavyweight in the glass pipe market. Conceived by engineers, the Titan’s ergonomic and well-balanced design delivers the ultimate glass smoking experience. This hulking pipe lives up to its name, combining clean, smooth and robust rips with the immortal construction of Pyptek’s system. Even Zeus himself would concur.

The unrivaled Pyptek Pocket design is carefully engineered to fuse all the benefits of a premium glass pipe with the durability of Aircraft-grade Aluminum. The Pocket construction delivers the authentic glass smoking experience you demand in one portable, rugged and easy to clean system. Available in five sharp colors, this glass and metal pipe boasts exquisite geometry and aesthetics that distinguish it from any in its class. With three compatible concentrate kits the Pyptek Pocket redefines versatility in a market full of one-trick ponies.

The Pyptek family has given birth to its newest member: The Dreamroller; a classic steamroller with several modern twists. All the benefits of a premium steamroller now come with the ease of one-handed operation and the strength of an aircraft grade aluminum shell. This steamroller’s pneumatic action makes it more than 10 times easier to draw than a standard pipe, and one easy push of the button clears the chamber! Get more from your session with the Pyptek Dreamroller.

Introducing the premier chillum-style glass and metal pipe in the industry: The Pyptek Nano. This singular design combines the discrete portability of a traditional glass one-hitter with the unparalleled durability of the Pyptek system. Available in five prismatic colors, the Nano sets a new standard for style and utility.

Staying true to PYPTEK’s vision of all glass products and their signature aluminum exoskeleton design, the upcoming PYPTEK Bubbler is joining the family. With large viewing windows to display rapid bubble action and easily judge the smoke levels, a big carb to effortlessly control the air/smoke mix, and an insert with Purr Glass’s showerhead percolator, this product leaves no corner unturned. You’ll have the style, durability, portability, and support of PYPTEK in a piece unlike any ever seen before.

Unbreakable weed pipes The Pyptek Titan is a heavyweight in the glass pipe market. Conceived by engineers, the Titan’s ergonomic and well-balanced design delivers the ultimate glass smoking