Types Of Marijuana Seeds

❤️ Find out with your trusted online Growshop, the different types of weed plants that exist ✅ Can you choose only one of them? ✍ There are 3 types of Cannabis seeds: regular, feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds. Feminized seeds are genetically altered to produce female plants. Different types of cannabis seeds There are different types of cannabis seeds available to the cannabis grower: regular, feminized and auto-flower. The following is a brief explanation of each

Types of weed plants

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To choose the type of marijuana seed that best suits your preferences, you need to know that there are different types of weed plants and what their main characteristics are, shall we go with it?

Different types of marijuana seeds

Marijuana seed are classified into 3 main categories:

– Regular marijuana seeds:

The seeds of regular marijuana, are the natural state in which marijuana plants grow in the nature, without any type of genetic intervention. The seeds of regular marijuana, usually are used as mother plants for the hybridization and creation of new varieties.

– Feminized marijuana seeds:

Feminized seeds are the most suitable for growing seasonal marijuana, you are guaranteed to grow female plants and if you have time to wait between 6-8 months you will harvest the most productive plants and normally with a higher concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids.

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– Auto-flowering marijuana seeds:

The seeds of autoflowering marijuana are born of the crossing between plants of marijuana of season and a variety of cannabis known as Ruderalis, that grows naturally in the Siberian steppe. They have a small size and a period of bloom really short. Auto-flowering plants, have a high cold-resistance and, as its name suggests, they do not rely on the photo-period to complete their cultivation cycle.

Now that you know the 3 great types of marijuana seeds that there are, I am going to introduce you the different families of marijuana seeds that you can find in our Online Growshop.

Hybrid marijuana

Hybrid cannabis varieties are the most popular at present, noted for having a balanced phenotype ranging from (80% indica / 20% sativa) and (20% indica and 80% sativa). If you want to grow plants with the best of both phenotypes, these are your seeds.

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Blue Marijuana

One of the most beloved types of weed plants, for its magnificent sweet taste and its incredible beauty, which acquires blue tones worthy of the best Vincent van Gogh’s painting.

Purple Marijuana

When purple marijuana seeds are developed, they are a visual spectacle, They stand out for its delicious flavor to wild and sweet berries, with an excellent productive capacity and that, submitted to low temperatures, it acquires a beautiful purple tonality. The greatest sample of its greatness is the all-powerful Blueberry, one of the genetics that must be cultivated at least once in a lifetime.

Easy to grow marijuana

When someone begins to cultivate marijuana, needs to know that the problems are minimal, for this reason we have created a category in which you will be able to find marijuana seeds easier to grow. You will know the most resistant plants to plagues, humidity and that better resist overfertilization. Whether you’re a first-time grower just starting out or just someone looking for an easy harvest without too much work, these strains may interest you.

Very potent marijuana

For the lovers of high altitude experiencies, we have selected for you the most powerful plants of marijuana of the world, so that you can enjoy an anthological high. These plants of cannabis with high THC, are not suitable for any smoker since they are capable of knocking down the most expert and tanned in battle. Do you dare to cultivate strains with a level of THC close to 30%?

More productive marijuana

If what you are looking for is a crop that gives you a very strong harvest, you must know this type of seeds. Have you ever imagined harvesting a plant of 3 kilograms? Or an auto plant of more than 250 grams? Well, trust me, it is possible if you choose the right genetics.

Types of Marijuana Seeds: Sativas Auto

The marijuana Sativas Autoflowering varieties have a relatively short history, since in its beginnings the automatic versions of season varieties, were all Indicas, mainly by its fast flowering. Currently with autoflowering versions up to 5 º generation, have managed to stabilize Sativas autos varieties, with the usual levels of THC by the clouds and excellent productivity, and best of all, finish their growing cycle in less than 3 months.

Types of Marijuana Seeds: Faster Marijuana

If you are looking for a short flowering, in this category you will find the fastest marijuana seeds on the market. These plants are perfect for growers who live in areas where the summer is shorter and need to collect as soon as possible, or for those who simply prefer to enjoy their weed as soon as possible. Whatever the reason is, here you have the fastest seeds of the Cannabis scene.

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Types of marijuana seeds: Auto XXL

Who said autoflowering varieties weren’t productive? After many years of work and selection, it has been possible to isolate the most productive and vigorous specimens and combine them with each other, creating very productive and good-sized autoflowering varieties known as Auto XXL. Here you can find the best selection of XXL autoflowering seeds and enjoy lots of buds in 10-11 weeks.

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Types of cannabis seeds

We would like to explain the difference between the different type of cannabis or marijuana seeds.

What do you have to pay attention to when buying cannabis seeds?

If you want to grow cannabis or weed seeds it’s very important that you cultivate female plants. The male plant only produces pollen and when pollinizes other plants they produce ultimately seed, so these aren’t any good. A female plant produces the flower, your buds. So if you want to grow for personal use, you only need to grow female cannabis plants.

There are numerous cannabis or marijuana seeds on the market. Briefly summarised you can divide these into three groups:

1) Regular cannabis seeds

The regular cannabis seeds are totally natural marijuana seeds that have not been chemically altered. The plants from regular cannabis seeds can both be male and female. If you have ordered 10 regular cannabis seeds for instance, you can’t know if the plants will become male or female, most probably male/famale would be 5/5. When they are cultivated in good circumstances, you are more likely to grow female plants.

2) Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are genetically altered so that they produce female plants in at least 97% of the cases. This forms a great advantage as only female cannabis plants produce flowers. The male cannabis plants don’t produce flowers, contain little THC and can even influence the production of THC of female plants. The female cannabis plant produces considerably more working substances such as THC, CBD, CBG and CBN than a male cannabis plant. Before bringing the seeds on the market, they are first thoroughly tested and further cultivated so that we are sure that our plants are genetically stable and consistent.

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Different types of cannabis seeds

There are different types of cannabis seeds available to the cannabis grower: regular, feminized and auto-flower. The following is a brief explanation of each type so you can determine what is best for your garden.

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Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are produced by crossing a male plant with a female plant and can come in either male or female.

With regular seeds, the ratio of male-to-female plants is unknown until flowering starts and the plants present their sex. While female plants produce the desired flower, regular seeds offer growers the opportunity to experience the full expression of that strain’s genetic lineage.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds grow into female plants that produce the desired flower or bud.

Feminized seeds are produced when a female plant produces male flowers. This is caused by introducing light at set times during the dark hours of flowering, or by spraying the flower sites of a female plant with Colloidal Silver to produce a chemical change in the plant that produces male flowers with pollen.

Pollen from “male” flowers are used to pollinate other female flowers, and because the pollen from the “male” flowers is originally from a plant that is technically female, all of the offspring produced should be female.

Auto-flower Seeds

If you are new to growing cannabis, auto-flower seeds may be right for you. Plants will flower when they reach a certain maturity, usually ten weeks from seed, as opposed to flowering in accordance with the daily light schedules.

Auto-flower strains are crosses of modern day strains with Cannabis Ruderalis strains. Cannabis Ruderalis is the 3rd subtype of cannabis, the other two being Indica and Sativa. Cannabis Ruderalis is typically found closer to the North and South Pole, and have a very different lifespan compared to strains originating closer to the Equator.

Due to the lack of sunlight for extended periods of time at both the North and South Pole, Cannabis Ruderalis strains have developed to the point where no matter how much light is present, they will finish out their life cycle.