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So to start

So to start. They are indeed official retailers of seed banks you can find them listed on Barney’s farm. There parent company is CC Nexus who is also listed on many seedbanks websites as official distributors. However, they constantly have wrong information regarding genetics. Example Black Negra CBD by Blimburn. They had it listed as a CBD/THC 1:1 balance when in actuality its 10-20% CBD while only 1-2% THC. Now this may not seem like a big deal but I’ve called them out on this CONSTANTLY!! Order a strain thinking it’s sativa to find out after the fact it’s indica and the flowering isn’t 10 weeks but 8. The worst part is when you call them out they refuse to take blame and instead blame those who created the genetics, saying the seed banks are wrong. Used to be my go to place but they’ve become completely useless


Who are these jerks?

Bought autoflower seeds and they wont flower.

I wish I had read reviews on these guys beforehand.
Tempted find these guys warehouse and have a little chat with them.

A straight scam

A straight scam. Fake pics and seeds if they even send them..they never even shipped my order l had to be referred to ( and everything the gave me was super outstanding ( is the best when it comes to real seed’s.

Ordered 10 regular seeds received 5…

Ordered 10 regular seeds received 5 feminized. I wanted the regular not feminized they asked for a picture of the unopened seeds after 5 days waiting for a response, then said I had 2 options keep the seeds and get 20% of next order or I could send the seeds back and after they received the seeds in good condition they would resend, I would of had to wait for a package to arrive wait for them to receive and then hope they send back the right seeds or even send anything. They are not good only reason I ordered was I wanted male auto flower seeds for a breeding project and male auto seeds are hard to find and sold out in places I looked. I knew it was a gamble with them the seeds were from another bank that they distribute but in some cases they been known to remove other original seed banks packaging so they can possibly send there own bad seeds and make extra cash the crooks. I am not shocked at all the bad reviews all over the place I knew they had bad feedback, but I’ve found hundreds and hundreds of bad reviews all over the net. There own genetics are rip offs as I grew out some autos from there line a few caylex clusters here and there for bud sites. Never again for me them crooks im 64 years old with one leg and poor health i can not afford to lose money nor do I got the time for the dispair they caused, I had my area ready to go and needed the seeds asap they did not care or apologize. I feel for the person they send returned seeds to all the extra travel and seeds being bounced around for sure results in poor germination which seems to be a common complaint along with not receiving at all or getting the wrong seeds like me and them removing original breeder packaging. I will be warning others there name will be ruined every were.

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