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Toronto Marijuana News & Events

The Best New Edibles of 2020

The recipe for Hashish Fudge that Alice B. Toklas inadvertently included in her 1954 cookbook is generally credited for bringing the idea of consuming cannabis to the modern Western world. Since then, the pot brownie of yesteryear has blossomed into .

What is Live Resin? Freezing in the Flavor

For decades, cultivators have worked tirelessly to perfect the process of growing and harvesting marijuana. From finding the exact soil ph levels to timing the drying process down to the minute, growing weed has gradually become an art form. The days.

Edibles 101: How to Safely Consume Cannabis

From brightly colored sour gummy worms to fizzy sodas, marijuana has found its way into almost every edible product imaginable. You will realize this fact upon your first visit to any dispensary, as you are bombarded with a myriad of edible options t.

The tiny Canadian town that marijuana saved

During the recession in 2008 many cities were seeing a loss in jobs, homes and quality of life. These same problems were hitting the city of Smiths Falls, Ontario. The city closed down 3 factories including their Hershey’s factory which was the l.

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