the seed of the soul

The Seed of the Soul

On the Inner Child and Wandering Between Shadows and Light

Faris Ali
Jun 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Once there lived a soul in a seafaring desert village. In this village dwelled invisible forces that dimmed the light. This plunged the village into an era of darkness. The universe manifested the soul as a pure seed but the pure seed was corrected by the society—as was customary in tribal culture.

Before becoming aware and reaching maturation, t h e seed was given unconscious guidelines and protocols, and sold trendy light blocking sunglasses. If the seedling followed the trend, it would not be crushed by the sleepwalking society who were accustomed to their glasses and viewed the world as an optical delusion. The soul slowly lost its consciousness and unknowingly traded parts of its free willed nature for worldly comforts and social acceptance.

The soul knew that the light of the true self would be muted and restless in such conditions of restrained vision and binding mental constructs. Inside the soul lived the true self, and the true self always had one eye open to observe the seen and unseen environment. This inner truth was the secret of the seed.

The seed went on observing and could see many other seedlings selling their soul, even before their roots were firmly grounded in the earth. They were not considering that their roots would determine the growth of their shoots and the growth of their shoots would determine the amount of light they received. And the amount of light they received would determine their vision and their vision would determine how they viewed the world.

The poor seedlings that sacrificed their roots without understanding their potential did not grow. They spent their time in the dark corners of the garden planting thoughts of fear and resentment into other seedlings, and tried to sabotage those that had a potential growth path ahead of them.

Soon the garden became divided between corrupted seeds planting negative ideas and blocking the light, and truth seeds that used their one eye to grapple in the dark, trying to avoid the negative forces of ignorance. Those who had their true self eye closed could not tell the difference between the two and would sway left and right under the influence of the two forces.

The seedlings that kept their soul and turned away from negativity found their roots twisting and turning and going deeper into the primordial earth. Being so deeply grounded they outgrew their negative predecessors as the seasons came and went. Because of their willingness and patience, their leaves elevated and basked in a light that the lower level garden plants had no way of receiving or experiencing.

The branches of the elevated were abundant with ripe fruit that fed the weary and hungry. Proof of the miracle of growth did not stop the dark seedlings from using negative energy. When doubt and fear didn’t work on the positive seeds they projected jealousy and envy towards the once young seeds that now bore fruit and stood tall in the garden.

After the proof of truth, seeds that resisted the light and turned to darkness did so out of choice. This choice would come to haunt them as they degenerated and shriveled away, losing favor, influence and life force energy. Focused intention aligned with light unlocked the potential in the seeds that understood this universal law.

The garden changed as more trees came to fruition and planted new ideas made of light and understanding. In this garden, no more seeds listen to the blind and fearful. Young seedlings that followed the voice of the true self, grew into diverse trees and stood tall and radiant in the light.

The story of the seed spread to other gardens and was retold in different tongues by different tribes, until the message reached all seeds seeking growth.

Once there lived a soul in a seafaring desert village. In this village dwelled invisible forces that dimmed the light. This plunged the village into an era of darkness. The universe manifested the…

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Seeds for the Soul

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Can we ever find real happiness? Combining eastern philosophy and western psychology, Chuck Hillig points the way to true happiness for those who have struggled to find peace of mind. Whether his profound words act as a gentle reminder or loud alarm clock, they will lovingly direct you to the only person who holds your truth: YOU!

Of the thousands of books in the modern spiritual marketplace, few state their message both simply and profoundly. Seeds for the Soul presents a listenable and compelling worldview that speaks directly to the listener’s mind, heart, and soul. Like a good friend cutting through the confusion, Chuck Hillig takes you by the hand and leads you to where you can look reality squarely in the face. His words will quietly reverberate in the very depths of your consciousness. Seeds for the Soul is a unique and fascinating gift to the listener that invites you to revisit its enlightening wisdom again and again to discover its multi-layered treasures.

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  • 24-07-2020
Key to Awakening

loved the book, very impressive, easy to understand straight to the point and very eye opening.

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