sweet zombie strain

Sweet Zombie (Expert Seeds) feminized

Sweet Zombie is a rare and exceptional strain, one that exhibits colours seen almost nowhere else. Adding to her uniqueness are sky-high levels of THC and utterly massive yields.

Sweet Zombie (Expert Seeds) feminized
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Expert Seeds – Sweet Zombie: Expresses Unique And Beautiful Colours

Although cannabis is primarily grown for its cannabinoid-rich buds, it really does rival some of the most beautiful ornamental plants out there. Sweet Zombie is a perfect example of that. This lady features the aesthetically stunning traits of black, orange, and purple colours on her flowers and leaves. These unique visual characteristics make her stand out above the crowd in any grow room, and give growers the opportunity to surprise friends when giving them a tour of their garden. Sweet Zombie is a superb manifestation of the genetic diversity of the cannabis plant.

This rare beauty is almost a 100% pure indica strain, featuring 95% indica genetics and only 5% sativa. She was born out of a breeding project involving parent strains Black Domina and Zombie Virus. This ambitious project created a strain that yields heavily and produces impressive levels of THC.


The indica-dominant genetics and THC levels of over 23% result in an extremely potent, stoning effect that will initiate deep relaxation, euphoria, and meditative states. It’s a superb smoke for the evening to snuggle up with at home, watching films or engaging in deep conversation. Sweet Zombie also presents an effective option for medical users seeking pain relief and restful and restorative sleep.

When opening up a stash jar of the dried flowers of Sweet Zombie, expect a sweet aromatic wave of blackberries and plums to be unleashed. When taking a bong hit of this strain, gorgeous tastes of sweet hash will roll over the taste buds.


Sweet Zombie offers massive yields after a short flowering period, which makes her an optimal selection for commercial growers seeking a rapid turnover. Indoor plants are able to achieve yields of between 650–750g/m², whereas outdoor crops are capable of pumping out a massive 1200g/plant. The flowers of this strain are visibly loaded with trichomes, giving off a crusty and shiny appearance. Sweet Zombie features a flowering time of only 49–56 days, with outdoor plants ready to harvest sometime in September.

Sweet Zombie is a unique strain that expresses blue, orange, and purple shades on her leaves and flowers. A truly stunning genetic specimen.