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Sweet Seeds

Since 2006, always at the forefront of cannabis breeding

Sweet Seeds is a veteran seed bank within the cannabis scene. Founded in 2006 by the Mediterranean sea, it’s one of the first Spanish (and European) seed banks to focus their activity on feminized seeds, which since then have seen their popularity and demand increased.

We recommend the following feminized strains by Sweet Seeds, a few specimens that, as a result of their traits and our personal experience, we know they are particularly reliable and profitable for the grower, especially if you’re looking for high yields of the outmost quality in record time.

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Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds are a seed bank from Spain who specialise in feminised cannabis seeds. After conquering Spain with their now world renowned seeds they moved to conquer the whole of Europe. They listen to both the cultivator and the public together, enabling them to combine seeds to offer unique packages at affordable prices.

Being one of the first seed banks to offer autoflowering varieties, Sweet Seeds used their knowledge and experience in growing to put a spin on what most seed banks offer – an approach which is now racking up competitions and prizes.

Sweet Seeds breeding philosophy is simple: they put their view of being a collector and consumer of genetics first and in doing so collect as many best genetics as possible and store them for an unlimited time.

The selection of their plants is based on the plants qualities themselves and not the history or origin of the plants. With these values in place they use both traditional and modern breeding techniques to create 99.9% of female plants. In addition to this they are currently developing brand new varieties of feminised autoflowering plants.

Sweet Seeds believe that cannabis is a gift from nature which anyone should be able to enjoy and develop. The best quality genetics should be shared and improved as this is the best way to conserve a cannabis variety.

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