sweet dreams strain

Sweet dreams strain

I purchased seeds for this strain years ago and either a bee, bird or something touched it and I got a few seeds from the first crop. I’m on generation 3 this past harvest and the plant was 8 feet tall! This strain is amazing and each year I germinate a few seeds and it’s 50/50 chance of male or female. I check everyday. This strain is awesome! I’d say that now it appears to be about 22% THC and is a wonderful feeling. After 3 years of growing this strain I now have a plant that is used to the severe weather we have here in the Sierra’s.

This batch is much stronger than 15% THC, I am feeling like it is closer to the over 20 by just a touch % of THC. skunky and some berry after notes if u will. Lol Definitely leaning towards the euphoria that I get from the sativa, and body melting relaxation of a 20th generation indica lol Negative Short time of action: total 2 hours, comedown 3 hours

if you ever find sweet dreams buy it immediately, it’s excellent.. similar to cataract kush and or gorilla glue and tastes great and is so smooth and very potent.. you could get couch lock before bed is best time to smoke sweet dreams..enjoy

Sweet Dreams has thick crystals that are light green in colour covered with bright orange hair. It is an hybrid cannabis that leans more towards the Indica side. It is a grade B+ strain that is famous as a creeper. It is known as a creeper as it slowly affects your system and its strong effects l…