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Minecraft Swamp Seeds (Java Edition)

Minecraft Swamp Seeds for the PC/Mac (Java) version of Minecraft. Each swamp seed below has a swamp biome at the game spawn point. View all Minecraft Seeds or all Minecraft Java Edition Seeds.

Swampy Village Spawn / Cool Minecraft 1.15 Seed

This is a unique find. In this Minecraft 1.15 seed (works in 1.14 also), at the game spawn point, you’ll find a desert village which is plopped in the middle of a swamp. Biomes at the spawn point include desert, swamp and ocean. Just up the shore you’ll also come across a shipwreck.

Nice Village Above Mineshaft [Minecraft 1.14 Seed]

Spawn by a village that is on the edge of a swamp biome in this Minecraft Seed for Minecraft 1.14 (and higher). Locate the village bell and dig down. You’ll find an abandoned mineshaft with rails, a minecart with chest, plenty of ore and more. Surrounding biomes include mountains, birch forest, swamp, plains and taiga.

Swampy Minecraft World Seed with Witch, Swamp Hut, Pillagers and more! [1.14+]

Explore this cool Minecraft world seed for Java Edition that features a swampy game spawn/start with a witch hut and a pillager outpost easily in view as soon as the world renders. Explore the seed map beyond the swamp, and don’t miss the beautiful fishing village just a short walk away. A seed for Minecraft 1.14 and higher.

Swamp and Several Shipwrecks – Mac/PC Seed

Spawn by a swamp and then loot the 3 shipwrecks (and buried treasure) in this Minecraft Seed for Java Edition 1.13.

Eroded Badlands, Swamp and Coral Reef Minecraft Seed

Spawn at the intersection of three beautiful biomes in this Minecraft Java Edition Seed: Eroded Badlands (Mesa), Swamp and Coral Reef. A Minecraft 1.13 seed (and higher).

Minecraft Swamp seeds for the PC (Java) version of Minecraft for Windows and Mac. Spawn at or near a Swamp.

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Giant swamp seed

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The seed is “life universe and everything” with no spaces, or -1301858263

you spawn in a large swamp that has two ravines in it. there is a village to the north of spawn. and the swamp is surrounded by mountains and desert to the north with a pine forest past the mountains, possibly ocean to the west. plains to the south, and a small plains with a forrest behind it to the east.

The seed is "life universe and everything" with no spaces, or -1301858263 you spawn in a large swamp that has two ravines in it. there is a village to the…