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Air-Pot ® – The expert’s choice

Nurseries in many countries are reaping the benefits of the Air-Pot system, from the small to the very large, the Air-Pot system is truly unique in its ability to containerise any size.

Fruit and vegetables growers, both commercial and competitive, are realising the benefits of the Air-Pot system, with improved lead times and prize winning results.

Horticultural Institutions across the globe have adopted the Air-Pot system for their work in research and conservation. The top botanical experts have embraced the benefits of Air-Pot ® .

Landscape Designers appreciate the instant establishment and almost 100% success rate of Air-Pot ® grown stock, top landscapers are increasingly specifying Air-Pot ® use for prestigious developments.

Around the world the Air-Pot system is effective from the Tropics to the Arctic circle, Air-Pot ® for all species.

The Air-Pot system, an overview of how the Air-Pot system works, why improved roots mean better plants and how this has led to experts adopting Air-Pot.

Superoots Air-Pots

The Superoots Air-Pot is a recyclable, reusable plastic container that actively enhances the quality of the root systems of plants. Superoots Air Pots revolutionary approach to containerizing plants and trees produces fabulous, non-spiraling root systems that are impossible to develop in any other available container.

Superoots Air Pots & Containers by TerraHydroare made of recycled HDPE in the UK, the Superoots Air-Pot is circular in shape with a perforated sidewall. There are no flat surfaces due to the inward and outward pointed cones, which eliminates any chance of starting the spiraling process as well as dramatically increases growth rates.

The inward pointing cones direct the root towards the hole in the outward pointing cones where the air density in the soil is too great and therefore the apical cells at the very tip of the root dehydrate, or are air-pruned. The response of the plant to this air-pruning is to send out more roots to compensate for the loss, which leads to the build up of a dense and fibrous radial root system in a dramatically short time. Superoots Air-Pot containers can be made to any diameter in a variety of heights and can be used as pots complete with base or without a base. The real benefits of using Superoots Air-Pot containers are that they:

  • Eliminates root circling
  • Reduces growing time in the garden
  • Increases yields
  • Simplifies production
  • Minimizes the need to transplant
  • Ensures Superior Performance in Extremes of Weather
  • The Air-Pot is made of recycled HDPE plastic
  • Reduces the chance for overwatering

Approximate Air Pot Size Conversions:

  • 1 L = 0.25 Gallons
  • 3 L = 0.75 Gallons
  • 5 L = 1.25 Gallons
  • 7.5 L = 2 Gallons
  • 12.5 L = 3 Gallons
  • 20 L = 5 Gallons

    More Information

    Name Superoots Air-Pots
    Brand TerraHydro
    MSRP $63.25

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    The Superoots Air-Pot is a recyclable, reusable plastic container that actively enhances the quality of the root systems of plants. Buy Super Roots Air Pots with holes by TerraHydro from our online garden and hydro store.