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We are witnessing a growth of the world population and the increasing need for food and fresh vegetables. Such high demand affects new and increasing challenges in production. We are also faced with the demand that our products have better features, improved yield, performance and innovation related to the specifics of processing. To meet all these challenges, Superior developed the segment and offer PROFESSIONAL SEEDS because it is intended for manufacturers whose product are on the local market, in supermarket chains or are intended for processing.

  • Tomato
  • Pepper
  • Cucumber
  • Cabbage
  • Other


Anđelina F1

Anđelina F1 is a pink hybrid in maturity with an average weight of 200g. Andjelina is an early hybrid for all season harvest. A sweet and very delicious hybrid!

Donator F1

NEW. Donator F1 is a medium-early tomato. The fruits are big, beef type with over 300g. It is very tasty, meaty, medium firm. A hybrid for all times!


NEW. Egzotik is one of the best industrial tomato varieties with a bushy stem and big fruits. T The plant forms big, meaty, firm and delicious fruits, which are of excellent quality with an average of 200g with a nice color.

Fantom F1

Fantom F1 is a tall and vigorous, medium early hybrid tomato, resistant to a range of diseases, ideal for indoors use. It is very fruitful, with average fruit weight 200 g. This is the most yielding hybrid of Superior.

Kazanova F1

Kazanova F1 is a tall and vigorous, medium late hybrid tomato with very large, firm and meaty fruits of about 300g, very convenient for transportation and longer storage. Kazanova gives good yields, even with minimal fertilization.


Kruna is a determinant variety, medium vigorous, for fresh consumption and industrial use. The fruits are lightly pink, very delicious and have an average of 180g. We recommend to use a short support, and a density of 3 plants/m2.

Lamoneda F1

Lamoneda F1 is an early hybrid, fast growing, and has a short distance between the clusters. Fruits are round, uniform, dark red and shiny with about 180-200g, meaty, firm and fresh taste. This hybrid is for professionals.

Maraton F1

Maraton F1 is tall and vigorous late tomato hybrid with large, meaty and tasty fruits beef type. The average fruit weight is 250 g and it retains its size even in the 6th and 7th cluster.It is resistant to many diseases (ASVF Tm).

Medeno srce F1

Medeno Srce F1 is a very tasty and high yielding hybrid, more resistant to disease from Volovsko srce . One cluster can have 4-5 heart shaped fruits with an average of 250g. Uniformed, with hard fruits and an extraordinary taste.


Roker is an industrial tomato, determinant, grown as a bush. The plant forms large shrub full of big, meaty and delicious fruits, which are firm, average weight 200 g. Good taste like famous Jabucar!

Start F1

NEW. Start F1 is the earliest hybrid. It is adoptable for different cultivation conditions and gives a constant yield. The fruits have around 220g, uniform quality, nice red color without green shoulders.

Super beef F1

Super Beef is a typical hybrid tomato with a very large, meaty, firm and tasty fruits without green zone. It is fast growing, high growth and great vigor, moderately hard and big, great flavour and aroma.

Uragan F1

Uragan F1 is a very tall and vigorous hybrid, medium-early maturity. The fruits are delicious, firm and meaty, large, with about 220 g. It is convenient for transport and longer storage. It has very good yield and good resistance to diseases.



Misir F1 is an early ripening salad cucumber. Very yielding with a length of about 20 cm, can be harvested 20 times. Young fruits are sweet, juicy, warty, dark green, average weight 200 g. The plant is resistant to many diseases: Ccu, Px, Pcu, CMV.


Real F1 is a hard and yielding pickle cucumber. The fruits grow fast and have good resistance to Ccu, Pcu, Psl, CMV. In the spring it can be harvested 15 – 20 times during the season, and in summer, as double crop cultivar, 8 – 10 times. The flesh is crisp and firm.


Alisa F1

Alisa F1 is an early hybrid with high yield potential. It is tolerant to stress factors and not sensitive on fruit rot. The fruits are 17-20 cm long and 7-8 cm wide, thick meat. Young fruits are light green, shiny and in botanical maturity dark red.


Amanda is a early, blocky type of pepper, but with the pointing top. Plant grows compact, strong, with very wide leaves. Average weight is 120 to 160 g. At first fruits are white but when ripening they turn red. It is suitable for fresh consumption.


Belinda is a bell type of pepper with hanging fruits, fruitful and resistant to diseases. Meet is juicy and thick, weighting 100-140 g in the open field and 150-180 g when grown indoors. It forms uniformed fruits with three of four tops and distinct white color .

Belo uvo

Belo uvo is a kapia-type variety with meaty fruits, resistant and very fruitful. It gives 5-6 fruits per plant, mass around 200-300 g. Belo uvo is for fresh consumption or industrial processing. It is very tolerant to Phytophthora capsici and sun burnings.

Ceca is a blocky sweet pepper with a pointing top with white fruits. The plant is tall and very vigorous with large internodes It is very tolerant to Verticillium sp. Fusarium, Baceriosis and viruses. It has stable yield in different growing conditions.


Delfina is an early pepper variety with uniformed,elongated fruits, high yielding, 15-20 cm long, with diameter 5-6 cm. Usual fruit weight is from 130-160 g, thickness of meat is 8 mm but produced indoors is 11 mm. Total yield is 50 t/ha.


Devetka is an early, flashy, bell type variety. Fruits are uniform, stabile, yielding and resistant to diseases. Fruits are sweet and very tasty, light green in technological and dark red in botanical maturity. Fruits are long 12-13 cm, average weight 160 g.


Džinka is a large hot pepper variety “šipka”-type. The plant is vigorous and tall with fruits of 20 cm with a diameter of 2 cm and an average weight of 20-30 g. Young fruits are between light green and yellow color. It is suitable for fresh consumption or grilled.


Ekstaza is a very early variety with elongated fruits, sweet and tasty; 25-30 cm long, 4-5 cm width, average weight 140 g. In technological phase fruits are light green color, and in botanical red. It is perfect for pasteurizations.

Famoza F1

Famoza F1 is an early hybrid with long, light green fruits which turn red when in botanical maturity.. The plant is vigorous and branchy, high yield of uniform fruits. The fruits are large, between 20-22 cm, hot with an average weight of 50g.

Green field F1

Green field F1 is a high yielding medium early hybrid kapia-type. The plants are strong, vigorous, tolerant to stress factors and with strong branches. It is very meaty, firm with an average of 200g and a high percentage of dry matter. It is for indoor and outdoor production.

Narandžasto uvo

Narandžasto uvo (Orange ear) is a variety of Slonovo Uvo with young green fruits, which turn into orange color. This variety is perfect for the Holland way of the marketing packaging “traffic light”. The fruits are have a high content of beta-carotene.


Silvia is a variety with long, meaty, very tasty and sweet fruits, good yielding and resistance to diseases. It is 18-20 cm in length, with 4-5 diameter and an average weight of 150 g. Because of its meaty fruit it is good for pasteurization.

Slonovo uvo

Slonovo uvo (Elephant ear) is a kapia-type sweet pepper with very large and fleshy fruits. Diameter in the central part is 10-12 cm and the length of the fruit is 18-20 cm. Average weight is 150-250 g. It is very resistant to diseases, TMV.


Somborka is the earliest variety of hot pepper, “blocky” type and conical shape. Fruits are protruding upward and are bright yellow, weighing about 100 g. Meat is lean and juicy, 4-6 mm thick. It is ideal for fresh consumption and industrial processing.

Zeleni rotund

Zeleni rotund (Green rotund) is a tomato pepper variety with characteristic big and dark green color of fruits, with a mass of 150g. It gives good yield. The plant protects with its biomass the fruits.They are used for fresh consumption and industrial processing.


Adut F1

Adut F1 is an early hybrid cabbage. 65-70 days after planting, the average weight is 1.6 – 2 kg. It is resistant to cracking. It is round, white, brittle, juicy and with sweet leaves, moderately dense. It is ideal for fresh consumption.

Golubanac F1

Golubanac F1 is a medium early pink hybrid cabbage with and average weight of 2-3 kg. The head is round, firm, tolerant to crushing. A semi-stock variety good for fresh consumption. From planting to harvesting it needs 90 days.

Hedona F1

Hedona F1 is a medium early hybrid cabbage. From planting to harvesting it needs 75-80 days. The head is white, well arched and robust. The leaves are juicy, brittle, sweet, medium bulged, gray-green. Average head weight is 2.5 to 3 kg.

Mini hit F1

Mini hit F1 is a white cabbage with small leafs, an average weight of 1 kg, round, very firm, dense and resistant to crushing. The vegetation period is 85 days from plantation. High tolerance on Xanthomonas campestris and Fusarium.

Prva žetva F1

Prva žetva F1 is the earliest hybrid cabbage with a vegetation period of 50-55 days after planting. It is suitable for a very early production. It is round, white, sweet and moderately dense with an average weight of 1 – 1.5 kg.

Violeta F1

Violeta F1 is a medium early hybrid cabbage, very tasty,tolerant on cracking, low temperatures and to to most diseases. This is a storage cabbage with a vegetation period of 100-140 days. The head is firm, round with a weight 2-3 kg.



Bergoldeta is a short variety of green bean. The pods are yellow, length 12 to 14 cm, with no strings and thickness of 8-9 mm. It is highly resistant to bacterial diseases and viruses, suitable for fresh consumption and processing.

Crni princ F1

Crni princ F1 is a very early eggplant with dark fruits. The plant is 1m tall with many branches. Harvest up to 20 fruits with an average weight 200-300 g. The fruits are lightly elongate without thorns, with white, juicy and tasty meat.

Kolos F1

Kolos F1 is the first domestic hybrid onion and intended for direct sowing. Bulbs are round to slightly elongate. There are three layers of typical “golden” color. It is good for storage, mildly hot. Kolos matures in 115-120 days.


Maestral is a short variety of beans. Ripens early with good resistance to diseases. Beans are very good quality, tasty and nutritious, round, light elongated, yellow seedling. It contains about 25% protein and 50% starch.

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Superior Fruit is directly linked to our tissue culture laboratory where they produce all our fruit trees. This is the brand that encompasses the selection and crossing of fruit species and their reproduction in the laboratory. The plants are cultivated in a climate chamber, then transferred to the acclimatization greenhouses and further the production fields. Superior Fruit produces seedlings of chokeberry, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, strawberries and a dozen other fruit species.


Belongs to the rose family Rosaceae. It can be cultivated as fruit and ornamental plant. It grows on all soil types, except salty. The container or pot plants can be planted in the course of the growing season. Chokeberry should be planted in rows with spacing 3 x 1,5 m. The bush can have up to 30 tillers, height 2.5 – 3 m in diameter. Maximum yield is after ten years when the average is between 5 – 10 kg fruits per plant. A stick is not necessary.


Cultivation is only successful on light soil with a low pH. Different varieties are offered. DUKE is the most planted variety and very early. It is constantly producing attractive, light blue fruits of excellent quality. DUKE flowers late but reaches maturity early what gives an advantage in avoiding spring frost damages. The fruits are firm, big and sweet. It is resistant to frost up to -25 degrees Celsius.


Gives fruits on one-year-old branches. For the plantation a wire between the rows in 60cm height is recommended to give ahold for the branches. It flowers on the tip of spurs from the bottom up so that one tree gives 25-30 fruits. Old branches need to be cut completely. New branches are growing permanently so that the harvest lasts the entire season. The fruits are large, tasty, firm, sweet and aromatic and suitable for consumption and processing. The branches, which didn’t flower, can be left and they give the first fruits in spring for an early harvest.


Perpetual strawberry which we offer is very fertil and disease resistent which flourishes in clusters throughout the season. The fruits arelarge, conical, beautifully painted, with red flesh, firm, crunchy and delicious. Sepals are bent towards the handle so that the fruit is easily harvested. They are suitable for transport. The average fruit weight is 15-20g


LOCH NESS is the most popular blackberry without thorns. The shoots are semi upright and semi vigorous. It gives fruits on two-year-old branches, which weigh between 6-7 g, juicy, shiny, black, firm and very suitable for transportation and industrial processing. It has a high tolerance to Botrytis and it is tolerant to frost. The recommended plantation is in autumn and spring 1 x 2,5 or 1 x 3 m. The plants are produced as in vitro tissue culture and are virus free.


the woody and evergreen climbing vine that thrives in acid soils, pH from 4.2 to 5.2. Fruits are rich in antioxidants, anthocyanin and flavonoids. For 3 to 5 years it reaches its full rod, about 500 to 1300 g per plant per season. It will need two to three years before the young seedlings give first fruits but it will continuously bear fruit as long as the maintenance of the plant is good. The fruit is slightly pungent because of the high content of vitamins and antioxidants. Cranberry juice is a well known medicine for treatment of urinary tract infections.

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Superior Corn produces seed crops, namely corn seeds. Besides sweet corn Union F1we produce seed corn for the conventional usage . Superior Corn offers toady to the market “Bećar F1”, “Sremac F1”, “Delia F1” and “Šumadinac F1 ” which are at the level of famous European hybrids. Our experience in the production of vegetable seeds and our logistics give us a good basis for further work in this field. Superior Corn is in cooperation with LK Hybrid and has a large maize line gene bank where the crossing department gets about 400 hybrids each year.


It is a hybrid maize from FAO 600 group, The seed is large and medium long, with weight of 415 grams per 1000 seeds. It is resistant to lodging and tolerant to diseases of leaf, stem and cob. Its genetic potential for yield is to reach 13-14 t/ha of seed when irrigated. Seed has very good quality (has big part of flowery endosperm) and is used for so-called “dry processing of corn”. B processing it gives good quality corn flour, corn grits, and it is also used for high quality animal feed


This is a hybrid of FAO 550 group of maturing. Seed is in the teeth type, large and long. The weight of seed is 410g per 1000 seeds. It is resistant to lodging and highly tolerant to diseases of leaf, stem and cob. This hybrid has high genetic potential for yield, so it can be used for seed production but also for production of good quality silage. It has higher yield of biomass, from 12 to 18 %, higher then the other hybrids of similar characteristics.


This is a hybrid form the FAO 450 group of maturing. Seed is a standard type, with the yellow top and red to yellow sides and base, it is large and long. Cob is red. The weight of 1000 seeds is 385g. It is resistant to lodging and tolerant to diseases of leaf, stem and cob. This hybrid has high genetic potential for yield and it gives maximum yields with appropriate cultivation technology.


It is a high yielding hybrid maize, yellow grain of standard quality, which belongs to the group of middle-late hybrids of FAO 600. The cob is 23-25 cm long, 4.5-5 cm in diameter with 16 rows of kernels and a weight of grains: 385g/1000 or 13t/ha. It is strongly resistant to drought, lodging, diseases on leaf, tree and cob. The cobs are easy to storage for a long period.


Three- way- crossed hybrid of sweet corn of standard quality. It has yellow grain of standard quality, which belongs to the group of middle-early hybrids of FAO 400. The technological maturity is after 80-85 days after seedling emergence. It has about 25% dry matter and about 4% sugar. The kernel is yellow and large. The corn cob is high from the bottom, 130 cm, large and has a length of 22-25 cm with 14-16 rows. It gives high and stable yields in different seasons.


It is a medium early hybrid of sweet corn of very good quality. The technological maturity is after 80 days after seedling emergence. The plant is semi vigorous with 1-2 cobs. Over 70% of all plants are unicum- they have one tree, tillers are rear. It has about 25% dry matter and about 4% sugar. The corn cob has a length of 18-22 cm with 16 rows. The kernel is yellow, soft, juicy and very sweet. The optimal maturity is about 23-25 days after fructification.

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Superior Line

New in the Superior “family” is Superior Line designed for hobby gardeners. This is an offer that will save you money. The number of seeds in bags is tailored to your needs and all that’s left to you is a good “timing of sowing”. We have selected varieties on the basis of taste, ease to grow, adaptable to different climates and has exceptional performance.

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The family owned company SUPERIOR was founded in 1993 in Velika Plana by prof. Dr. Ivo Đinović, the world-renowned scientist, geneticist and breeder .

Products PROFESSIONAL SEEDS We are witnessing a growth of the world population and the increasing need for food and fresh vegetables. Such high demand affects new and increasing challenges in

Superior Seed Producers

SSP Seeds for Sale

Superior Seed Producers is a collective of local Thunder Bay area growers who promote the saving and distribution of locally adapted, sustainably grown, open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds in Northwestern Ontario. Our seeds are never chemically treated. More about us…

A comprehensive range of popular seed varieties is sold yearly, via our online store, displays at seed swap events, and through selected retailers.

2021 seeds will be $4 per packet.


Below is our 2020 seed list

Click the variety names for descriptions.



  • Bean, Yellow Snap Bush – Rocdor
  • Bean, Green Snap Bush – Ferrari
  • Bean, Green Snap Pole – Blue Lake
  • Bean, Green/Purple, Snap/Dry Bush – Blue Jay*NEW*
  • Bean, Green Snap/Dry Pole – Musica
  • Bean, Green Snap/Dry Pole – Scarlet Runner




  • Corn, Sweet – Ashworth Corn*IT’S BACK!*
  • Corn, Sweet – Dorinny Corn – early, sweet!


  • Cucumber, Slicing – Long Green Cucumber
  • Cucumber, Pickling/Slicing – Morden’s Early Cucumber*Producer’s Choice*


  • Lettuce, Kweik*NEW*
  • Lettuce, Little Gem*NEW*


  • Onion – Yellow of ParmaSORRY – SOLD OUT



  • Pea, Shelling Bush – Tom Thumb
  • Pea, Shelling Pole – Homesteader Pea
  • Pea, Shelling/Dry Pole – Mrs. Van’s Pea*NEW*
  • Pea, Snap Pole – Sugar Snap Pea – addictive!
  • Pea, Snow Pole – Sweet Jade


  • Pepper, Hot – Jalapeno*NEW*
  • Pepper, Sweet – Lipstick Pepper
  • Pepper, Sweet – Yellow Banana*IT’S BACK!*


Rutabagas (Winter Turnips, Swedes):


Squashes (Winter):

  • Squash, Winter – Gete Okosomin
  • Squash, Winter – Stella Blue Squash
  • Squash, Winter – Sundream
  • Squash, Winter – Urban Turban– so pretty!
  • Squash, Winter – Zeppelin Delicata Squash


  • Tomato, Cherry – Chadwick Cherry*NEW*
  • Tomato, Plum – Black Plum*IT’S BACK!*
  • Tomato, Paste – Orange Banana*IT’S BACK!*
  • Tomato – Manitoba Tomato



  • Dill – Bouquet Dill
  • Cilantro
  • Chamomile*NEW*
  • Chives*NEW*


  • Bachelor Buttons, Annual – Blue Boy
  • Calendula, Annual – Alpha Calendula
  • Cosmos, Annual – Cosmos
  • Poppy, Annual – Breadseed Poppy
  • Marigold, Annual – Amarillo Mix Marigold
  • Sunflower, Annual – Sunflower Mix

*Producer’s Choice* are favourite varieties offered by our growers because of their excellent performance in our northern climate.

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SSP seed case at 2019 Seed Swap in South Gillies, Ontario

Superior Seed Producers is a collective of Thunder Bay area growers who promote saving & distribution of locally adapted, sustainably grown, open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds in Northwestern Ontario.