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The SuperGrow™ Difference

Whether comparing SuperGrow to conventional field farming, or hydroponic Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA), there’s only one solution.

The ONLY Soil-Based Grow Offering

SuperGrow is the only soil-based solution on the market today. All other CEA and container farm solutions are hydroponic, meaning produce is grown in water. Such an environment simply does not supply the flavor and nutrients of soil-grown produce. Even field farms are struggling today, stripped of nutrients found in soil generations ago. Our industry is hurting. By investing in the true nature of farming through terraponics (soil-based farming), we use soil that is enriched with micronutrients for produce bursting in flavor and nutritionally packed. Our onboard composter ensures soil quality and cycles nature’s nutrients for ongoing benefits.

The Only Organic Certified Offering

Because SuperGrow is the only soil-based solution, we’re also the only CEA that can guarantee 100% organic certification. This presents a huge advantage in the market today, as organic demand is on a steep rise with little means of support. Organic produce also commands a 30% higher market value than conventional or hydroponic grown produce, further increasing your return. Read more about the impacts of organic — where it is and where it’s going in the Current Market.

Reduced Transportation Costs & Longer Shelf Life

Without a doubt, the greatest cost in agriculture is related to transportation, in fuel and maintenance, labor, and packaging. This increases the prices we pay, but also compromises the food we eat. To make the journey, fruits and vegetables have to be picked well in advance, limiting the chance for nutrients to develop. Still, 60% of produce rots before reaching grocers, and an additional 20% rots before making it to shelves. We’re paying high prices for less than substantive produce. SuperGrow puts the farm in your “back yard”, where it’s convenient for you. The costs of transportation are completely cut out, and harvesting is done only when the produce is needed, increasing nutrition and flavor and lengthening shelf life by 9 days. Read more about the Supply Chain Redefined.

Controlled Environment

Loss comes to the industry by way of environmental changes. By this we don’t mean climate changes, but the simple day-to-day fluctuations our world experiences. Hail storms, freezing temperatures, drought – all these and more contribute to damaged produce and limited crops. Simple imperfections, too, are due to pests found in our environment. Because ours is a controlled environment, shielded by sturdy walls, we experience a perfect day, every day. Whether you’re growing produce in a desert or the cold north, you can expect a perfect harvest each day of the year. And because we’re pest-free, you’ll never use pesticides. As a result, you can expect predictable yields with every crop. In fact 98% of our produces gets a perfect top rating every time.

Increased Grow Rates

Along with perfect days comes no nights — it’s daytime 24/7 in our containers. This means produce grows much faster. Field farms average harvesting in 45-100 days. Hydroponics aren’t much different, with 40-50 days. At 21 days, hydroponics are peaking their seedling stage and ready for transplant, a step necessary for maturation. At 21 days, our produce is fully grown and ready for harvest. On average, grow rates are 20-30 days in our environment, depending on variety, and no transplanting needed.

More Grow Volume for Less Cost

Increased grow rates, with increased volume, means increased return. Due to the nature of hydroponic grow methods, a significant amount of space is wasted between plants. This results in less volume per harvest and a waste in resources used. We maximize our space and resources by growing produce close together. Even plants in field farms need to be spaced apart to avoid dehydration. Because ours is a controlled environment with produce grown in soil, we can plant seeds close together without sacrificing quality. The result is more than 7,600 plants per month or 700 pounds of produce a week! That’s three acres of produce a year, in a single 40-foot container.

Patented High-Level Technology

We have looked at every detail and devised solutions to maximize technology and grow efficiency. Our irrigation system collects 80% of the water transpired into the air by plants and recycles it back into our pumps. Our air delivery system speeds up produce growth by 35% and is 72% efficient in its energy use. Pink LED lights conserve 68% of light energy and emits only the rays that plants need. Our motor runs on 110v and consumes 40% less energy than motors used by our competitors. Heat released from our HVAC system gets redirected into our composter to speed up the composting process. Nothing goes to waste. Furthermore, all our systems are patented 5th generation offerings, while hydroponics are 1st generation offerings based on public domain grow methods. Read more about our technology in our Features.

Customization and Alternative Power Sources

With all the benefits on the inside, we’ve considered the shell of our container as well. To start, each container is fully customizable. We have a close partnership with Rolling Star Manufacturing who does all the container outfitting for us. You may opt to have a huddle room in yours for planning and organization, a logo on the outside for company branding, or you may want to connect two containers with a common passage way. Devoted to sustainability, our plans for upcoming models also include alternative power sources such as wind and solar, to take us completely off-grid.

Easy to Use

Ultimately, the ease of use is what’s important, and ours couldn’t be simpler. Just one entry-level grow operator is all that’s needed. Our environmental controls are supported by an automated system with proper settings for various plants. Planting is a snap — scatter or embed seeds as directed and watch them grow. The irrigation senses when soil is dry and automatically waters as needed. Water hookup requires a standard garden hose, and our motor plugs into a standard wall socket. Farming couldn’t be simpler!

The SuperGrow™ Difference Whether comparing SuperGrow to conventional field farming, or hydroponic Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA), there’s only one solution. The ONLY Soil-Based