super grow led reviews

Super grow led reviews

10% to 25% increase in yield

50% reduction in power consumption

50% reduction in heat

LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights are relatively new, yet they are making great strides in horticultural circles. Low power consumption, precision light placement, very low maintenance cost, long operational life, and low thermal emissions are huge upsides for greenhouse and indoor growers. Unfortunately, there are many choices in LED grow lights and not all of them actually attain their claims, so unless you know what to look for, you could be throwing away a lot of money.

Like any new technology, there are many manufacturers out there looking to cash in on the buying surge, and like anything else of a technical nature, not all are qualified, or experienced.

Of great concern to the purists in the field are manufacturers that do not specialize in grow lights, or even LEDs. In the marketplace, you will see many LED grow lights that appear almost identical, with the exceptions of aesthetic differences, like paint and power cord color, and different switches. These units come from a handful of vendors offshore, which sell to anyone with cash-in-hand. Unfortunately, most of these companies miss the boat when it comes to producing a highly effective LED grow light, mainly because grow lights are not their primary interest. Some of these companies will allow their clients to specify which LEDs go into their LED grow lights. While this is definitely a great option, simply changing frequencies of LEDs might make a good LED grow light, but it doesn’t necessarily make a GREAT LED grow light.

There are many factors involved in producing a true industrial-grade LED grow light. Thermal management should be of great concern when using LEDs. Airflow paths and volume of air moved are critical to the longevity of LEDs and power supplies, as are the types of materials used and their precise placement in the system. Poor design in these areas is not always evident to the buyer, but will manifest themselves down the road in terms of shortened LED and power supply life. If your LED grow light dies at 20,000 hours instead of the advertised 50,000, you most likely would have no claim against the company – the warranty would most assuredly be expired and the company may not even be in business.

However, there are also a few companies out there which concentrate on getting things right, and that take LED grow lights seriously. These companies focus all of their efforts on perfecting the technology and furthering the fight to bring credibility to the LED grow light industry. While some of their product offerings may appear similar to the others, when one takes a closer look, they will see that there are indeed significant differences.

Credible companies deploy high quality LEDs and power supplies, high-end MCPCB’s (Metal Clad Printed Circuit Boards), superior thermal management materials and techniques, and true industrial-quality design to their products. These companies also show faith in their product’s design and manufacturer, offering no-gimmicks warranties of three years, or more. Although the industry is in its embryonic stages, we are starting to see convincing video and written testimonials, as well as positive word-of-mouth advertising for a few products.

Pros of LED Grow Lights

Long life expectancy

Almost no excess heat

Very precise footprints (light output patterns)

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Top 10 Best LED Grow Lights in 2020 Reviews | Last Update

Do you need to grow some plants indoors? For the efficient and fast growth of the plants, a full spectrum light is needed. This is why you should find a perfect grow light system that will improve the growth system. The grow lights are of various power outputs; hence you need to check for the high LED grow lights. Besides this, they are also easy to set-up and offer full-spectrum just like natural lights. The lights also have an efficient cooling system that enhances heat dissipation, making them safe.

Finding the ideal grow light takes a number of things into considerations. These include the power output, spectrum, cooling system, cost, ease of installation, and warranty.

List Of Best LED Grow Lights in 2020

Preview Product
Pro Version 1200W (Actual 135W) LED Grow Light Original Samsung LM301B Dimmable Full Spectrum Plant. Get Product on Amazon
PARFACTWORKS RA2000 w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Growth Lighting Bulb for Plant Flower Indoor. Get Product on Amazon
1000W LED Grow Light, Adjustable Light Intensity and Color Dual Switch & Dual Chip Full Spectrum LED. Get Product on Amazon
Sonlipo Newest LED Grow Light 2000W Full Spectrum with Veg and Bloom Double Models Dimmable and. Get Product on Amazon
1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower SUNRAISE LED Grow Lamp with. Get Product on Amazon
Hytekgro LED Grow Light 45W Plant Lights Red Blue White Panel Growing Lamps for Indoor Plants. Get Product on Amazon
Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light, Dual Switch & Dual Chips Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Hydroponic Indoor. Get Product on Amazon
BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Dual-Chip Growing Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg. Get Product on Amazon
Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light,with Thermometer Humidity Monitor,with Adjustable Rope,Full. Get Product on Amazon
King Plus 1200w LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Greenhouse Indoor Plant Veg and Flower(Dual-chip. Get Product on Amazon

#10. WIND 135W LED Grow Light Dimmable Full Spectrum


Designed using the best quality of aluminum material, this product is a fine option that will serve you better and longer. Besides this, the material brings about proper heat dissipation thus ensures proper distribution of light. To add more, the has an art-minded elegant design that gives an elegant look. More interestingly, it has a dimmable full spectrum light with 192 pieces of LED beads to bring about superior lighting.

The light is a breeze to set-up and with an actual power output of 1200W, you will find it a nice option to consider. It has a dimmable control knob system for easy simple operation.

    Fully dimmable from 0-100% Quality durable material construction 135W actual power output Art-minded elegant design 380 to 780nm adjustable wavelength
    Simple and quick to set-up Provides efficient lighting Covers a large area

#9. PARFACTWORKS 2000W Natural Looking 4 x 4FT LED Grow Light


The power output of the LED grow light is a feature to consider when buying the products. This is a powerful and efficient grow light with up to 2000W power supply, making it great for providing efficient illumination during all stages of growth. More interestingly, it offers a full spectrum of 380 to 780nm, which greatly boosts the growth of the plants. Other than this, it is an energy-efficient LED grow light that will cut the electricity cost.

Moreover, it provides red, blue, orange, white, and UV for better services. It has a wider area coverage of 4ft x 4ft, which will offer reliable services. It is also a breeze to set-up in minutes.

    4 x 4ft area coverage 2000W power output 380 to 780nm full spectrum Energy-saving LEDs 3-years warranty
    It is super bright and efficient Provide value for money Offers quality heat output
    Not identified

#8. DENFANY 1000W LED Grow Adjustable Light


The lifespan of the LED lights should be a feature that you have to think about when making the order. This is a pick that comes with LED bulbs with up to 50,000hrs lifespan. Secondly, the lights are fully adjustable, which makes them excellent for the growth of the plants. They are excellent for veg, veg+ bloom, and bloom.

The full spectrum lights include white, UV, IR, red, and blue among others is a pick that will suit you better. It has a powerful plus safe cooling system that aids in excellent heat dissipation and efficient cooling to prevent it from overheating.

    50,000hrs LED lifespan Full-spectrum lighting Adjustable lighting modes Safe cooling system 3-year warranty
    It is fully adjustable Provides long-term services It is powerful and efficient
    Higher cost

#7. Sonlipo Newest LED Grow 2000W Full Spectrum Grow LED Light

By: Sonlipo

With the veg and bloom switches, the LED grow light is a fantastic option that will suit your needs. The LED grow light has a power supply of 2000W and with the easy control buttons, it is a great option that will boost the growth of the plants. Additionally, the LED grows light offers a full spectrum of 460nm to 660nm for great services.

What is more, the unit is dimmable to variable levels, which will suit the plant’s growth needs. Also, the system has a unique ultra-thin panel design plus an optical tech for fast and efficient cooling.

    Veg and bloom switches 460 to 660nm full spectrum Powerful 2000W power supply Ultra-thin panel design Optical reflector tech
    It is powerful and efficient Easy and quick to set-up Offers fast cooling system
    The price is higher

#6. Sunraise 1000W LED Grow Light Spectrum

By: Sunraise

For the ultimate indoor plants for flowers and vegetables, Sunrise 1000W LED Grow Light Spectrum is a consideration that you never want to miss. The unit is very powerful thanks to the 1000W, which enhances the performances. Other than this, the unit also uses Lens technology, which combines the optical lens to increase the light by 30%. It also features a wide range of colors to choose from. The good thing is that it features a daisy power cord chain for great performances.

In addition to this, it also features triple chip LEDs of 15W to provide improved illumination. It has been equipped with up to 96 Zener diodes.

    Veg and bloom separate switches 15W LED grow light Triple chip LEDs 1000W power output
    It is very powerful and safe Perfect for veg, flowers, and fruits Comes in different colors Easy to install
    Kind of costly

#5. Hytekgro LED Grow Light 45W, 2Pack

By: Hytekgro

This is a high-efficiency spectrum light that will offer a full spectrum for stronger and straight stem growth. Apart from this, it offers a compact grow light that aids in putting out the needed light. The blue and white colors make it ideal for the growth of all plants. The process of set-up is relatively easy thanks to the lightweight design. It has a 59-inch power cord that provides a convenient length for the growth of the plants.

Designed with the low heat ABS plastic material, it assures excellent heat control. The square shape design of the perfectly maximizes the beam to fully cover areas of 3 x 3 feet.

    ABS plastic molding Lightweight design Classical full spectrum Worry-free warranty
    Ideal for larger spaces Provides both white and blue lights Easy to set-up
    Light is too bright

#4. Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light

By: Giixer

Featuring dual switch and dual chips, this full spectrum light is a great selection you need to give a try. It is a powerful grow light that has a power output of 1000W, which brings about excellent illumination. Other than this, it is also power economical despite the high level of brightness. Due to this, you will find it great for growing your plants for healthy and efficient growth.

It provides red, blue, white, yellow, and natural light, which makes it great for the growth of the plants. Besides this, it is a highly durable LED light with up to 50,000-hours lifespan. This is the reason why it will serve for years.

    Double switch 1000W power output 50,000-hours LED bulbs Brighter and efficient
    It suits all planting needs Ideal for long-term use Low power consumption
    Relatively costly

#3. BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light


Whether growing veg or flowers, this is a perfect grow light that is versatile and ideal for the indoor growth of plants. Second, to this, the grow light is very powerful thanks to the 1000W power output. It also has dual-chip LEDs, which brings about more efficient and brighter illumination. The full spectrum light is very beneficial to the vegetable for the stronger and firmer growth of the plants.

It also features a powerful cooling fan system that works quietly and cool for excellent services. More interestingly, it features holes on the aluminum panel plus glass to make the heat convection easier. Lastly, the grow light has both blue and white colors for better growth just as the natural light system.

    1000W LED lights Dual-chip system A powerful cooling fan system Holes on aluminum panel
    It provides natural brightness Easy to set-up Highly durable and efficient
    It is pricey

#2. Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light

By: Phlizon

With the powerful 600W LED lights, this is a great grow light that will enhance your indoor growth. The plant grows lights is very safe since it has no danger and reflectors. Due to this, it is ideal for use for all indoor growth needs. The quality light system features a double switch for the veg and bloom suited for different needs.

It provides a wide range of lights including blue, white, red, and natural. This, therefore, implies that it is an efficient and bright light that will enhance the growth of your plants. It is ideal for use in areas of 2 x 2 feet.

    Double switch system 600W LED Lights Full spectrum system Elegant design
    It suits all stages of plantation Offer bright lights Easy to install
    Some never last longer

#1. King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light

By: KingLED

The cooling system is a necessity you have to check out for when you need a perfect grow light. The King Plus 1200W LED Grow Lights system has an efficient cooling system that has holes on the LED board. In addition to this, it also features glass form convection with fans to enhance the cooling system. Furthermore, the grow light is very powerful thanks to the 1200W output.

This implies that it can produce a quality light system that will enhance the growth of veg and bloom. It provides a full spectrum of light that includes red, yellow, white, blue, UV, and IR lights for better growth just like the sunshine. The long lifespan of the lights makes it great for long-term use.

    1200W LED lights Efficient cooling system 10W double chips Full-spectrum light
    It offers efficient cooling Great for long-term use Easy to install and use
    Some are not dimmable

LED Grow Light’s Buying Guide

For the best LED grow light, here are some key features and factors you have to check out for.

  • Power Output: You need to get a powerful LED light that provides excellent illumination in all spaces. There are LED lights that provide only 500W while others offer up to 1200W. The powerful lights of 1200W are highly recommended as they are super bright and covers larger areas. However, when you got a smaller space, you need to check for lights with about 500-600W.
  • Dimmable and Modes: For easy use and settings of the lights, you need to find a quality light that is easily dimmable. The LED grows lights that need to allow for dimming from 0-100%. Such a light will definitely suit different plants as you can adjust the brightness based on the plants being grown. It also needs to have different modes for an elementary setting.
  • Full Spectrum: The LED light should offer a natural light system just like that of the sunlight. Due to this, you need to check a LED light that offers a full spectrum. Such a light should provide the yellow, white, blue, red, IR, and UV for efficient light systems.

Other things you need to check out include the ease of installation, design, cost, cooling system, and warranty among others.


When you need to grow plants like veg indoors, you will require an excellent led grow lights system. The above led grow lights are some of the top picks that will perfectly suit your growing needs. They are super bright and efficient lights that will excellent illumination to boost the growth of the plants. Apart from this, they are also easy to set up due to the lightweight design. This makes them great for all users. With the double or triple switch modes, they are easy to use and control. In addition to this, the lights also have an efficient cooling system, which greatly enhances productivity through excellent heat dissipation. Due to this, the plants get the same quality of light just from the sunlight. Get started with any of these quality lights for the enhanced growth of your indoor plants.

Finding the ideal LED Grow Lights takes a number of things into considerations. These include the power output, spectrum, cooling system, cost.