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  • Clones (10)
    • Hybrid (2)
    • Indica Dominant (4)
    • Sativa Dominant (4)
  • Cannabis Seeds (8)
    • Feminized Seeds (8)
      • Indica Dominant (5)
      • Sativa Dominant (3)
  • Flowers (8)
    • Indica Dominant (4)
    • Sativa Dominant (4)
  • Edibles (4)
  • Concentrates (1)
  • Topicals (1)


  • Damnesia Seeds $ 16.00
  • Black Russian Seeds $ 27.00
  • White Alien Seeds $ 25.00
  • Florida Gold Seeds $ 25.00
  • Nebula Clones $ 15.00


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A Soothing Seeds brings in only the best strains from the best breeders including:
  • World of Seeds
  • Barney’s Farm
  • G13 Labs
  • Female Seeds
  • Dinafem
  • Delicious Seeds
  • Green House Seed Co.
  • Sensi Seeds
  • Serious Seeds
  • B.C. Bud Depot
  • Big Buddha Seeds
  • Bomb Seeds
  • CBD Crew
  • Humboldt Seed Organisation
  • Kaliman Seeds
  • OG Raskal Seeds
  • Reserva Privada
  • Royal Queen Seeds
  • THC Plant Labs
  • The Cali Connection
  • Dutch Passion

Black Russian Seeds

Black Russian Seeds

Critical Hog Seeds

Critical Hog Seeds

Damnesia Seeds

Damnesia Seeds

Florida Gold Seeds

Florida Gold Seeds

Germination Help
Do you have a hard time germinating seeds? That’s OK, many people have difficulty germinating cannabis seeds properly as they really do require the right environment, so why not leave it up to us?
We at A Soothing Seed can germinate your seeds and hand you over a Brand New plant ready to be transplanted into your garden and grown into a Healthy, Happy Young Lady that will produce the Quality Medication you deserve. After all, if you are going to spend the money necessary for grow tents, lights, fans, heaters, humidifiers and everything else needed to complete 3 months of growing , then they should be nothing but the best!

Our germination services can begin after you adopt your seeds from us. Germination donation cost is $10.00 per seed and usually takes from 2-4 days to break surface. At that time, we can hand over your new seedlings, or we can continue to take care of them until they have a few sets of leaves and a full growth of roots. Each week we care for your seedlings requires another $5.00 donation, and we can go as long as you need in order to feel comfortable taking over and performing your transplant. If your seedlings requires us to transplant them into Solo cups, then that is what we will do without any additional donation fee’s. (plants that have out grown their solo cups will need to be picked up and transplanted into your garden, we will not be responsible for transplanting into a larger grow container in order to keep your plants alive)

We offer a HALF BACK GUARANTEE on the seeds that we germinate under our Germination Service! If your seed does not sprout, we will refund HALF of your seed donation. Keep in mind that not every seed is a winner, and the only way to know is to attempt germination and unfortunately some times the inevitable happens, and we get a dud. We certainly don’t feel that you should be responsible for 100% of the cost when this happens, so we are willing to incur some of the costs right along with our members.

Regular Seeds
When you hear someone say that a bean is a regular seed or a standard seed, it simply means it’s not feminized. You will have an equal chance of getting a male or a female, but what you want is the female. Males create a little bit of THC, but not enough to make growing the plant worth it in the end.

Females create the large, fat buds we are looking for! Males will create pollen and pollinate the females, once that happens, your females will produce seeds. So, getting rid of all the males before they create pollen is a must for any grow room in order to grow seedless smoke – or sensimilia as it was called in the old days.

Feminized Seeds
To create feminized seeds, a breeder takes a bunch of female plants and treats one with a special chemical called Silver Thiosulphate Solution. This treatment puts enough stress on the plant to make it look like it’s about to die, but it actually triggers a survival instinct, turning it into a male. This transgendered plant will create female pollen.

The female pollen is then used to pollinate the other females to produce feminized seeds. Does this mean every seed will produce a female when its germinated? Unfortunately NO, but your chances are certainly very high.

Just about anyone can go through this process and legitimately say they have 100% feminized seeds. This is why it’s critically important to only buy feminized seeds from a reputable breeder who goes the extra mile to test both their process and each batch of new beans to make sure virtually all of them do, in fact, turn out to be females.
When this process works perfectly, it’s like magic! Reliable feminized seeds are the fastest, cheapest way to create an amazing collection.

This is where things get really fun! Traditionally, if you wanted to do your thing inside, you had to buy red lights, blue lights and some timers to make sure you gave your babies just the right amount of light during each stage of their life.

Outdoors, things work according to nature, but that means most regions of the world only get one harvest late in the fall. With the introduction of Ruderalis genetics, all this changed. By mixing this stuff in, traditional strains went from needing changes in available light to blooming on schedule. It doesn’t mean there’s no work involved, but it sure took a lot of the thought out of this fun little hobby.

Transplanting Your Seedling:
Seedlings should remain in their starter pots or rockwool cubes until you begin to see roots poking through the bottom. When you do, it’s time to transplant. For container gardens, fill the larger containers with your growing medium and moisten thoroughly. Dig a hole out of the center just big enough for the root ball to fit into. Carefully remove the plant by rolling the container in your hands or gently tapping it on the sides to break it away from the root ball. Place your hand over the top of the pot with the stem of the plant between your middle and ring fingers. Tip it up until the root ball slides out of the pot into your hand. Place it into the hole you’ve prepared, and fill in around it. Try not to bury the stem. A thin layer of topsoil can be spread around, but not more than 1/4-inch. Tamp it down a little to secure the plant, but don’t pack it too tight or the roots will become root-bound and have difficulty growing out into the new soil.

Small rockwool cubes can be transplanted to larger slabs, a loose soilless mix, or right into soil. To transplant rockwool cubes into slabs, cut a square out of the slab with a razor or knife just big enough for the cube to sit in. Make it deep enough to set the cube about 3/4 of the way down into the slab. Some places sell precut slabs made to work with the cubes. Prepare the slab of rockwool for use as recommended and set the cubes into it, being careful not to damage the tender roots sticking out the bottom. To transplant into a container, prepare the loose growing medium, remove the plastic from the rockwool cube, and plant as you would a root ball. When transplanting rockwool cubes into soil, the smaller cubes work best.

Soil and rockwool have different water retention properties. As the soil dries, it will draw water away from the cubes. It’s important that some roots are growing out of the rockwool before you transplant, and that you keep the soil moist enough to hold water in the cubes until the roots can take hold.

At this point, you may want to add a little vitamin B1, Superthrive, Thrive Alive, or any of the other available vitamin and hormone additives to reduce the risk of shock and stress. Remove the plastic covering or humidity dome and/or the heating pad, and start up the growroom.

Cannabis Seeds CATEGORIES Clones (10) Hybrid (2) Indica Dominant (4) Sativa Dominant (4) Cannabis Seeds (8) Feminized Seeds (8) Indica Dominant (5)

Purple City Genetics

Purple City Genetics (PCG) is an award-winning, Oakland-based collective known for cultivating unique cannabis phenotypes bred for potency, optimum yield, and superior terpene production. Our clones are absolutely free of molds, pests, and airborne contaminants. We’re extremely serious about clean, organic cannabis and the pesticide laws and regulations as defined by the DPR and CAC – as standard practice we regularly submit our leaf matter for testing to ensure cleanliness and compliance. Since 2008, our guiding principle has been simple: cultivate only the best cannabis strains and grow the highest quality plants.

The foundation of successful cannabis cultivation begins with use of healthy plant starts. Inherent in each clone is the entire potential of an adult plant. For this reason, PCG deliberately propagates premium genetic lines in order to produce the best qualities in every adult plant. We have spent decades selecting and breeding phenotypes — developing unique nutrient enrichment through the use of specialized equipment — and ultimately creating unmatched genetic potential within each clone. We further refine and perfect each genetic line by integrating feedback from customers, cultivation partners and dispensaries.

PCG’s commitment to the genetic excellence of our clones draws from three decades of horticultural and agricultural experience. We systematically bring forth uniform quality, root growth, height, and performance in each clone. Our clones are grown in state-of-the-art facilities — using proven scientific techniques — that naturally enhance each plant’s potency, vitality, and immune system. We continuously strive to achieve our goal of developing the highest quality genetic material, propagated from the most desirable lines.


These varieties are the backbone of our program. These genetics are well-known favorites that have proven out over time and are more straightforward to cultivate.


These emergent genetics are the vanguard of our program — they’re visions of the future. These varieties are often favored by experienced growers who favor exotics.


Collaborations are seasonals brought to market with a partner. We may help stabilize genetics for a seed producer or invest with partners to define next market.

Purple City

It starts with a simple cut: One snip of the scissors, one slice of the blade, one dip of the clone. Plant, water, cut, root, sell. These are the basics of the nursery and yet it takes a lifetime to truly cultivate cannabis.

We stand by every cut we’ve ever produced and we care about the community that brings her to flower: farmers, waterers, trimmers, cultivators, brokers, clubs and smokers.

We care about the herb. Our mission is to provide the best genetics possible. We search through hundreds of seeds every year looking for just one or two cuts worthy of the Purple City roster: high THC, unbelievable terps, high return in concentrates. We want our unique California heritage to live forever.

Purple City Genetics (PCG) is an award-winning, Oakland-based collective known for cultivating unique cannabis phenotypes bred for potency, optimum yield, and superior terpene production.