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Gro Pro Square Fabric Pots – Black

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Name Gro Pro Square Fabric Pots – Black
Brand Gro Pro Garden Products
SKU 724950-0
UPC 870883000622
MSRP $3.15

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Breathable fabric provides adequate drainage and aeration. Eliminates circling and misguided roots. Promotes lateral root development and vigorous plant growth. Keeps substrate warmer during cold temperatures and reduces substrate temperatures during high

Square Fabric Pots

Square Fabric Pots

Square Fabric Pots

The best and most cost-effective way to improve root growth! These Fabric Pots are ever so beneficial for plant growth as they are able to form larger and stronger roots.

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Get Faster And Stronger Growing Roots With The Square Fabric Pots

  • Increases oxygen to the root zone to speed up root development
  • Is reusable and recyclable
  • Increases aeration and natural growth for a bigger and healthier plant
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Plants grown within Square Fabric Pots are able to form much larger and stronger root networks versus growing in traditional containers.

What are the Square Fabric Pots used for?

These Square Fabric Pots are a great alternative to your usual plastic plant pots. They offer a variety of benefits such as improving and aerating the root zone and regulating temperatures. The porous fabric helps the pot to provide the best draining. Therefore preventing you over watering your plants. Likewise, they act well as a filter and are easily foldable to store away when not in use.

Furthermore, these pots can also be used within hydro systems where water can penetrate the fabric pot, so it can be absorbed by the growing medium. They are constructed from a high-quality non-woven fabric that includes easy to use handles. They improve the airflow through to your plant’s roots which enable plants to grow happier and healthier. Similarly, these also help to keep roots cool in the warmer summer months.

How to use the Square Fabric Pots?

Fill your square fabric pot with your preferred soil or soilless mixture and place the pot where it is going to be used. Transfer your plant into the pot and water it slowly, you’ll need to remember to minimise moving the pot to as little as possible in order to avoid disturbing your plants growing roots.

Product Specifications

Available in the following capacities: (litres)

The most cost-effective way to improve root growth! These Square Fabric Pots are beneficial for plant growth as they are able to form stronger roots.