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Sprouts Seeds

Fresh sprouts may be especially pleasing in the winter .

Fresh sprouts may be especially pleasing in the winter when it’s not possible to grow fresh vegetables outside. Sprouts can be enjoyed raw in sandwiches, salads & snacks, but they also go well in homemade soups!

At Harris Seeds we have carefully selected a sprouting seeds supplier with the highest standards so we can be confident that our sprout seeds will have a high rate of germination and have been tested to be free of human or plant based pathogens. Most of the seeds that we sell for sprouting are also USDA organic. We are committed to providing a wide variety of the highest quality seeds for sprouting available as each type of sprout provides its own unique flavor. Enjoy!

Note: It is important for health & quality to use seeds that have been specifically prepared to be used for sprouting. You should not use ordinary garden seeds which may produce sprouts that are not suitable or safe for eating.

Sprouts are considered by many to be a “super-food” because they have such high nutrient value. Buy seeds for sprouting and grow your own sprouts today!