spiritual punk strain

Spiritual Punk

Spiritual Punk Seeds is the medicinal straoin par excellence from the seedbank Samasara seeds.

It is a marijuana plant considered as a pure Indica which comes from the crossing between Northern Light (a selection of more than 15 years ago), and a Mazar copy of own selection, from a pure bred coming from Mazar i Sharif.

The result is a compact plant, with a large central bud, and highly productive and homogeneous side branches, that will be harvested in mid-September and in 45-50 days for growing indoors.

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, being easy to grow in both media due to its high resistance to mildew and pests of all kinds. It has a woody flavor, like Afghani hash, with tones of citrus and yeast or moss.

Its high levels of THC of 18% and CBD causes a medicinal effect , relaxing, almost narcotic, and very powerful. ideal for periods of relaxation or pain treatments.

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