sour pineapple strain

Sour pineapple strain

Man what’s else can I say about this lively strain. Its definately in my top 3 sativa strains. Around 20% total cannabinoids it’s perfect for when you need to get up and go and not be dragged down. Some sativa are nice for productive activity like doing errands or cleaning the house. This strain is a straight up leave the house and go to Disneyland all day kinda sativa. Nothing can stop you from having an above average day on this stuff. And its low(er) total cannabinoids total, let’s you glide through your high without overwhelming. This is literally a perfect “parent” strain for us out there with kids and busy weird lives where you want to get out of your head for a little while and still go about your day. JUST FAIR WARNING THIS STUFF MAKES FOR HORRIBLE RED AND DRY EYE. get some lumify and a lubricant eye drop as any weed smoker should have in their arsenal. 5/5

Sour Pineapple merges the genetics of two beloved, sativa-dominant strains, Sour Diesel and Pineapple Kush. Sour Pineapple is a sativa-dominant hybrid (sativa/indica ratio of roughly 70:30) that is known to be an effective treatment for anxiety, everyday stress, and nausea. The sativa genes make …