smoking weed with the president

Prince Ea

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Smoking weed with the President

Prince Ea

[Verse 1: Prince Ea] (Obama impersonator)
Mr. President, I come to you on behalf of my generation
To talk to you about this little plant situation
See, a lot of politicians hate it
But I’mma break it down and demonstrate to you
Why it’s not as bad as they make it sound
See, you’re the president that I believe can handle this
Heck, ya campaign slogan was ”Yes, we cannabis”
Just kidding, but seriously
Let’s examine this subject truthfully, dawg
Look, so you taught constitutional law at Harvard
right, in 96?
Well, you should know
the Declaration of Independence was drafted outta hemp
So were the sails that pushed our ships
on the path to the colonies
So was the fuel used for Henry Ford’s model T
So in a sense, you could say
that pot has actually driven American history
(Please, it makes you lazy and underachieve)
But how can that be
When some of the most successful people smoked weed
From Walt Disney to Milton Fried (man)
From Stephen King to Steve Jobs
The apple didn’t fall far from the tree
You get it?
Steve Jobs, apple, trees
Jobs created the Apple computer high off weed
See, people believe that this plant is sinful
But let’s go back in time
and find out exactly where these beliefs came from
Cause before the 1930’s, you could blaze up
But after the 1930’s, things changed up
Cause that’s man President Hoover
commissioned a man named Harry J. Anslinger
As head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics
His middle name’s ironic
Cause he was the main guy attempting
to demonize marijuana
Umm, I mean cannabis sativa
See, the name ”marijuana”, he created as propaganda
For the people to make it sound more dirty
And a little more evil
Figured if he scared the public enough
they would want it illegal
He teamed up with newspapers
who had their own motivations
(Like what?)
Google decorticator
The newspapers printed fake stories
About how every puff destroys your brain
Making you crazy insane, prone to murder and rape
The used race and then said again
That weed makes white women get pregnant
By Negroes and immigrant Mexicans
And based off of no research and investigation
Congress rubber stamped that legislation
And then poof, there was a law around it
So we accepted it and never thought about it
But, let’s get smart about it
Lies and greed are the real reasons that it’s illegal
And the reason you got that look on your face
When I talk about it

Smoking weed with the president, with the pres
Smoking weed with the president, with the pres
Smooking weed, smoke smoke
smoking weed with the president
Getting high, getting higher than I ever been
Smoking weed with the president, with the pres
Smoking weed with the president, with the pres
Smooking weed, smoke smoke
smoking weed with the president
Getting high, getting higher than the deficit

[Verse 2]
(Mr. Ea, marijuana’s illegal for public health reasons
We don’t want the American people
Breathing that stuff in and smoking it
Ain’t nothing wrong with a little game day buzz
But marijuana is a dangerous, useless gateway drug
And you want me to legalize?
So the kids can get it easier? Ha ha
Well, what can I say
Either that’s something to laugh at
Or bro, you’re more of a jackass than Kanye)
A jackass? Ok, how about we talk about this rationally
Every 6 seconds a person dies from tobacco
And every 13 from alcohol
Guess how many died in the last ten thousand years
from weed?
None at all
That’s zip zero nada, no chance to overdose
Not one case in history, and no, I am not blowing smoke
Don’t be a coward, just regulate and control it
Take the power from the drug dealers
who contaminate, sell it and own it
See, they love the laws the way they are
because they make millions
When drug lords support your laws
it’s time to amend them
As for the kids, yeah, I’d agree except
It’s easier for kids to buy weed today
than to buy beer or cigarettes
Is that surprising?
Think about it, Sir
how many drug dealers you know ask to see Id?
And stop saying it’s a gateway drug
Something so strong that you can’t break away from
Big homie listen, quit being a politician
Studies show it’s non addictive
And gateway theory is a lot of fiction
A contradiction, and you can quote me for it
You said marijuana was a ”useless” drug?
Hold up a moment
Medical tests and evidence show it’s proven to treat
Glaucoma, cancer, asthma, multiple sclerosis
It could do so much if it was legal
But if it was legal a lot of pharmaceutical drugs
wouldn’t be needed
I did my research and it seems that
(What? So what did you find out?)
Big pharma gave you a millions of dollars
So if weed became legal they would lose a lot of profit
And you would lose funding
So tell me Mr. Presidential
Is it really public health or is it special interest?
Are you worried about the kids
or the private businesses?
Only a few years back
you was against lobbying and corporate robbery
You campaigned for ”change”
well dammit, now demonstrate it in policy
Cause if you really wanna stimulate the economy
And mitigate the problems that emanate from poverty
It’s time to legalize this billion dollar commodity
Harvard professor Jeffrey Myron estimated
9 billion dollars generated in taxes from regulation
Plus another 11 will be saved
from law enforcement resources and incarcerations
That’s 20 billion total every year
You saying this country don’t need that kind of paper?
Put it towards environment, invest in education
Infrastructure in conjunction with job creation
Or maybe a combination
just stop laughing at this situation
And give it serious consideration
It ain’t a joke, ain’t nothing funny
The country’s broke and its people need money
It’s simple economics

[Verse 3]
You did it, Bush did it
Clinton did it, Lincoln did it
And now you throw people in prison for this crime
that ”we” committed?
Mr. President, if it’s such a sin
Then why don’t you and the men
I just named turn yourselves in?
I beg your pardon
See, I don’t wanna hear that circular logic
we ain’t in that oval office
Let’s be honest
If you got caught with marijuana
the day you smoked there wouldn’t even be an Obama
No Barack at that prestigious college of Harvard
Getting his speeches polished with honors
Cause today, you can’t get a student loan
if caught with one weed cigarette
But you can have a rape conviction
on your record and still get a check
From the government, yo, what the fuck is this?
Do you not see injustice when
It’s people suffering sick dying of cancer
Who’s only relief is a plant proven to ease pain
But, that will mean handcuffs
That will mean being called a criminal
That will mean thrown behind bars
Pitiful, Mr. President this ain’t political
It’s commonsensical
Millions in prison
for something that’s never killed a single individual
But you make deals with prescription drug advocates
When just last year
more Americans died from prescriptions in they cabinets
Than heroin, terrorism, murder
and traffic accidents combined
Mr. President, open your eyes
And see the blood on the wall
These companies wouldn’t care
if the country was coming apart
They sharks, they only care about how much it’ll cost
Ain’t been a disease cured in 60 years
Why? Cause a patient cured is a customer lost
Well, I say enough is enough
It’s time for us to fix this
It’s time to get away from the pharmaceutical interests
Forget about the stigma
Forget the opinions of politicians
Cause collective ignorance don’t mean wisdom
Forget about pandering to the system
Cause when the system’s wrong
Sir, it’s your duty to go against it
I urge you to re-read that 9th amendment
And have courage and conviction
and remember your commitment
To the people, cause what if it was Malia?
What if she needed a drug that was illegal to survive
Would things change? Would they be a little different?
Would policy remain, put yourself in that position
And no, I’m not wishing that on you, just illustrating
The consequences of this little plant situation
Cause a lot of politicians hate it
But I just broke it down, it’s up to you to step up, Sir
The time is now
I say the time is now
I hope you step up, Sir
The time is now

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Letra e mГєsica de Smoking weed with the President de Prince Ea рџЋµ – [Hook] / Smoking weed with the president, with the pres / Smoking weed with the president, with the pres / Smooking weed, smoke smoke

Smoking weed with the president

Elected in 1976, President Jimmy Carter was truly a man of his time — and the 1970s were a high time, indeed.

In a new documentary, Carter not only confirms Willie Nelson’s story about smoking weed on top of the White House, he reveals that Willie’s rooftop smoking buddy was his own son, Chip Carter.

Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President is a joyful and (behind-the-scenes) joint-filled look back at Carter’s connection to the contemporary music and musicians of his day, both on the campaign trail and during the tenure of his administration.

“When Willie Nelson wrote his autobiography,” Carter says in the doc’s trailer, “he confessed that he smoked pot in the White House and he said that his companion was one of the servants at the White House. It was actually one of my sons.”

Carter smiles as he makes the revelation, and later in the film, he says it was Chip Carter, who was 28-years-old at the time and had been openly friendly with NORML founder Keith Stroup.

Willie himself broke the story in his 1988 memoir, Willie: An Autobiography. “Sitting on the roof of the White House in Washington, DC, late at night with a beer in one hand and a fat Austin Torpedo in the other,” he wrote. “My companion on the roof was pointing out to me the sights and layout of how the streets run in Washington… I let the weed cover me with a pleasing cloud… I guess the roof of the White House is the safest place to smoke dope.”

In his 2015 follow-up, It’s a Long Story: My Life, Willie gets more specific, describing how Chip “pulled out a joint” and said, “Think it’s time to burn one, Willie, if you don’t object.” We all know what happened next.

“I accepted the offer,” Willie wrote. “The smoke took the edge off my excitement. There I was smoking weed and watching the city lights flicker like fireflies… Getting stoned on the roof of the White House, you can’t help but turn inward. Certain philosophical questions come to mind, like… How the fuck did I get here?”

In addition to electrifying archival performances by Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon, Dizzy Gillespie, and Herbie Hancock, Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President also details the former president’s longtime close friendship with Bob Dylan, as well as his personal connections with Jimmy Buffett, Nile Rodgers, Garth Brooks, and, above all, the wild-and-wooly, deliriously drug-driven Allman Brothers Band.

The movie contains copious footage of Carter with the Allmans in concert throughout 1975 and ’76. Their partnership elevated both the Georgia-based band and the presidential hopeful, who was then governor of the Peach State.

“For a time,” CMT wrote of the team-up, “Carter, in effect, became the Allmans’ opening act. He was introduced, gave a short campaign speech, and then introduced the band — in the process raising his profile with young voters all over the country. And raking in campaign funds.”

Always idealistic, Carter also appealed hugely to youth by becoming the first president to proclaim that marijuana should be decriminalized (and the last to do so until Bill Clinton mentioned it in December 2000, on his way out the Oval Office door. Thanks, Bubba).

Carter even formerly asked Congress to enact decriminalization in March 1977, during his first 100 days in office. Obviously, he wasn’t able to make it happen.

Carter lost in 1980 to Ronald Reagan, the Commander-in-Chief who launched the War on Drugs. Since leaving office, Carter has repeatedly called for an end to that madness. Jimmy even came out in 2012 for full legalization — a prospect that’s not even on the table (yet) in the 2020 presidential race.

Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President premieres in theaters and online on September 9. See it. And then vote against Donald Trump in November.

Former Prez. Jimmy Carter confirms that his son Chip and Willie Nelson definitely smoked weed together on the White House roof in a new documentary that chronicles friendships with Willie, Bob Dylan, the Allman Brothers, and other musical marijuana icons.