smoking weed in the rain

What do you do with your cannabis plants during rain, gales or thunderstorms?

Loads of sun, long days and lots of light. Summertime is the best time for your weed plants if you are growing them outdoors. The conditions appear to be ideal for allowing your weed plants to achieve maturity. But it’s not all sunshine in the summer. Beautiful sunny days are accompanied by heavy rain showers, thunderstorms and even hail sometimes. A lot of people wonder what to do with their weed plants in such circumstances. We will give you a few tips in this article about how to protect your weed plants against bad weather as far as possible.

Should you put the weed plants indoors immediately when it rains?

We have very changeable weather now in the Netherlands. Even in the summer we consider ourselves lucky if we get to enjoy several days of hot sun in a row. The same goes for your cannabis plants in your garden. Logically they give the best yield when they get as much sunlight as possible. But as for a summer with virtually all sunny days? You can forget about that. Weed plants are regularly afflicted by rain showers. Something which the plants would rather not experience. But there’s no need for you to panic immediately. Weed plants aren’t that delicate. You don’t have to take them indoors immediately in the case of a light rain shower. Let them stay outdoors undisturbed.

Raindrops on the leaves after a light rain shower

Heavy Rain Showers

But what if the small rain shower develops into something much heavier? Then it’s time to take action. If your weed plants are in the flowering phase then rain can definitely affect them badly. In this phase the buds are susceptible to bud rot, and mould can occur in heavy rain showers and high humidity. The soil can also become saturated by rain which can cause the roots to become tangled up thereby weakening the weed plant. This makes the plants more susceptible to mildew. In these situations make sure your weed plants are sheltered.

Drooping leaves after a night of heavy rain

Extreme weather conditions

Sometimes it doesn’t just rain but there can even be gales, hail or thunderstorms. The measures which you need to take during these extreme weather conditions are quite simple. Bring your weed plants indoors immediately. Heavy gales and hailstones can be quite detrimental to the leaves of your plants and cause leaf problems. Thunderstorms can cause stress which is also not good for the weed plants. Fortunately, extreme weather conditions are often forecast in advance so you can take account of them and get your plants indoors in good time. Moreover, these extreme weather conditions are not that common. Each summer it probably only happens once or twice that you need to move your weed plants due to thunderstorms, hail or gales.

Solutions for heavy rain showers

Given that rain is the most common problem and causes the most trouble, we give you some tips on how to protect weed plants against the rain. You can resolve it very simply by sheltering your weed plants. Read below for the options available to you.

Make a canopy

The best option is to have a canopy at home under which to put your weed plants. If you don’t have one then you can make a portable one yourself. This may take you some time to make but it will be really beneficial. A canopy will ensure that both the soil and the buds remain largely dry. And if the sun starts shining again a couple of hours later? Then you can simply remove your portable canopy.

Window sill

Another option is to put your weed plant indoors on the window sill. In this way your plants stay completely dry and they also get some light from outside. It’s not ideal but is a good temporary solution. Certainly when you live in an apartment and don’t have a dry place on your balcony. As soon as it’s dry you can of course put them back outside.

Are your weed plants already in the flowering phase and can you or your fellow residents no longer stand the overpowering scent? Then putting your weed plants indoors is probably not an option. In that case look for an alternative solution for sheltering your weed plants. Perhaps your shed or utility room. In these places you won’t be so bothered by the smell of your weed plants and they’ll keep dry.

Choice of weed seeds

Before you start cultivating you can also take the weather conditions into account. By choosing the right weed seeds you can cater for the weather. There are weed seeds specially suited to outdoor cultivation. These weed seeds can handle nature better than other weed seeds. Read our Blog to find out which weed seeds are suitable for outdoor cultivation.

Weed plants in the utility room temporarily during a heavy and long-lasting downpour

Buds on your weed plants

Rain has the most influence on the flowering phase, especially on the buds. If the buds on your weed plant have been afflicted by rain, we recommend you shake them dry, though not when they’re absolutely soaking wet. Make sure there is good ventilation. To help prevent bud rot, it’s helpful to put the weed plants in a location where there’s a draught. Should any buds nevertheless go rotten, then pick them off the plant straight away. Smoking rotten buds is harmful for the lungs.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the weather conditions during cultivation. Unfortunately, when you cultivate weed seeds outdoors you are necessarily at the mercy of Mother Nature. And you don’t always get the weather conditions which you’d like. In any event, try and give your weed plants the conditions they want even in bad weather!

We will give you a few tips in this article about how to protect your weed plants against bad weather as far as possible.

How To Smoke Outside In Bad Weather Conditions

By Bryson K.
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Bad weather conditions can make outdoor activities very difficult. These conditions could be windy, rainy, both, snowy, and others. Especially in those areas of the world that often see bad weather conditions on a regular basis, sometimes even natural disasters. Whatever the case may be, these weather conditions can make smoking outside a not-so-easy task.

Obviously, you could just walk indoors and spark up in there. That is the easiest, simplest answer to this whole post. But let’s say that you cannot smoke indoors. There are many cases of this (personally, I have been through a few). Let’s say you have nowhere that you can go to smoke some marijuana except for outdoors. And let’s also say that there happens to be bad weather conditions going on. What do you do now? You can’t just back down from the sesh, you’ve got to find a way to smoke! This post right here will give you some ideas on ways to smoke outside no matter what the weather is like.

Know The Weather Movement

Your first step in smoking outside in bad weather conditions is to know how the weather is moving. If it is windy, find out which way the wind is going. If it is rainy, then rain typically only comes from one direction. However, if it is windy and rainy, then rain can hit you from the side, which is not good if you are attempting to smoke.

In the case of a windy day, try finding a corner, pillar, tree, or some sort of large fixed object that can block the wind. This way, you can spark up and not have to worry about the wind blowing out your lighter or weed. In the rain, simply get under a roof. Some dense trees might work. Also, some public parks have benches placed under a roof, which can be ideal for smoking. Now, in the case of wind and rain, both of those ideas may not work. You may need to move onto the next idea below to solve that.


You could always hotbox! Hotboxing makes smoking 100% weatherproof (unless you are in a natural disaster). As long as your vehicle has all windows rolled up and doors closed, then you’re good to go! You can smoke whatever you want whenever you want in a hotbox, and that’s the beauty of it. Oh, and it will use your marijuana more efficiently, causing you to get a stronger high compared to smoking outside.

There’s something about hotboxing in the rain that seems to enhance the feeling. Outside is cold and rainy, while inside is warm and full of smoke. Sitting there listening to the rain is also very calming. Mix that with an indica strain and you’ll have yourself a good time.

Of course, not everyone can hotbox. If you are someone who can only smoke outside, then you may be someone who also cannot smoke in a vehicle. There are plenty of reasons for that, as hotboxing does have its downsides. You can learn more about those by clicking the link above. Anyways, if you cannot smoke indoors or in a vehicle, then this next one is sure to help, as long as you are not alone.

Form A Dome

No matter what the weather conditions may be (besides natural disasters), forming a dome can always help. You will need at least one other person for this, though. If you are the person helping, then all you need to do is cover the part of the marijuana being lit with your hands, forming a dome with them. It should look something like this:

Forming a dome for a friend can help in the case of wind, rain, or even both! As long as you know where to block, then you can smoke just about anywhere!

When it comes to forming a dome, the way that you smoke will depict how you should form. If you are smoking bowls, then you only need to block the wind/rain when the bowl is being sparked. Also, block marijuana from rain at all costs. Wet weed is not easy to spark, and could ruin the whole sesh. No matter how you smoke, always block the marijuana from rain.

If you decide to smoke a joint or a blunt outside, then you will need to form a dome while it is being sparked. The good thing about this is that compared to bowls, you only need to use one hand. So, you could spark the joint/blunt with one hand while the other hand forms a dome (thus not needing anyone else). If it is very windy outside, try to cover the joint/blunt from the wind the whole time. Wind can either cause your marijuana to burn faster, or could have a reverse effect and cause the joint/blunt to burn out and stop hitting. You could simply use your hands to always block the wind/rain, or refer to the first idea made above and use a fixed object.

Try A Windproof Lighter

In the case of a windy day, you could always try a windproof lighter! Personally, I own one of these and they are great. No more struggling with a lighter to try and make it stay lit. Windproof lighters don’t care about a windy day, and can make sparking up marijuana a breeze.

Use A Wax Pen

If all else fails, just use a wax pen. Wax pens are great because they are windproof, rainproof, snowproof, and just about anything-proof. You could even use one during a natural disaster (but it’s not recommended). Wax pens are very easy to use outside and on the go. They are very small, making them easy to carry around. And the best part is, you don’t even need to light them! That’s right, no lighter needed. Wax pens are as simple to use as pushing a button. Literally, that’s all you do!

Wax pens definitely win the title of easiest way to smoke in bad weather conditions. Take advantage of that, especially if you live in an area that is constantly affected by bad weather. Wax pens may be your new go-to.

Now that you have some ideas on ways to smoke outside in bad weather conditions, you can try some for yourself. Thanks for reading! Did I leave out any good ideas? If so, drop a comment about it below.

Bad weather conditions can make smoking outside very difficult. These conditions could be windy, rainy, both, snowy, and more. Especially in those areas…