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Can You Smoke Cannabis After Plastic Surgery?

Patients who receive plastic surgery usually head home with a lengthy list of dos and don’ts from their surgeon’s office designed to help speed up the healing process.

Although every individual’s anatomy and healing ability are unique, as with any surgery, complications like infection, excessive bleeding, and bruising can occur in the recovery period.

For many of these same people, smoking cannabis is a key part of their lifestyle. They enjoy the relaxing feeling they get from weed and the creative vibe it can deliver. So, naturally, these patients want to resume their usual activities as soon as possible and achieve a sense of normalcy when they return home.

This raises the question: are there any risks from smoking cannabis following plastic surgery (or any surgery, for that matter)?


Every surgeon has different opinions regarding recovery, but most agree there are some general risks that can affect the healing process, especially when cosmetic work is performed on the face and/or body.

Most plastic surgeons counsel their patients to avoid smoking marijuana immediately after surgery as smoking can lead to coughing and coughing episodes can lead to internal bleeding. This issue can lead to hematomas (pooling of blood beneath the skin) and other medical complications.

There is also the carbon monoxide factor to consider, when it comes to cannabis. Carbon monoxide is present in both tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke and robs the oxygen-carrying capacity of hemoglobin in the blood. This decrease can cause tissue death in certain surgeries like tummy tucks and breast augmentations as these delicate cosmetic procedures already cause decreased blood flow to the affected areas.

Most well-regarded plastic surgeons recommend refraining from smoking cannabis for six weeks before and after any surgery. Medical experts believe that patients should protect their investment and give their bodies enough time to recover naturally and completely.

Methods of Consumption

As most of the negative effects of cannabis after plastic surgery have to do with the effects of smoking and not the drug itself, edible marijuana or cannabidiol (CBD) oil go, most plastic surgeons give these healthier forms of cannabis

consumption the green light following elective, cosmetic surgery to the face and/or body.

For example, cannabidiol is extracted from the flowers and buds of marijuana or hemp plants. CBD oil does not produce intoxication; marijuana’s “high” comes from the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Edibles and oils can work together effectively with the standard drugs prescribed post-surgery. Most doctors do not recommend completely foregoing pharmaceuticals as surgical pain can be acute, and edibles and oils is not typically potent enough to replace standard narcotics.

But cannabis in certain forms can be used and can decrease one’s need for other painkillers. Talk to your doctor before using cannabis in any form in conjunction with prescription painkillers to ensure they won’t mix adversely.

A Part of A Healthy Recovery

If you get the okay, it is best to avoid smoking any substance and instead take cannabis in other forms. Overall, there is excellent recovery potential in edibles and oils for the patient who already has experience with these drugs.

Any patient seeking plastic surgery should be upfront with his or her surgeon and honest about their cannabis use. These days most plastic surgeons have a better understanding of cannabis and its multiple benefits for the human body and they can help you make cannabis a part of your recovery.

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Patients who receive plastic surgery usually head home with a lengthy list of dos and don'ts from their surgeon's office designed to help speed up the healing process. Although every individual’s anatomy and healing ability are unique, as with any surgery, complications like infection, excessive bleeding, and bruising can occur in the recovery period. For many of these same

Can You Smoke Cannabis After Plastic Surgery?

Cannabis is getting all the hype worldwide, most of it coming from the United States. For a count, the use of medical weed is legal in 39 states and Washington DC in America, now.

Of course, the government has made this possible only at the state level, but it makes a difference. And this is one of the primary reasons that marijuana users are increasing day by day.

Indeed, people are in love with medical cannabis, and they’re integrating it into their daily lives. Besides, queries related to marijuana are breaking the internet. Everyone wants to know about the medical benefits of cannabis.

But, from a series of questions, what I find a bit exceptional was cannabis and plastic surgery. Many people still want to know if they can smoke cannabis after surgery?

Well, the research on marijuana use is still undergoing. In that case, to make sure whether puffing on your favorite stains will help or harm needs to be considered.

What about asking the same question to your Surgeon?

We know that you’re always hesitant to share the smoking concerns with your doctors. But, they’re the only persons who can save you from any side-effects of smoking. Precisely, the more upfront you’ll be about your medical history with pot in front of surgeons, the more you’ll be at ease.

If you’re already undergoing liposuction, or any other fat cutting surgeries, it’s the high time to talk to your doctors. Your doctor can then recommend a timeline for when you should stop and begin consuming cannabis again.

“Prevention is better than cure.” The most feasible and practical quote for you if you’re going to use cannabis after surgeries.

Meanwhile, we’ve researched a lot about smoking weed after plastic surgery. The results came across are a complete surprise, and everything is worth sharing.

This blog will help you in knowing the best time and ways to use cannabis safely following plastic surgery.

Expectations From Cannabis Use

The majority of patients use medical marijuana to treat psychological conditions like depression, anxiety, chronic pain, epilepsy, etc.

Coming back to plastic surgery, many have chosen cannabis as an alternative drug to relieve pain. Since health experts mostly prescribe opioid pain killers to treat pain, and those pills have a lot of side-effects.

But the story here has a big twist. The opioid epidemic is a reality which too many of us have faced here in the United States. Most people have either been users themselves or know someone who has or is still using heroin or other opioids.

Somehow, this has created a lot of justifiable fear about taking these addictive drugs, whether by prescription or through various criminal networks.

As per evidence, THC and CBD are the two main cannabinoids found in marijuana products. THC is the traditional “psychoactive” substance that gets you high, while CBD is directly tied to pain reduction.

So, without consulting the surgeons, patients start expecting that smoking weed is an excellent option for them. Keeping this in mind is crucial that every plastic surgery has its own complication. And not every cured pain gives you the easiness.

The Reality

This is entirely true that doctors in states where the recreational or medical use of marijuana is permitted often recommend cannabis for their patients recovering from painful injuries.

However, all the painful injuries are not like and caused due to fat cutting procedures. Qualified medical professionals never advocate smoking after plastic surgeries. Especially, post-surgery, smoking should not be your thing.

For example, if you went through a lipo recently, puffing even pure marijuana can affect your health a lot. If this is a fact that medical cannabis can treat severe pain, it’s also a reality that it boosts your appetite.

Eating a lot right after a few days of surgeries can lead to potential weight gain. So, smoking cannabis after surgery is, at least, not a good idea.

The Major Risks Involved

There are many consequences of smoking when we relate it to plastic surgeries. Tobacco use before and after surgery, results in various complications.

Undoubtedly, cannabis is still in the early stages of study, and the results are not guaranteed; inhaling smoke through any means is a hazard when undergoing surgical procedures.

That’s why most doctors highly recommend their patients not to consume nicotine or cannabis prior to surgery in order to avoid complications. The ubiquity of marijuana has led some users to question the safety of its use for specific procedures.

Yes, it’s a pain reducer, but it’s also not a miracle drug. If you need to be put under during surgery, doctors will use anesthesia, a depressant, before performing their duties. Cannabis is also a depressant, and combining these two depressants can lead to lower blood pressure and a heart rate that might present complications.

Also, research has shown that THC affects the cardiovascular system, the body’s temperature regulation, and the respiratory system. And this can reduce the amount of oxygen in your cells.

Lack of oxygen impacts the body’s ability to heal scarring and may also affect the abilities of your organs and tissues to react to stress within the body. The healing response itself can be slowed by smoking cannabis.

Smoking anything is always a risk, especially when undergoing stomach and chest surgeries. Cannabis smoking can damage plastic surgeries like tummy tucks, liposuction, and other abdomen-related plastic surgeries.

Coughing is a common side effect of usage, which can tear incisions, separate scarring, cause seromas, or internal bleeding.

What Does Stats claim?

There is a ton of evidence demonstrating the painkilling properties of cannabis; medical professionals often cite one comprehensive Canadian study that demonstrated how CBD and THC lead to reduced pain after surgery.

On the other hand, recovery from surgical procedures is not easy. Studies claim that due to the availability of carbon monoxide in cannabis, it slows down the movement of oxygen in the body.

More than 9.5% of the adult population in the US consumes marijuana. And the results when those adults mix pot with surgical operations, it increases cardiac overload.

Methods of Consumption

Many studies show that the inhaling of smoke negatively impacts the lungs. After plastic surgery, the dangers of complications increase with smoking.

This leads many to look for alternative methods of cannabis consumption. Instead of smoking cannabis through a pipe or from a joint, try these alternatives instead.


The consumption of edibles has grown considerably in popularity in those states where cannabis has been legalized. Edibles come in many varieties and strengths. Consulting with the staff of your local cannabis dispensary is a great place to begin. They can recommend variations of strength to meet the pain you are feeling. Whether you enjoy cookies, brownies, candies, sodas, coffee, or anything in between, cannabis edibles are available in any variety for every palate.

Tinctures and oils

Edibles can be very strong and sometimes unpredictable, so consumers of cannabis can opt for tinctures or oils instead. These can be added to foods or drinks to get the full effects of THC and CBD in cannabis. These were the official methods of medical cannabis delivery before prohibition.


While a little trickier than the other options in this list, vaping can be a good option for those looking for massive clouds of “smoke.” Those that have had stomach surgery should definitely avoid this as coughing is still a side effect of usage, but even if you’ve had surgery elsewhere, you should consume it with caution.

A cloud vapor system like this one can be a great way to get all the effects of cannabis without the smoke. Bonus, it creates large plumes of vapors that mimic smoking.

How to Get Legal Access to Cannabis?

You know that cannabis use is still illegal at the federal level. So, to use it without any hassle, you need a legal cannabis card. This card is the ultimate solution to all your problems. Numerous online sites provide us with the facility of medical marijuana cards. You just have to apply a form related to your details, and in a few minutes, you receive a call from medical practitioners.

Additionally, you can also get this card from the physical dispensaries of your region. This is a legal document by which you can enjoy cannabis in all ways.


Always consult with your doctor before consuming cannabis before and after surgery. They will need to know what’s going on inside your body so they can make any necessary adjustments. With that being said, many users can safely consume cannabis using one of the alternative methods immediately following surgery to help relieve pain. The significant complications of cannabis consumption come from smoking. Edibles, tinctures, oils, and vaping can all be great ways to manage pain while recovering from surgery.

Can You Smoke Cannabis After Plastic Surgery? Cannabis is getting all the hype worldwide, most of it coming from the United States. For a count, the use of medical weed is legal in 39 states and