smoking on gelato

Smoking on gelato

Smokin’ dope smokin’ on gelato (gelato)
Got cash like I hit the lotto (the lotto)

Italian ice cream, obviously of Italian origin. Although it is loosely called “ice cream”, it does pose differences in how it is made and tastes.

The 3 main differences between gelato and ice cream are:

1- Gelato is made with milk, not cream like ice cream. This often gives gelato a more robust flavor than ice cream, as the extra fat from the cream in ice cream can dull the flavor in it.

2- Gelato is churned less than ice cream, so it has much less air in it than ice cream. This lack of extra air in it in return leaves it with a much denser/thicker texture, which often leads people to think it’s creamier and richer than ice cream (although there’s no cream in it! :P).

3- Gelato is usually stored at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream, which makes it a bit softer than ice cream, (again making it taste richer/creamier).

Overall, gelato is nowhere near as prominent as ice cream, but is a very nice treat when available. If you havn’t already tried this before, I would highly recommend you try it if you get the chance to. It’s most commonly found in authentic Italian resturants. Gelato can also be made with water and alcohol (then called sorbetto) instead of milk.

Josh: Hey, do you wanna go get some ice cream?, I could really go for some.

Joe: Naw, let’s try some gelato instead, it tastes a lot yummier!

Smoking on gelato Smokin’ dope smokin’ on gelato (gelato) Got cash like I hit the lotto (the lotto) Italian ice cream, obviously of Italian origin. Although it is loosely called “ice cream”,

Smoking on gelato

Dedicated weed smokers and cannasseurs alike have puffed on Gelato at least once. And if they haven’t, some variety of the world-famous Gelato strain is likely on their bucket list.

Gelato got its start in the Bay Area, bred and popularized by Mario Guzman, otherwise known as the mastermind marijuana geneticist Mr. Sherbinski. Sherbinski belonged to a crew of San Francisco-based breeders such as Jigga, Berner, and others who all once criss-crossed the genetics of the famed Cookies strains together. They’ve since gone on to form their own companies and propriety plants.

The original Gelato is the cheeba child of two legendary dank dynamos: Cookie Fam’s Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (aka GSC) and Sherbinskis’ Sunset Sherbert. Sherbinskis has since developed a variety of Gelato phenotypes, some that simply have numbers designating their distinction from the OG.

Other Gelato phenos simply bear delectable monikers like “Acai Berry Gelato” and “Mochi Gelato.” Not all of these variants on Gelato descended directly from the first mother: Some are crosses of other Gelato varieties, others back-crossed with entirely different strains. Regardless, the Gelato name is now synonymous with delightfully saccharine flower that produces creamy smoke. Yum.

But, back to Gelato proper. When grown under optimal conditions, Gelato produces fat buds bearing purple and violet hues, glistening with such dense coverings of terpene-packed trichomes they look like they were rolled around in pure sugar. Its visual appeal explains why certain, unusually colorful strains claim Gelato in their lineage. Taste the rainbow.

What Does Gelato Feel Like?

Any weed strain’s effects will vary depending on how it was grown, how it was packaged and stored, and who’s smoking it. But self-reports online usually state the same thing: Gelato is strong shit, but tokers can still think clearly while lit on it. For many cannabis consumers, Gelato strikes the perfect balance between being hazy-headed and focused.

According to compiled lab reports at Leafly, Gelato isn’t a strain that consistently pumps out massive amounts of THC. On average, the strain comes in around 17 percent THC, which is decent, but not on the level of some strains that can reach as high as 30 percent. Of course, THC isn’t the be-all end-all of cannabis potency. Gelato likely gets folks lifted sky-high due to its rich terpene profile, which is only possible with genetics that produce moderate THC levels.

And in case you’re wondering, the three most prominent terpenes found in Gelato are caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene, in descending order.

Why Do Rappers Mention Gelato Non-Stop?

Sherbinskis’ strains have received over 200 shout-outs from hip-hop artists and other musicians over the years. But of all of them, Gelato probably takes the cake when it comes to name-drops.

Who has mentioned Gelato? Young Dolph (on a track aptly titled “Gelato”), Peewee Longway (with Young Dolph on yet another track titled “Gelato”), Future (more than once, too), Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, Offset of Migos, and Berner (of course), are a few rappers that felt so inspired by Gelato they immortalized the strain in their verses.

In the past couple years, rappers have name-dropped Sherbinskis’ Gelato more than any other marijuana strain. How did this bud replace Cristal as hip-hop’s favorite party favor, and what makes the flower so hype?