skunk productions

Johnny Skunk Productions LLC

West Hollywood, California


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Johnny Skunk Productions LLC is a Event Performer on Bark, serving West Hollywood and surrounding areas. Check our their Bark profile and leave a review now.

logo for Striped Skunk Productions

Check out Dean.ryan.k’s Logo design contest…

Entertainment & The Arts

We are a specialty event and promotions company in Chicago. Our target markets are entertainment and sports.

Logo types to explore

I have an exact idea as to what I want, and that is the stripes on the skunk’s back to exactly replicate the Chicago Flag (colors & styles); although please try to avoid making it look like a stamp, rather like it was born with that patter/color-sceme (black, white, blue, red – just like flag). Keep it classy and more corporate, please no cartoons. This skunk needs to have some personality and an edge of toughness. I attached a second image of a “fighting Badger” as a reference (please do not replicate/copy for my work; this is trademarked and represents state university) even though it is a different animal altogether. The name does not have to be part of the logo, I would like to see more effort put into the skunk having quite a unique identity and story. The reason for the skunk is that the name Chicago, came from the Indian word Chicagoua which translates to wild onion/skunked smell, therefore striped skunk. Please feel free to shoot me individual questions if my recommendations above are unclear. Thank you!

Every design category has flexible pricing for all budgets. Logo design starts at $299.

Full copyright with production-ready files for digital and/or print.

Dean.ryan.k created a custom logo design on 99designs. They got dozens of unique ideas from professional designers and picked their favorite.