silver cheese

Silver Cheese

Silver Cheese from Big Buddha Seeds is now available in Alchimia, a variety that merges the best features of two heavyweights of the cannabis sector – Super Silver Haze and Big Buddha Cheese marijuana – seeking a strain with a tremendous psychoactive power and a really delicious flavor.

Crossing these two champions during a long process of selection and stabilization has led the bank to get a plant that meets all expectations, earning to bear the name of Silver Cheese.

It is a fast-growing hybrid that acquires a sativa hybrid structure, fir-shaped, with long side branches that try to compete with the main cola, growing considerably tall.

Despite being a 75% sativa – 25% indica hybrid, its flowering is fast, ripening its buds after 9-11 weeks of blooming and producing abundant harvests thanks to its large, thick tails.

The combination of these two portentous plants allows us to enjoy aromas that blend classic Haze notes – with its metallic and incensed hints – accompanied by fruity and spicy nuances. It joins a clearly stimulating, psychedelic and cerebral effect, but accompanied by an intense physical relaxation.

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