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The Five Shortest Autoflower Strains – A Fast Buds Guide

Bigger is not always better. A supersized sativa may look great in photos, but what do you do when it starts to outgrow its tent? Get a bigger tent? Well, then how do you discreetly place that in your home? Nobody wants law enforcement banging their door down because their pot plant was too big to hide.

If you value stealth growing or just have limited space, autoflowering cannabis seeds can provide you with smooth, potent, and bountiful flowers that won’t outgrow their home. Instead of growing like trees, these strains grow like squat bushes packed with dense buds. Sometimes refered to as dwarf cannabis, modern autoflowers offer staggering yields and award-winning, high-THC buds withing 10-weeks of planting. With that in mind, let’s kick off our list at number 5!

For each strain, we’ve included a link to a grow report/grow diary that illustrates one way (of many) to successfully grow each variety. Check them out for grow tips.

5. Green Crack

Who wants to get hyped! No strain provides a rush like Green Crack (sometimes called Green Crush). The original version of this legendary strain comes in both Sativa-dominant and Indica-dominant varieties. Fast Buds’ Autoflowering version is an almost perfect 50/50 hybrid that gives the rush of a sativa, while the indica relaxation eliminates paranoia and nervousness.

Topping out at 35 inches, or 88 centimeters, Green Crack still offers massive yields, as you can see from the picture above. Green Crack offers a smooth, balanced experience, and fits nicely in a closet or space bucket (a kind of stealth grow box).

4. Grapefruit

Bred with indoor stealth grows in mind, Grapefruit is dorm-room closet ganja par excellence. Reaching a modest 35-inches, or 90 centimeters, this strain offers a fruity, limonene-rich aroma unlike any strain you’ve tried before.

The well-balanced high pairs perfectly with it’s easy-to-hide frame. If you’re short on space and can only grow one strain at a time, Grapefruit is the perfect jack-of-all-trades.

3. CBD Crack

CBD Crack is Green Crack’s more serious cousin. Sporting a 1:1 CBD to THC-ratio, this cannabadiol-rich strain not only grows short, it’s Fast Buds’ most versatile strain.

If high-THC weed (especially Sativas) makes you nervous or paranoid, this strain’s 1:1 CBD to THC offers a smooth, euphoric alternative. CBD regulates the receptors in the brain that THC triggers (CB1 and CB2 for the nerds among us), preventing run-away anxiety from taking hold and allowing even the most cannabis averse to enjoy a euphoric buzz that won’t leave you couch-locked, speedy, or nervous. This doesn’t even begin to address the other marvelous things CBD has to offer. As Fast Buds’ Master Grower Tripaholic put it, “I can recommend this strain for people suffering from anxiety. I suffer from it, and I’ll take a dab when I have an anxiety attack, and it just melts away in about 1-3 minutes. CBD is truly a blessing.”

2. Fastberry

If there were a cannabis strain hall of fame, Blueberry would be inducted in the first round. This fruity strain has been a staple of the Cali MMJ scene since the 90s, and even recreational users love the effects. Our autoflowering version, Fastberry packs all the famed effects of the original onto a stout 30-inch or 77-centimeter frame. It’s also one of our fastest growers, sometimes reaching full maturity within eight weeks.

1. Rhino Ryder

Rhino Ryder is truly special. A Fast Buds’ original, we took strains from the popular Medicine Man/White Rhino lineage and crossed them with our autoflowers to create our shortest strain that packs buds with a punch. Once again, Tripaholic describes it perfectly, “[Rhino Rider’s] high is at first a nice cerebral hit to the head resulting in an instant mood uplift that has you giggly and lasts for about 30-40 mins then slowly the body gets it until you are in an almost narcotic daze. Perfect for aches and pains.”

Technically, Rhino Rider and Fastberry tie for our shortest strain. While Rhino Ryder can, and usually does, grow shorter, its max height is just a few centimeters taller than Fasterberry’s. Both strains come from amazing lines and are perfect for the stealth grower in need of weed with a kick.

If none of these strains are quite what you’re looking for, you can always check out our full catalog and our All About Autoflower guides. Still doesn’t solve your space problem? If you can only grow a lmited number of plants, be sure to take a look at our guide on long-term seed storage. Even the tallest of our autoflowers, the perennial favorite Tangie’Matic, grow stout relative to their photoperiod cousins. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all the latest news, strains, and giveaways from Fast Buds.

Bigger is not always better. A supersized sativa may look great in photos, but what do you do when it starts to outgrow its tent? Get a bigger tent? Well, then

short rider


Unbelievably reliable and resilient, Short Rider Auto is an easy grow, indica dominant autoflowering strain that will flower from seed to harvest in 10-11 weeks. Thanks to her short and squat structure, she is perfect for balconies, sunny terraces and back gardens. Pungent, skunky terps with a chilled out effect makes this one a must have for growers who experience short summers and cold climates.

Genetics: She was created by crossing Top 44 with Early Special. The result is a strain perfect for beginners, who require extreme versatility with little maintenance. Superb resilience and a bushy, indica dominant autoflowering hybrid. A fast growing, autoflowering strain that will grease up with trichomes and be ready to harvest multiple times per year in just 70-77 days.

Strain Characteristics: Short Rider Auto likes to stay low, bushy and flower with a wide structure. She is easy to blend and camouflage, and is well suited for outdoors where height and privacy may be an issue. This lady can be hidden very well thanks to her short growth structure, meaning she is ideal for sunny terraces and private balconies, or those concerned about neighbours. We recommend growing her closely together in a Sea of Green to push her yields to the maximum, as she is capable of producing yields of 300 – 400 g/m². This lady will produce one main central cola, surrounded by thick side branches that will grow with a short internodal spacing.

She has a heavily resinous appearance and will flower producing thick, dense buds. Outdoors she is a top performer and will fight of mould, mildew and insects with ease, meaning she is a must for growers who experience cold weather.

Experiencing this strain: This lady will leave you feeling relaxed, with a nice smile on your face. The effect is euphoric and slightly dreamy, with an extremely chilled physical body. She is a wise choice for social scenarios, daytime use and for anyone who wants to enjoy a well balanced effect. Her flavours are skunky, earthy, pungent with dank overtones that will fill a room with a powerful aromatic funk. THC levels will reach 15%, making her an excellent choice for social scenarios and smokers with a low tolerance. Medical patients may find this strain useful for relieving aches and pains, muscle spasms, cramps, increasing motivation, anxiety and depression as well as insomnia.

What makes this strain so great: An excellent performer in all conditions, that will not let you down. One of the most resistant autoflowering varieties on the market, with a pungent, acrid aroma fans of old school Skunk will fall in love with.

Quote from a customer: “I can truly say that Short Ryder [sic] of Nirvana is a great strain, uniform in growth, autoflowers immediately, and with only a few weeks to go, and the buds glistening already, it will be a great smoke. I was skeptical when it came to Short Ryder[sic] and any autoflowering strain for that matter, but considering the germination rate (100%), health of the plant (perfect and disease resistant), as well as the ability to randomly change the light cycle, I am a true Believer :), thanx again to the great Nirvana team and to the breeders of this amazing strain. Will be ordering real soon.” – Bossy S.

Unbelievably reliable and resilient, Short Rider Auto is an easy grow, indica dominant autoflowering strain that will flower from seed to harvest in very short time.