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Select CBD offers an assortment of CBD oil ticturtes, soft gel capsules, vape pens and even transdermal patches. Shop at & save up to 30%! Social CBD drops has 1,000mg CBD and is available in 4 flavors: peppermint, lemon ginger, lavender and natural. Formerly Select CBD and free shipping.

Select CBD

Select CBD has rapidly risen through the ranks to become one of the most popular CBD brands in the world. Almost everyone who knows about CBD has heard of Select CBD products; and here at, we’re proud to provide the full lineup that this brand has to offer.

This company has attractive branding and impressive celebrity partnerships. It isn’t hard to figure out why this company has been so successful! This brand offers all the most popular types of CBD products. Whether you’re on the hunt for CBD vape pens, top-tier CBD tinctures, or CBD topicals, we have an option that’s right for you.

One factor that’s worked to this company’s advantage is their partnership with long-time hemp advocate Montel Williams. As the former host of a popular daytime TV talk show, Montel had the opportunity to encounter a lot of cutting-edge ideas throughout his career. He was one of the first household names to jump on the CBD bandwagon. Montel Williams CBD oil is one of this brand’s most popular product lines. You can find all your favorite Montel by Select products here at!

Based in Oregon, this brand’s original purpose was to introduce CBD into the vaping industry. Along with some of the other brands we offer here at, Select CBD has been successful in mainstreaming the use of CBD in vape products. This company has received several prestigious awards. Most notably, they were named Oregon’s #1 company across all categories. This goes to show how rapidly Select CBD has gotten an impressive reputation in the CBD industry.

What Can You Learn From Select CBD Reviews?

Have you been searching the web for Select CBD Relax reviews, Select CBD Muscle Rub reviews, or even Select CBD tincture reviews? Checking out what others have to say about a company’s products is always a good move! Customer reviews are great. They provide a wealth of free information. You should always check out reviews before buying.

It’s every CBD producer’s job to represent its products positively to the public. This means you can’t trust everything that a CBD company has to say. CBD consumers, on the other hand, are driven by nothing more than their firsthand experiences with products. They aren’t restricted by the food and drug administration. They aren’t getting paid to say anything. This makes customer reviews very trustworthy.

Below, we’ve included some of the factors you can learn more about by reading Select CBD reviews. This user-generated content is incredibly useful when you want to know what it’s like to use a product from a consumer’s standpoint. Here are some of the things you should look out for as you read through reviews.

1 – Usefulness For Certain People

We sell CBD products. That means federal regulations prohibit us from making any benefit statements or claims about CBD. Whether it’s a multi-brand platform like, or a CBD producer’s own website, sites that are involved in CBD eCommerce are restricted from telling you how CBD can help.

Consumers, however, aren’t subject to the same restrictions, and they can say whatever they want about CBD products in their reviews. If you’ve decided to use CBD for a particular condition, CBD product reviews are goldmines of useful material. They will help you make an informed decision and get the right product.

Sorting through CBD reviews can be tough. It’s important to look for people using CBD for a similar reason. This will help you find the right CBD. You might find that tinctures are the way to go. Maybe you’ll find that vaping sounds good. CBD topicals, for instance, have completely different formulations as compared to CBD tinctures.

2 – Product Quality

We’ll let you in on a little secret of the CBD industry: Unlike reviews on eCommerce platforms like Amazon that sell products from lots of different brands, the reviews that consumers submit on the sites operated by individual CBD brands are subject to approval before they are posted.

Therefore, take any statements made about product quality on a CBD company’s eCommerce site with a grain of salt. While it’s unlikely that you’ll come across any fraudulent reviews, it’s possible to suppress negative reviews that might point out product flaws.

After you check out the reviews on a CBD brand’s official website, seek out some independent platforms to get an objective take on the situation. Here at, for instance, we have no stake in how the products we offer are reviewed. Since we aim to be the “Amazon of CBD,” fair, honest customer reviews simply promote our top goal to help consumers make the best CBD purchasing decisions they can. As you use product reviews to determine the quality of a CBD product, always favor the consensus you find on independent sites like ours over the potentially artificially positive slant that you might find on a CBD company’s official website.

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Value vs. Other Brands

As long as the reviews you check out are objective, CBD product reviews can be powerful tools for determining how much value you’ll get from working with this company versus another brand. There are huge discrepancies between the product quality, CBD concentration, and customer service offered by different brands, and seeing what consumers really think about the CBD they use can help you decide which brand you should choose here at

How To Use Select CBD

This company is very good at providing detailed information on how to use its products. Under rare circumstances, however, you might find that you have questions about how to use your Select CBD products, and customers are especially keen to learn more about how to use Select CBD vape pens. Below, we answer a couple of the most commonly asked Select CBD vape pen questions to make your experience with this brand as straightforward as possible.

How Do You Smoke Select CBD Pens?

It’s important to point out that vaping is very different from smoking. When you smoke a substance, you inhale plant matter and a variety of other harmful substances. Vapes, on the other hand, only involves inhaling water vapor, which is believed to be far less harmful.

This brand makes it easy to use their vape pens by including detailed Select vape pen instructions on each vape pen package. These instructions are, however, not strictly necessary since using Select CBD vape pens is so simple.

this company keeps things simple by offering vape pens that don’t have any buttons you need to press or batteries you need to charge. All you need to do to use a Select CBD vape pen is put it in your mouth and inhale. The coil activates automatically, and the vapor will continue to be produced until you stop inhaling.

Some of Our Customer Favorites

When it comes to CBD, we all have our own personal preferences. Some of us love gummies and tinctures, others are fans of topicals and vapes. With so many great products to choose from making a final decision can be difficult. We’ve put a list of our customer favorites together to help inform your decision. We want you to have the best CBD experience possible, and this list can help you get there!


It feels great to take a dropper full of tincture oil, but nothing beats the experience of indulging in delicious gummy filled with CBD extract. Staying on top of your daily wellness regimen is easy when you have delicious gummies to keep you motivated!

These gummies are made from the finest, organically grown industrial hemp. All of the essential oils extracted from the cannabis plant are carefully formulated into these delicious indulgences. You can even find gummies infused with powerful botanicals like turmeric or chamomile. If you’re a social CBD user, you’ll love being able to share these powerful products.

A quick disclaimer; once you try these gummies, you’re going to keep coming back for more. This means you’ll need to keep a fresh supply of delicious CBD gummies on hand! These gummies are also made with stevia instead of sugar so you can chow down guilt-free. If you want to replace your CBD drops or disposable vape pen with something chewy and delicious, gummies are a fantastic option!

Broad Spectrum Vape Juice

If you’re looking to treat your body to terpenes and powerful MCTs in addition to cannabinoids, this vape juice is a great choice. You won’t find any residual pesticides or harsh chemicals in this vape juice. This brand uses the best botanicals and hemp-derived CBD oil to carefully craft this impressive product. You can choose from delicious flavors like Lemon Ginger and Passion Flower. Give your taste buds something they’ll love while you treat your body right, with broad-spectrum vape juice!

CBD Isolate

If you’re looking for Pure CBD this powerful THC-free extract is a perfect choice. CBD isolate contains 99.9% pure CBD. After all of the powerful compounds are extracted from the hemp plant, the oil is further processed to remove all cannabinoids aside from CBD. Once the CBD has been isolated, it is mixed with fractionated coconut oil and diluted to the perfect potency.

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Delicious Flavor Profiles

One of the things customers love about this company is its incredible variety of flavors. Spearmint and Peppermint CBD are top sellers from this brand. They also carry fruity options like grapefruit and lemon ginger. If you are looking to enjoy the rich natural flavor of cannabis, pick up an unflavored product! This company makes a hemp extract for everyone. If you’re looking to treat yourself to top-tier products that are not only delicious but made with beneficial ingredients like ashwagandha and Rhodiola, you need to check out the amazing products from this impressive brand!

How Do You Know When Your Select CBD Pen Is Empty?

You’ll know when your Select CBD vape pen is empty when it no longer produces vapor. The battery in your vape pen is designed to last slightly longer than the vape juice in your cartridge, which means that your pen’s coil may still get hot even when the internal cartridge is empty.

However, there are no complicated lights you need to keep track of or batteries you need to charge when you choose a pen as your cannabidiol vaping solution. You also don’t need to worry about any CBD vape juice being left behind in your cartridge; Select CBD designs its vape pens specifically to vaporize every last drop of cannabidiol in your pen.

Why You Should Buy Select CBD Vape Pens and Other Products

Select CBD is one of the most prevalent brands in the CBD industry for a reason. This brand consistently displays a dedication to product quality and immaculate branding that can’t be denied. While many CBD brands think they can get away with sloppy packaging and outlandish medical claims, this company plays it close to the vest by offering solid products without all the frills and emotive marketing language.

With reasonable pricing, clearly-labeled CBD concentrations, and attractive product designs, this brand sets itself apart from its biggest competitors, and there’s no doubt that this brand will continue to grow exponentially over the next few years. With a wide variety of different product types to offer, this company has something for everyone, and you can even try multiple product types at once to enjoy this company’s high-quality CBD from a variety of different angles.

Remember that when you shop at, there’s no need to stick with a single brand. If you came here in search of the best price on Alert – Montel by Select capsules but you also want some high-quality CBD vape juice to pop into your favorite rig at home, we’ve got you covered. No matter how many products from different brands you add to a single order here at, remember that you’ll enjoy lightning-fast processing and shipping times whenever you make a purchase on our revolutionary platform. Once you’ve tried Select CBD for yourself, don’t forget to leave a review to help other customers make informed purchasing decisions!

Social CBD Drops – 1000mg per Bottle

Received product fast and I am very happy with the product.

149 Reviews

Unknown – May 14th 2022

Social CBD 1000MG Lemon Ginger

works wonders on my chronic pain

Judith Atkinson – Apr 26th 2022


Received product fast and I am very happy with the product.

AMANDA RENDON – Jan 13th 2022

Social CBD Drops (formerly Select CBD Drops) – 1000mg per Bottle – Peppermint

The only reason I rate the effectiveness at 3 stars is because I haven’t used him long enough to know.

Jailbuilder – Jan 13th 2022

Social CBD Drops (formerly Select CBD Drops) – 1000mg per Bottle – Lemon-Ginger

My favorite flavor!

Patricia Lucero – Dec 10th 2021

Social CBD Drops (formerly Select CBD Drops) – 1000mg per Bottle – Peppermint

Great product, works really well for me

Pamela Baggott – Oct 27th 2021

Social CBD Drops (formerly Select CBD Drops) – 1000mg per Bottle – Peppermint

Exceptional product and customer service. always!

Carol Grabner – Oct 8th 2021

Social CBD Drops (formerly Select CBD Drops) – 1000mg per Bottle – Unflavored

Works wonders on pain

Melinda – Aug 27th 2021

Social CBD Drops (formerly Select CBD Drops) – 1000mg per Bottle – Peppermint

This product works for so many of my physical problems as well as mental balance!

Marianne Wolpert – Aug 23rd 2021

Social CBD Drops (formerly Select CBD Drops) – 1000mg per Bottle – Lemon-Ginger

Good company had what I needed and sent two trial gifts of my product. Thank you.

Laura Pic – Jul 1st 2021

Social CBD Drops (formerly Select CBD Drops) – 1000mg per Bottle – Unflavored

Seems to working on my arthritic and painful joints. It does help and I was dubious.


Social CBD Tinctures

Social CBD Drops: Find convenient herbal relief anytime, anywhere with Social CBD’s proprietary 1000mg CBD tincture. All Social CBD oil products are made and packaged by hand. Social CBD oil goes through the highest levels of testing. Social CBD partners with brilliant scientists to discover and improve extraction and processing techniques and explore cutting-edge CBD science. All of the drops contain a specially formulated balance of CBD and herb-infused, refined coconut oil, known as MCT oil.

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The hemp extract used as the base is a CBD isolate that has been processed to remove the THC compound, so this is a true 0 THC product rather than one that contains a trace amount of THC. Social CBD Blends combine the benefits of CBD with essential oils and natural extracts. What’s more, this product is easy to use, as each tincture includes a marked dropper applicator for the perfect serving size.

About Social CBD

Social CBD was formerly known as Select CBD . The Select CBD oil brand was renamed by their parent company, Sentia Wellness, in an effort to distinguish between the marijuana and THC-free lines. Sentia wanted their Social CBD drops to be confidently embraced by athletes and families across the United States, which was harder to accomplish with the stigma surrounding THC. Social CBD is now known as the brand widely regarded for producing high-quality isolate and broad spectrum CBD products. The packaging for Social CBD drops still contains the bold, friendly S above the company name that became an iconic logo for the Select CBD drops. Social’s longstanding commitment to quality and affordability is something we can’t praise enough.

Why Choose Social CBD Tincture?

  • Non-psychoactive
  • Zero THC
  • Independently Lab Tested
  • Blended with essential oils & herbs
  • Great Flavors
  • 100% plant-based

Social CBD Drops come in four great flavors:

Lavender ( lavender, chamomile, passion flower ): CBD Lavender Drops are infused with herbs known for relaxation and calmness, including lavender, chamomile, and passion flower.

Lemon-Ginger ( lemon, ginger, turmeric ): Lemon-Ginger Drops are infused with ginger, turmeric, and lemon’s naturally energizing and revitalizing powers. Turmeric is so well-known that there are over 10,000 peer-reviewed articles focused on the benefits of this herb. Ginger is also known to aid with different physical systems and aids in health and well-being!

Peppermint: Peppermint is a natural energy booster. The scent stimulates the hippocampus area of the brain for increased mental clarity and improved memory. The flavor and smell tell your brain it is time to focus.

Unflavored: Social CBD offers an unflavored option for those looking for all of the CBD benefits with none of the added flavors. It truly is tasteless!

How to use Social CBD Drops:

This product is intended for oral use. Shake well before use to evenly distribute the CBD oil. Place 15 drops, or whatever you have determined to be your best serving size, under your tongue once or twice daily, hold for 60-90 seconds, and swallow. We encourage you to experiment with serving size to find what works best for you. This is an oil-based product, which could lead to a stomach ache if excessive amounts are consumed. If you have any issues or questions about our Social CBD Drops, please feel free to email or call us.

Do Social CBD Drops Show Up On A Drug Test?

Concerned about potentially failing a work drug test while using Social’s CBD Drops. You don’t have to worry! Drug tests are designed to look for the presence of THC. Social’s CBD Drops are broad spectrum and contain no THC. This means you will not fail a drug test while using Social CBD Drops.

Not The Social CBD Product You Were Looking For?

You can view our full selection of Social CBD products by clicking the link below. View All Social CBD Products

CBD Strength: 1000 mg CBD Per Bottle/33.33 mg CBD Per ml Size: 30ml (1 ounce) bottle Flavor: Lavender, Lemon Ginger, Peppermint, Unflavored Class: Isolate


Lemon/Ginger: Fractionated Coconut Oil, CBD Isolate, Turmeric, Ginger, Lemon Extract, Stevia
Lavender: Fractionated Coconut Oil, CBD Isolate, Passion Flower, Chamomile, Lavender Extract, Stevia
Peppermint: Fractionated Coconut Oil, CBD Isolate, Peppermint Essential Oil, Ashwagandha Herbs, and Rhodiola Herbs
Unflavored: Fractionated Coconut Oil, CBD Isolate

Note: Pregnant women and lactating mothers should not use this product. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet or using any new product. As with all products on Green Wellness Life, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA).

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