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I am basically a new consumer of pot products. Like many people, I smoked it in high school, but that was more than 30 years ago.

I have recently come around again to considering using pot as a healthier alternative to alcohol consumption, especially since it is basically legal here in Washington. In particular, I’m attracted to edibles for the precise control of the THC and/or CBD milligrams.

I walked over to this store (three blocks from my house), hoping to get information and purchase some products. The store is small and bright and clean. It’s in the space formerly occupied by the Dexter Hayes bar.

At first, I was a bit put off by the way they almost shouted at me to provide an ID as soon as I opened the door. But, I got over it, since it’s obviously a legal obligation, and not necessarily a power trip thing.

However, if it were me behind the counter, I would be nicer and explain to people the need to see an ID, without a stand-offish tone. But that’s them, and I assume it’s more ore less the same at other dispensaries.

The lady at the counter was reasonably helpful in regards to educating me about their products and the current state of legalization laws and all that. I appreciated this, because I went in looking for a little education and assistance with identifying the right products for me.

I did get the sense that these folks weren’t just about selling pot as a straight-up business thing, but were also product enthusiasts themselves as well as decriminalization ideologues. That’s all fine and good to me, since most Marijuana laws are just stupid and counter productive and hypocritical.

Anyway, I got what I wanted from this place, though it’s still a bit of a weird feeling for me to walk into a “pot shop.” I left with some Zoot Rocks – some had THC and some were primarily CBD. No complaints with the selection – more or less what I expected. Since I am a lightweight and only got edibles, I can’t really speak to the quality/cost of their other traditional products.

Be aware that you need cash here. They do have an ATM in the store, but getting money from it seems a bit awkward, since they just sort of sit there and watch you do it. (The place is small). Also, there is a fee. So, best to get cash from another source before coming in to the store.

Knowledgeable staff and excellent product. I always go frequently to check up on the latest products that they have in stock. Well worth the drive from seattle to get great service and supplies!

This place is great! Attentive customer service, knowledgeable staff, great product that is organized and color coded by strain (SO SMART). I loved my experience here and I would suggest to go and enjoy yourself!!

If your looking for a new favorite place for all of you extra curricular activities this is the place to go the people and the environment make you feel as if your meeting an old friend their genuine smile’s and warm welcomes make anyone who is less of an expert feel like right at home every time I go I am always learning something new. Natalie,Bob, Nick and the rest of the team are knowledgeable enthusiastic with a vast variety of edibles Dabbs and flower all the necessities for a good time

This a really great addition to our neighborhood. The staff members are all knowledgeable and friendly. Nico, Johnny and everyone else at the counter have been very helpful. They offer to expand their selection based on customers’ needs and tastes. I found a nice sativa that didn’t make me paranoid and a few good hybrids. Kudos.

By far one of the worst weed shops I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a bunch of them over the years. They barely have anything there. and everything is super overpriced. I asked a guy there a simple question about if they had a product or not, and he didn’t really answer..

I have been to many rec. stores in many states, this is a good one. They have a big selection for their size, had a few amazing deals and otherwise competitive pricing and the bud tender was patient and very helpful. Will be back for sure and will certainly checkout their weekly edibles recipes!

Great spot, great products/selection, and a very helpful no-pressure staff. I’ve been to a number of spots all over Seattle and though a few are walk-able in proximity to me, the 8-10 minute drive to Pot Shop is well worth it. I decided that after going to about 5 places in Seattle this will be my go-to shop. The girl who helped us was very easy to talk to, knowledgeable and let us know her thoughts on a few products which made the purchase a lot easier.
I’m no connoisseur when it comes to weed and it’s pretty obvious, so I really appreciate when I’m given a variety of things to choose from and not just being sold the highest price item (which unfortunately happened in the past at another shop, and on top of that had the opposite effect I was looking for).
So thank you Pot Shop and staff, you guys are the best and we’ll definitely be coming back & telling our friends.

Seattle's Pot Shop – located in the Westlake neighborhood near Queen Anne, South Lake Union, Belltown & Fremont. Legal pot for everyone 21+. Need weed?

Study: Washington’s Pot Is Way Cheaper Than Weed in California, Nevada, or Colorado

The report, released this week by Seattle data firm Headset, found that the average pot item in Washington cost $15.33, less than half of California’s average of $30.90 per product. Colorado and Nevada’s average prices per product were $23.95 and $26.94, respectively.

Headset’s report highlights the unique structure of Washington’s cannabis market. Washington is one of the only states with legal weed that does not allow pot farms to sell their weed directly to customers. Farms must instead sell their products to retailers who then can sell to customers. The state licensed over 1,200 pot farms and processors but handed out less than 500 licenses for pot stores—that uneven marketplace has forced farms to compete with each other to get their products onto retail shelves, dropping the price of pot down with it.

Headset’s report said this market structure was responsible for Washington’s cheap weed.

“Washington has thousands of distinct cannabis brands, and a “tiered house” market system that gives retailers a lot of power to push back on price. The result is a lot of affordable cannabis products,” the report said.

Washington’s cheap pot is even more remarkable when you consider that our state has some of the highest pot taxes in the nation. We pay a 37 percent excise tax on pot, in addition to other local sales taxes. In Seattle, that works out to a nearly 47.1 percent tax on pot. Colorado only has a 15 percent excise tax, plus a sales taxes, which works out to about 29 percent tax rate in Denver, according to

The report contrasted Washington’s competitive tiered system with Colorado, which has been running a legal pot market for longer than Washington but still hasn’t seen the same drop in prices.

“Colorado’s system allows for vertical integration, so even though it has seen prices come down over the years, the brand landscape is less hotly contested,” the report said.

The one area where Washington didn’t have the cheapest type of pot is the price per gram for flower products. Colorado averaged a $4.60 price per gram while Washington averaged $4.90. Nevada and California were far higher at $13.70 and $11.60 per gram, respectively. Colorado’s processed weed goods were significantly more expensive. The average concentrate costs $15 in Washington and $23 in Colorado. The average cost for a vape pen cartridge is $36 in Washington and $55 in Colorado.

Headset used their proprietary data set of over $4.5 billion in transactions at pot shops to generate the report. The Seattle start-up has technology that connects to retailers’ point of sale systems, allowing an inside view of the retail pot industry. Headset recently announced that they are partnering with the national research company Nielsen Holdings to study consumer trends in the U.S. cannabis market.

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Headset’s recent report didn’t just focus on cheap pot. The company found that the market has clearly divided itself into different tiers based on quality, with some brands attaining more luxury status. The report found that 18 percent of eighths and 15 percent of single gram packages sold in legal markets were in a “super premium” price tier, which is the top 20 percent of the market based on cost. The authors said this demonstrated that “There is such a thing as super premium pot now.”

If Seattle stoners are looking for even cheaper prices, they probably shouldn’t hold their breath. Headset’s report said that Washington’s prices are already so low that there’s essentially no more room for them to drop. Which sounds about right given what I’m seeing out around Washington, with retailers reducing prices to ridiculously low levels, like $1 pre-rolls, $5 eighths, and even $40 ounces. Just look at this guy: “40! Dollar! Ounces!”

You know that Washington has cheap pot, but this study points out just how good we have it.